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F&F Square Porcelain 16 Piece Dinner Set

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Brand: F&F / Product Type: Dinner Set

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    1 Review
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      14.11.2011 15:40
      Very helpful



      A nice dinner set from Tesco

      When we first moved into our house we had to buy everything from new including everything for the kitchen, we actually brought quite a bit of our stuff from Tesco including our dinner set. We spent ages looking at all the different patterns available, I knew that I wanted square plates and bowls which my husband agreed with but we just couldn't decide on colours or patterns, in the end we opted for a plain white square diner set made by Tesco, the F&F Home Square Porcelain 12 Piece Set, it was ideal for what we needed, we actually brought 2 of these sets so that we would have enough if we had guests around.

      What the Set Consists Of
      The F&F Home Square Porcelain 12 Piece Set consists of the following items
      * 4 Large square dinner plates measuring 10inchs square
      * 4 square Tea plates measuring 7inchs square
      * 4 Square bowls measuring 5.5inchs square

      The Diner Plates - The diner plates are made from plain white porcelain and are square as I have mentioned, the edges are slightly raised, this I find useful as it prevents things from rolling off of your plate as you eat and is also useful if you have a meal with a sauce of gravy as it prevents the liquid from spilling over the edge of the plate especially when you are carrying the plates to the diner table.

      The Tea Plates - The tea plates are basically a smaller version of the diner plates, they too are square and made of plain white porcelain. As with the diner plates they too have slightly raised edges, I feel that this is a little less important for the tea plates as we tend to just use ours for toast and sandwiches etc, however if you are having a diner party these plates could be an ideal size for starters and again the raised edges can help with keeping food and sauces on the plate both when eating and carrying the food to the table

      The Bowls - To blend in with the rest of the diner set the bowls are made from the same plain white porcelain and again are the same square shape. The bowls have reasonably high sides which fan out a little towards the top. The bowls are probably more suited to deserts due to their size however we do occasionally use ours for cereal in the mornings, although I find that eating cereal from them can be a bit more difficult due to their shape.

      The set as a whole is quite plain to look at, the only thing on them is the name Tesco which is printed in black on the bottom of the plate. The fact that the set is plain is what we liked about it as the plain white porcelain meant we could change the colour scheme of our kitchen and other accessories the diner set would still blend in. The porcelain that the set is made from is reasonably thick making it extremely hardwearing and strong. I have knocked the plates on things more times than I can remember at different times and they have not chipped or cracked and are still looking as good as new. The F&F Home Square Porcelain Diner Set is also microwave proof, dishwasher safe and suitable for the freezer. Personally we do not have a dishwasher so have not tried this out, however I have used the bowls in the freezer with different things in and I am always using the small tea plates in the microwave to heat things up on and still they look as good as new, the extreme temperatures do not seem to have had any effect of the porcelain, they are still in perfect condition.

      As I have mentioned we brought our F&F Home Square Diner Sets from Tesco, I cannot remember the exact price we paid for ours however the set is still available and is being sold for £30.00, I think we paid a little under this for ours however that was just over 2 years ago now. Personally I feel that this is a reasonably price for the set as you do get a lot for the money and it is also of an excellent quality, hardwearing and long lasting. Our set still looks as good as new and is ideal for both everyday use and for if we have people round for diner.

      Personally I would definitely recommend the F&F Home Square Porcelain 12 Piece Set, it is suitable for a kitchen of any colour scheme, it is perfect for everyday use as well as entertaining. The set is hardwearing and long lasting, we have had no problems with our chipping or cracking and it still looks perfect after being used every day for two years. This set is suitable for the whole family, if I had to mention one disadvantage with this set it would be that the large plates are a little on the heavy side however personally I do not find this to be much of a problem. This set is of an excellent price and a high quality so I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new diner set ideal for any occasion.


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