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Bush 2571 NTX

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2010 00:06
      Very helpful



      A reliable tv that hasn't let us down

      CRT tvs may be considered to be 'old hat' these days, but many of us still own and use a variety of this type of tv on a daily basis. Our Bush 2571 NTX may look like a massive lump of space wasting blandness when compared to many modern LCD or Plasma models, but its been a trusty and reliable product to own.

      It once sat proudly in our lounge for all to see and has served us very well for many years. Our Bush 2571 NTX tv must be almost 140 in dog years now, not sure thats an exact or even correct figure, but you get the idea we have had the tv a loooooooong time! It still works though and for the initial outlay of around £199 we spent at the time its been a real corker.

      The tv has a nice but slightly curved and arc shaped screen, which is enclosed in very classy black matt plastic surround. At the time we bought the tv we were very impressed with the speakers which are built in to the sides of the black surround and provided a very modern look and sound. This tv can work in Nicam Stereo and also has some sort of Dolby system too, which made it seem uber trendy and up to date at the time when we bought it.

      Another thing about the tv that was a bonus at the time of purchase, was the ability to be able to plug in our tape based video cam corder. All we had to do was connect the handy wire to the red and yellow ports which are at the lower front of the tv and it was ready to go. We haven't used this feature for some time, but last time we did it was all working as it should do and was still as simple and easy to set up as ever.

      The Bush 2571 NTX is also able to be used for connecting to various game consoles. We used to regularly have the tv connected to both the N64 and the Game Cube and sometimes also hooked up a Dreamcast when we were feeling adventurous. The picture quality of this tv is still very good and when playing games the graphics come across in a nice clear manner with no lag or lack of clarity.

      I feel that this is impressive for what was considered at the time as a budget tv. One thing that does go against it when compared to more up to date models is the fact that its so very bulky to stand anywhere. It has been relegated to the upstairs now, but still needed a decent sized spot to house it when we were deciding where to put it.

      The actual screen and surround don't take up all that much room, but the rear of the tv is massive. Its like a big black plastic iceberg effect, with one third of the tv being the screen/ surround and being the bit we all look at and admire, with the other two thirds comprising the workings and the rear of the tv, which seem to go on and on and on for miles.

      The sound that the tv is capable of producing is not too bad at all. It has a decent amount of bass and has just the right sort of tone for light tv watching. Of course it cannot compete with more modern tv's that are very often hooked up to a surround sound system now. However for general every day tv programmes, the sound quality is as clear as it was when we purchased the product.

      The remote control has sadly seen better days, but only recently gave up the ghost after many years of very loyal service. We are still trying to source a remote that is compatible with the tv, so do have to change channel ourselves at the moment. In spite of this I feel that for the amount of times we have used the tv we have had really good value for money.

      CRT TV's may be going out of fashion and they are a little out dated and over sized, but as we still have some working models such as this one, we have no plans to consign them to the scrap heap just yet.

      This tv gets a big 5 stars for being so reliable and long lasting. The picture is lovely and clear and the sound still good. Our Bush tv aint broke, so why fix it or scrap it!


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