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Panasonic TX-32PD30D

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  • Well maybe the price
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    1 Review
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      10.02.2004 06:50
      Very helpful
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      • "Well maybe the price"

      I bought my PD30 to go with my new Pioneer 565 DVD player. I did a lot of research to find a good widescreen TV (my first). If you have read any magazine reviews on this TV, you will know it is highly rated but that?s just the magazines. How good is it when you have paid for it? Well? I bought mine online and saved over 300 quid, that?s a good start. Also you can?t beat the convenience of home delivery. I had to help the driver bring it into the house though; these big TV?s are seriously heavy. It comes with its own stand that you have to assemble and while that is pretty easy, getting the TV onto the stand certainly isn?t. Panasonic have thoughtfully provided some neat handles on the side to help but I?d recommend getting someone to help if you can. When you first turn it on, as is typical on most TV?s these days, it tunes itself to the available channels. It got them in the right order too. There is quite a lot of setting up to do, especially if you have a lot of other equipment to connect. This would be the same for any TV though and the very well written manual is a great help here. Connecting your other equipment shouldn?t be a problem either as the PD30 is very well connected. 4 scart sockets for starters, two of them are RGB enabled ? this gives a better picture from compatible equipment. (A DVD player and SKY digibox in my case). It also has the all important Component Video Connecters, ideal if you have a good DVD player to go with it. There is a good security feature built in this TV too. Panasonic call it OWNER I.D. This stores your name, postcode and optional password on a chip inside. A good idea but the weight of this set makes it difficult to steal anyway. Well I hope it does. Panasonic are known for their good remote controls and this one is no exception. It is very well laid out and easy to use. I often watch movies in the dark and can still find my way about this remote no problem. Once I got
      this TV set up as I wanted it and got all my other equipment connected I was stunned. I like movies; I like to watch some TV programmes, now I can?t concentrate on them. I know I?ll get used to it but I?ve only had the set for 3 weeks and I just can?t get over how good this picture is. Granted it is my first new TV for 10 years but I have friends who had newer TV?s than me and I have never seen a widescreen TV that I liked. They are usually ugly and the picture always looks strangely out of shape to me. Not this one. They give it all sorts of strange names like; acuity and quintrix. I don?t know what they mean but I know a good picture when I see one. Put simply, the PD30 has twice as many lines as most other TV?s ? more lines + more dots = better picture. Another annoying feature of other widescreens is the gaps around the edges of the picture. There are so many different screen sizes transmitted that a black bar above and below or at the sides is common for most screens these days. Not on this TV though. It alters the picture so it fits the screen as best as possible. Not by stretching the image like some sets but by zooming the picture to fit. This works very well and can be overridden if desired. The only way to describe the picture quality is it?s the best. It really is that simple. It will be beaten of course but at the moment it simply is the best. That said I did have a problem with the picture on this TV. I was watching a movie on channel4 and I noticed a pink line in the bottom left of the screen and it was very annoying. A quick scan through the manual and I solved it with a couple of presses on the remote. Apparently widescreen TV?s often need the geometry adjusting. Mine did and it was a simple fix. The sound on this TV is also top quality. It has 5 normal speakers and a subwoofer. They are all inside the cabinet though so its only virtual surround. When watching a DVD, turn it right up and there is no distortion. The clear sound added to the
      great picture and good connection, make this a superb choice and although it?s pretty costly you won?t regret buying one.


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