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Disney DT1350-P 13" TV

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2 Reviews

Portable TV. Diagonal Screen Size: 13 inch / Aspect Ratio: 4:3 / Remote Control / Audio Type: Stereo.

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    2 Reviews
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      03.09.2010 12:26
      Very helpful



      Upgrade dont buy this model

      Hannah and Jess have had there disney princess tv for around two years now it was there main christmas present between them. I can remember for sure how much the tv was but i think it was £100 but you can pick them up cheaper now.
      I bought it out of woolworths but that shop has closed down now have seen them on ebay as well.
      The tv is a 15 inch screen surrounded by pink and lilac plastic, the hearts on top of the tv is actually the speakers. There are buttons on the front to change the channel, volume and on / off however the tv comes with a lovely pink princess remote control with big buttons to make it more manageable for kids to use.
      As we have the tv on the wall the girls use the remote control. The picture quality is good but the sound is not so great with it being crackly and unclear when up to loud but this is acceptable for a kids tv. It has a scart socket on the back and there dvd player is rigged up to that. I don't know why is a disney princess tv more like a little mermaid tv as she is the only princess featured on it when setting the tv up tuning, volume etc arial will swim over the screen.
      All in this tv is ok for the girls bedroom as it only gets used for an hour a night but since buying this tv disney have brought out a lcd tv with a built in dvd player. I think ill save my doooyoo miles and upgrade there tv in time with christmas.

      I dont recommend the disney princess tv as there are better ones available at the same prices, this one is outdated.


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      13.02.2006 17:57
      Very helpful



      The perfect tv for that pink bedroom!

      With a princess mad little lady in the house, what other tv was going to satisfy her hunger for all things pink?

      Once we had succumbed and brought it home, there was no going back, and it has, 9 months later, proved to be a popular and sensible purchase...it's pink so we knew we'd get value for money.


      Requires adult supervision and putting together.
      Unpack all the bits and pieces and start to put it together.
      Firstly, if required, the "Disney feet" can be put on the bottom, getting right and left feet on the correct side, and then the loudspeakers have to be put in place. These are very simple to fit, as they just clip into place.
      Next, all the connectors have to be connected, which I am not going to describe as I believe them to be the same for all similar tvs


      What do the Disney wannabe princesses talk about and claim is of paramount importance in their quest to bag a prince?
      Appearance, appearance, appearance.
      So, in keeping with this theme, the tv takes "girliness" to the extreme.
      This is a 14" tv, and it's pink with a removable section at the top,- hearts and patterns (see photos), and this little contraption has a real use, it is the loudspeaker.
      On the television are the key function buttons. The power switch is nice and big, and easy for little people to press for on and off.
      There are volume control buttons, and channel buttons, all with up and down symbols, allowing children to "read" the instructions, and get the tv to do as they want.
      Along with the key functions is the menu setting, which enables you to adjust the picture, set programmes and choose language. However, these are the bits we didn't feel necessary to show little miss how to use.
      Our aim was that once the television had been set up, it would keep going with minimum fuss for us all.

      ~~~~Remote Control~~~~

      With the television comes a remote control, and yes, it's pink. It is useful in that the buttons are quite large whilst the remote control is smaller than I would normally expect-great for fitting easily into little hands.
      There are no surplus buttons, only those required to change the volume, channel, menu, mute etc...the basics.
      It is a very simple remote control, so much so, that little lady was able to use it competently at the tender age of only four.
      Obviously, the remote control needs batteries- 2 x AAA- try to remember the batteries to avoid disappointment when all those little hands want to do is start using the new toy.

      ~~~~Technical Data~~~~

      For those "in the know"
      Mains Voltage: 230V
      Power Consumption: 44W
      Audio System: TV mode: mono
      AV mode: stereo
      CRT size: 37cm, (14") 33cm visible diagonal
      Colour system: PAL/SECAM
      Number of programmes: 80
      Antenna , 75 Ohm
      Front AV (Cinch)
      Headphones, 3.5mm

      ~~~~Price and availability~~~~

      We bought this at Woolworth, where it is still in stock, and is priced at £109.99

      ~~~~Other Products~~~~

      Just in case you're after the whole coordinating look, there is a matching dvd player

      ~~~~Do we love it?~~~~

      Just a lot.
      Well, little one does, and I was quite enthralled with it at first (yes, I need to get a life). However, what I didn't expect it to have was a volume feature. Turn the volume up or down, and Little Mermaid "swims" across the screen, actually with her mernaid tail helping her along. Change the channel and there is a Disney princess appears in the corner of the screen. It's features such as these which appeal to children, and make them feel that it is truly their television.
      The remote control is ideal for small hands, and the key features are very simple to explain to young children.
      Installation and setting up was simple, with the instructions clearly set out; this, however, was once we found the English section. We did try in German at first but found our success was limited.
      Then, apart from anything else, there is what it looks like; it really is appealing for anyone Disney princess/pink crazy. For a pink or lilac bedroom it is so coorcinating!
      The picture and sound quality are not the greatest, but I believe the appeal to be a visual one, and not one based on specifications.
      As mentioned earlier, we have had it for almost a year now, and so far, have had no problems, even though it is being used mainly by a child.

      So, all in all, this has been a good buy. It didn't take us hours to set up, has all the features needed, and looks good.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela x


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