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Betty Boop Talking Mug

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Brand: Betty Boop / Product Type: Mug

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2010 16:03
      Very helpful



      A great collectable item for Miss Boop fans!

      I love Betty Boop! I'm not into collected the larger memorabilia though I do like bottle openers, purses and smaller items which is why when I saw this in my Freemans catalogue reduced from £8.00 to £5.00 I simply had to own it! I love Betty's cute little voice and this promised to speak to me...what could be better!

      The Packaging:

      The mug comes in a cardboard box with a front opening so you can see some of the mug through it. On the top of the box I am told that it is Betty Boop Talking Mug 'To try me follow instructions on the base of the mug' and there is a picture of Betty saying Hi I'm Betty Boop. On the back of the box we're told how to use it and how to replace the battery's etc and contact details for Kings Feature Syndicate are given (the manufacturer of the product). The box is nice, bright and colourful having a red polka dot pattern on it and pretty Betty and of course its informative enough too!

      Using The Mug:

      Turn mug upside down to reveal the base of sound module, then ensure the On button is depressed. Then pour drink into mug and rest on any flat surface. Lift mug to activate a fantastic phrase. To wash mug, lift the ring pull and turn the sound module anti-clockwise. Pull the module out removing it from mug. Clean the mug in warm soapy water. Please note this is not microwave or dishwasher safe.

      The Mug Itself:

      This mug is available in three designs, me getting mine from a catalogue though I just got which ever one they sent and lucky for them I really did like it!

      What you get is a larger than average mug and I was impressed by the size of it. Mine has three pictures on it, all against a black and red background, one picture of Betty and a dog, one of Betty depicted Marilyn Munroe and the one I know her most for, the iconic one of her with her leg in the air wearing a red swimsuit. On the base of the mug I'm told 'Betty Boop, Timeless Beauty...since 1930', and on the inside of the mug (which is white) Timeless Beauty is once again written with a little black star underneath it. The mug is sturdy, quite thick and ceramic and excellent quality.

      Though because of the sound module section to the bottom of it, it is actually a rather heavy mug. To the base it's removable plastic. You can easily twist it off to wash it though, you just have to remember or you could end up getting it emerged in water and wrecking it and of course its easy to put it all back together too! There is a small speaker there and a little button as well. Every time you lift the mug (after you switch it on via a small plastic and white flip-switch), Betty speaks. She says... Boop Boop de Boop, Hi I'm Betty Boop, or delivers a big kiss in the form of Mwwwahhhhh and lip smacking. Then when them phrases have been said she goes back to the beginning one and starts all over again.

      You can of course turn it off if you get irritated or people around you do, every time you go to take a sip and you can turn her off mid phrase so your in charge lol!

      If you leave it switched on the battery's don't get eaten either cos it is only activated by being lifted up.

      All in all this is a great mug. I like the sturdiness and the sheer size of it and its very nice looking and for me, I feel this is a must have item for any true Betty fan! The batteries last ages too and when its time to remove them you simply twist out the sound module (as I've previously mentioned) and there is a battery section. You simply unscrew that with a tiny screwdriver and replace the batteries with 3x Ag13/SR44's.

      Available in a lot of shops that sell Betty merchandise and online and of course I got mine from a catalogue on sale!


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