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Ikea Dinera 18 Piece Dinner Service Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Ikea / Type: Dinner Set

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    2 Reviews
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      22.04.2012 13:19
      Very helpful



      Dinera dining

      I've just recently bought 2 of the Dinera dining sets from Ikea. I don't tend to spend an awful lot on crockery as I would say that at least once a week or maybe even more, a plate or a mug or a glass always gets broken.

      I chose the Dinera set from Ikea as it is resonably priced for the set, and you can also buy the pieces seperately (to supplement your broken set!). The Dinera dining set consists of 18 pieces; 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates, and 6 bowls. Another reason I chose the Dinera set is that is doesn't contain any mugs or cups and saucers, we never use these and so for us anyway a set containing these is a bit of a waste. You can buy seperate matching Dinera mugs and a set of 6 Dinera cups and saucers if you wanted these.

      The Dinera dining set is available in 3 colours; beige, brown and grey-blue. I bought a beige set and a brown set, so that I can mix and match the colours on the dining table. Also I have a few remnants of a beige and a brown dining set from Next left, so I figured that I can mix these in as well.

      For some reason the beige dining set was £24.99, and the brown was only £21.99, the grey-blue set happened to be £21.99 as well. You can buy the following items seperately in the Dinera range; dinner plates at £2.19 each, side plates at £1.59 each, bowls at £1.59 each, deep plates/shallow bowls at £1.69 each, large rectangular plates at £2.69 each, mugs at £1.89 each, and a set of 6 cups and saucers at £8.59.

      All of the items are microwave and dishwasher safe. I bought the crockery just after Christmas, and I've used most of it in the microwave with no problems. All of the items have been in the dishwasher tonnes of times, again with no problems. There's no cracking or crazing or scratches on any of the items.

      The items are finished with a matt finish rather than a shiny finish, and I think that this makes them look more expensive than they actually were. The pieces are a little bit heavier than the sets from Next that they are replacing, and I think that this actually makes them sturdier. I've occasionally dropped a piece and it hasn't actually smashed!

      All of the items are a fairly decent size; the dinner plates are 26cm in diameter, the side plates are 20cm in diameter, and the bowls are 14cm in diameter and 6cm high. The bowls are a really useful size, they are quite big so they comfortably hold a decent bowl full of soup, or cereal. Sometimes in a dining set the bowls can be really small and not all that practical. The bowls also stack comfortably inside one another for easy storage.

      I've been really impressed so far with the Dinera dining sets, I don't think that you can go wrong for the price. I think that it would last for years - though maybe not in our house due to the rate we break things! I would certainly reccomend it.


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      20.04.2012 21:41
      Very helpful



      A nice starter set, value for money and can buy single items if you need to replace

      *My Intro*:

      When I first left home, one thing on my list of purchases was a set of plates. I invested in a Dinera Plate set from Ikea.

      *The Product:*

      The set comprises of 18 pieces which consists of 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates and 6 bowls.

      The dimensions of which are as follows:

      Dinner plate: diameter 26cm

      Side plate: diameter 20cm

      Bowl: 14cm and 6cm deep

      *The range:*

      I brought the set in white however it is now also available in beige, brown or grey/blue. You can also but the items separately should you not want 6 of each item (the dinner plates are about £1.30 each and the bowls the same). You can also buy different items such as larger plates, matching mugs and deeper bowls.

      *Price and availability:*

      The set at the time cost me around £15, having just looked online, it now retails at £24.99 (however I did buy mine over 10 years ago!).

      The set is available to purchase on line and in store, you can check stock availability for you local store on Ikea's website if you didn't want to have a wasted journey

      The plates have a matt finish and look quite expensive.

      *My thoughts*:

      This has proved to be a fantastic but for me, the set it now over 10 years old and still used as out main set of crockery.

      It has worn very well, the only signs of wear and tear is where I have chopped a plate accidentally which I think is brilliant.

      The set is dishwasher safe, I wash mine daily in the dishwasher and no problems whatsoever.

      Would I buy again? Yes, although I am currently thinking of changing, this set has proven real value for money. The only downside is that the price has increased slightly since I brought, so I would only give 4 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.

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