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Panasonic TX-32PF10

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2001 01:03



      The Panny PF10 is the most two faced TVs i have ever owned. On one hand you get the best picture quality i have yet to see from a 32 inch CRT but on the other hand it has some unforgivable failings. On the good side it has contrast and definition in abundance with the lowest levels of digital artefacts (nasty pixellation, unnatural outlines and movement blurring) i have ever seen, including those new Sonys. However, build quality is not great and it has several design faults that Panasonic have refused to acknowledge even though I have pestered them. A fault with most sets is the emission of a quiet but annoying high pitched hum. This can only be fixed by a good engineer. Secondly, many sets are prone to serious picture defects such as dull areas in the centre of the screen although this has not happened to mine yet. Sound is no better than average and some may regard it as poor compared to connecting it to a hifi or surround sound system. It has 3 main speakers, two normal stereo and a third centre. I think this is an attempt to simulate the Trifield system as invented by Meridian but it works poorly since the centre speaker has less power than the stereo and is of poorer quality. The remote control of this set is still, IMHO, the best available. Easy to use and well laid out with no small buttons. The onscreen menus have not been changed for Pannys newer sets which shows just how good it is. In short Brill picture, average sound, poor build. I adore it!!


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