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Stellar TraditionalTeapot

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Brand: Stellar / Type: Teapot

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2012 22:35
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      A great teapot

      When we got married, even though we had a wedding list, we received additional gifts that weren't on the list that were extremely useful and that we hadn't even thought of! One such gift was a set of two Stellar teapots and milk jugs in different sizes. Rather than the teapot shown above, the one that I received in two different sizes, is the Stellar Art Deco Traditonal Teapot. I have this teapot in the 0.9L and the 1.2 L sizes, each costing between £30 and £40 in the likes of amazon, but I know that mine were bought locally in a department store, so prices may vary. They aren't cheap, but you should in turn get a long lasting perfect pouring teapot so it may be worth spending the extra!

      This Art Deco Traditional Teapot has slightly sharper lines in terms of the position of the handle and spout in comparison to the picture above but like all Stellar teapots, this one is made from stainless steel so it is very attractive looking when you bring it out. I use this teapot both as an everyday teapot if we had family round, but also has a fancy teapot if we had friends round and it suits both purposes, probably because of the design and the stainless steel finish.

      The lid is different from that shown above in that it has a push lid rather than a flip lid, which to be honest, I much prefer. Never once have I had a problem either opening the lid or closing the lid, and it always stays in place securely, so I don't have to worry when pouring the teapot that any tea will seep out of the lid or that that lid will fall off.

      Stellar provides a lifetime guarantee on its products, and I have had this product for well over 5 years now and it is still going as strong as ever! It is reassuring however that should there be any problems with this, I have the back up of the guarantee, especially given the price of these teapots.

      Probably the best thing about this teapot, and what makes it stand out from many cheaper teapots is that is does NOT leak. It has never leaked any time I have used it, and to be honest at the price which was paid for it, I wouldn't expect it to leak, but it is nice to know that you can use this teapot without having to have a cloth at hand to wipe up spillages as you pour. It also is a smooth pouring spout, so it is easy to pour a nice cup of tea.

      The final positive about this teapot is that although you may have hot tea inside, you can hold the handle without any fear of burning yourself, or any need to have a glove on.

      All in all, there is no doubt that you would be hard pressed to find a better teapot. One that does casual and formal occasions, that pours perfectly, doesn't leak, can be held without getting your hand burnt, and looks the part! Expensive but worth it!


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        15.05.2012 20:53
        Very helpful



        A fantastic, robust and well designed tea-pot

        Although the world seems to be full of coffee shops and fancy coffee machines I am not a fan and I would much rather have a nice cup of tea. Unlike many of my friends I usually make my tea in a teapot, I only resort to dunking a teabag in a cup if I am at work or if no one else is joining me in a brew. Tea always tastes better made in a pot, it is less bitter and due to the longer brewing time it is also supposed to contain more anti-oxidants as well. I have owned many teapots over the years and I now have a traditional teapot made by Stellar.

        Stellar is a brand name of Horwood Homeware and has long been associated with good quality products. The company provide a lifetime guarantee for their tea ware.

        I think I purchased my current Teapot at least 5 years ago and possibly longer ago than that. I was out shopping with my mum for a new pot when we saw the Stellar range in a large cookware shop in Stratford-on Avon and she started telling me how pleased she had always been with their products. My eye was immediately drawn to a beautiful Art Deco style pot but they only had the small and large sizes in stock and I needed something in the middle. I then noticed a less stylish model that was about the right size so I decided to buy it. I remember thinking it was quite expensive at the time, I remember it being over £20 and it seems to sell now for about £30.

        The pot I selected was called the Traditional Teapot and it is easy to understand why this is its name. It has a slightly curved body with a strong handle, round lid handle and chunky spout. It feels solid in construction and when empty it weighs just over 500g. It very much represents the quintessential image of a teapot.

        The teapots they are selling now are very shiny but I think mine always had a more brushed finish.

        I have the 40oz version of this teapot although there are other sizes on the market. This size is perfect for a family as it makes a generous four mugs of tea without having to be filled to overflowing.

        The lid of the teapot is attached by a solid metal hinge. This is not at all stiff and allows the lid to be opened easily and fully and it then rests on the handle so cannot flip back and burn you. The handle on the lid is a large ball shape so is very easy to grip. It is extremely firmly attached to the lid and is not showing any signs of loosening at all. The manufacturers put this down to Argon welding. The lid has one vent hole to allow the escape of excessive steam. The lid is very large, virtually the size of the top of the teapot which means that the inside of the teapot is easy to clean as it ii easy to get your whole hand inside. The good quality manufacturing means that there are no sharp edges around the pot or lid either.

        The handle is also really firm. It is thicker where you actually hold on. This makes it comfortable to grip and it also feels very secure whilst pouring. It is slimmer where it attaches to the body so it looks neat. Although the pot is all metal I do not find that much heat conducts along the handle and although you can feel it is a little warm it is not at all hot when in use.

        The spout is probably the most impressive part of the teapot. It is brilliantly designed and does not drip at all. There is nothing worse than a dribbly teapot. This teapot pours perfectly, it is accurate and the tea comes out at a reasonable speed, I used to have a nice teapot once that poured at a snail's pace which used to get on my nerves. The inside of the pout has a filter to prevent teabags blocking the spout and it also keeps the larger bits of scale at bay which is useful for our very hard water.

        Due to the teapots design it stands solidly, there is no danger of it being knocked over as the squat design provides stability.

        Due to the large lid this teapot is really easy to fill from the kettle and the large body provides plenty of space for the tea to brew. The metal body keeps the tea really hot and so provides a lovely cup of tea. I do not use any sort of Cosy (that is far too traditional even for me!) and I have never felt it was needed.

        The teapot is dishwasher safe and that is how mine is usually washed. The surface is starting to look a little marked now but I think it would clean up perfectly well if I decided to give it a good scrub by hand. Due to the chalky water that we have I have been very impressed that the pot hasn't developed any scale marks around the lid or spout. Considering I make at least a couple of pots of tea every single day I have been amazed at how well this teapot has stood up to wear and tear. I even dropped it on the floor once and there wasn't even any sign of a dent. This certainly wouldn't have been the case with my china pots.

        I can't recommend this teapot enough. Its shape may be slightly boring but it is extremely functional. It is easy to fill and pour with. The handle and lid are really well designed so I have never suffered even a minor accidental burn. The metal body produces a steaming hot, flavoursome cup of tea every time which is, after all, the whole purpose of using the pot!


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