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Churchill China Disney Eeyore Barrel Mug

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Churchill China / Type: Mug

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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2013 14:37
      Very helpful



      Fab mug

      I enjoy buying homeware. Whether that's for a practical reason or a cosmetic reason. But I do tend to find having children sometimes means it makes no sense changing and updating things, only when necessary. Things have a habit of getting broken, torn, ruined etc. But I bought two of these mugs, in two different designs, last year online from Sainsbury's for just over £2.00.

      Why did I buy them?

      In our house we're not exactly fans of Winnie the Pooh, but I find a lot of products with designs from this range to be very cute and child friendly. I bought these mugs to put down and give to the children when they were a little older.

      How does this look?

      A different version to the one on this site. The overall colouring of this mug is a pale pink. On the front of the mug you have a picture ( head shot only, falls just below the chin ) of the character Eeyore on it, a cartoon drawn donkey. Mainly blue in colour, with a large pink nose and mouth area. He has quite a spikey, mullet type mass of hair running down the back of his head. One of his ears are down while the other is in mid air. His eyes are quite large and a little droopy in look, if not a little on the sad side.

      The picture is completely flat and smooth to touch. Doesn't appear to be painted on, almost has a slight feel of a transfer being used but still completely flush, shiny and using very vibrant but not overpowering colours.

      On the other side of the mug, in the same blue colouring the character has been depicted in, you have the words ' oh bother ', with some dashes floating over the top of the lettering and at the end of these dashes there is a small dragonfly.

      The shape of the mug?

      This is quite a large mug which has a slight weight to it. It stands at 4.5 inches in height, at its widest point is just over 4 inches with the actually opening of the mug being 4 inches in diameter.
      This is quite a curvy mug, not straight up and down in regards to the side walls. Its shape starts to come out from the bottom, reaches its widest part around the middle of the mug, then comes in towards the top.

      The handle that you hold the mug with is 3.5 inches long against the mug ( not taking into account the extra length as its curved ), and at the widest point ( where your fingers will slip into it to hold ), there is a 1 inch space from the handle to the side of the mug.

      How has this mug been used?

      Despite my best intentions of this being for my little girl, I've been using it since its initial purchase due to mugs/cups shortage, and to be honest I'm glad I have. Due to this mug having quite a large capacity to it, its been perfect to use while drinking soup or if I was making a packet soup or instant noodles like Mug Shots, this in itself is like a bowl in regards to space and quantity of liquid able to be held. Perfect shape and capacity to dip things in such as bread, crackers ( if drinking soup ), or if you wanted a cup of tea and had some seriously large or awkward shaped biscuits to dunk, this mug is perfect. I've also used this to mix water with stock cubes, which later have been added in savoury dishes such as gravies, spag bol etc.

      What do I think?

      Despite not being a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh or characters associated with it, I think the look of this mug is simple yet adorable. Not over the top to look at but very cute. The mug itself is of a high quality and well made. As mentioned it has a slight weight to it so in hindsight I wouldn't give these to young children ( I was thinking of passing these on when the kids were around 6/7 ) and I think they're probably too big for them anyway.

      Using and holding the mug is very easy, as your fingers and hand slip around the handle with comfort. Just the right space for the your fingers to wrap around it. Not only that, but a lot of people tend to like to hold their mugs with two hands, cupping one side while slipping their fingers into the handle area. Its quite a large mug in my opinion, but not too big where you cant do this, as both my hands can slip round this and my fingers can just about touch the other set on the other hand when spread around.

      I've used this mug for well over a year now, and the relevant instructions of use were on the bottom but have come away, but this is a mug that can be and has been used in the microwave to heat up drinks and soups.

      Despite the constant use, the mug appears to be scratch and stain free and the colour is just as sharp and bright as when bought. It's been washed by hand in soap and water after each use, so has been very easy to clean.

      Any negatives?

      Not negatives as such, but this is better designed for larger quantities of liquids. If you place smaller amounts in it, it tends to get cold very quickly. I also can't get to drink my beloved strong but milky coffee in this mug because I'm used to using a specific quantity in a smaller mug, and putting it in this would throw me off! Not too mention I probably would make way too much, make it far too strong and therefore would be bouncing off the walls! But that's my issue in regards to not liking change!

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would. I think these are great quality, good design and are lovely to look at. Dare I say these would make great pieces to collect if you like the character? Shame it came in no packaging as that would have been an added touch. This was such a good buy, I kept it for myself! Sorry daughter..


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        28.04.2012 17:35
        Very helpful



        A great novelty

        I have always been a big fan of Winnie the Pooh characters, not the actual programme but I think the characters are really cute. Knowing that I liked the characters so much my Mam would often buy me one of the novelty cups from the Disney Store for Christmas or birthdays. I am not sure how much this cup actually cost but I know generally the novelty cups are about £9.99 so I would expect it to be about that price mark.

        The cup in a bright blue in colour and is more of a barrell shape than a normal cup shape, it is a small circular shape at the bottom and then it ballons out like a traditional wooden barrel and then back in again towards the top. The cup has a really thick handle covering about half of the side of the cup, the cup is quite thick aswell which makes it really heavy so a child wouldn't be able to use it very well although the cup would be awfully big for a child anyway. Due to the cup being so thick it holds the heat of hot drinks really well so you should be aware not to burn yourself when you are expecting a drink to be cool enough in this cup it may still be too hot.

        I have this cup with Eeyore on the front although I am not quite sure why she bought me the Eeyore version as my favourite character has always been Tigger. The picture covers the front of the cup and it is of eeyore looking pretty sorry for himself but then doesn't he always.

        I think this cup is really cute although maybe a bit too big, it holds about twice the amount a normal cup would which my Husband likes for his cup of tea but since I didn't want to chance the clumsy oaf breaking it I bought him his own oversized cup. I find the cup a little too heavy but do like a drink of hot chocolate in it as then it lasts ages, the cup does spend most the time in the cupboard but it is a great novelty gift for a Eeyore fan.


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