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Philips 21PT5507

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2003 01:57
      Very helpful



      Right, with my computer imploding on itself, my TV & DVD watching and Gamecube playing suddenly came to a halt, due to the TV card refusing to function without a working operating system, I decided it was time to invest in a proper Television. I was getting tired of the poor quality and stuttering sound of the TV card anyway. I have been a fan of Philips products for many years - Our old TV was made by them as is the current 28" Widescreen beast that resides in the living room. I dutifully reached for the keyboard on another computer and went shopping. Initially, I was going to purchase the 21PT4457, £170ish from many sources online. However, the 5507 caught my eye due to its decent design and pure flat screen (Something I had already been wowed by on the monitor of the non functioning computer), not to mention its hugely competitive price of £200 compared to £250 - £300 for similar models by Panasonic and Sony. I ordered it from www.be-direct.co.uk (Great company, shame about the delivery service), and had it 1 week later. It's a decent enough looking set, although it lacks the sharp lines of the Sony and Panasonic - it looks Nice, not great. It also came with a stand, something not mentioned on any shopping website or the Philips website, an unexpected bonus. The picture is wonderful. Much like the widescreen television, the set has a number of pre-set picture options (natural, soft, multimedia, personal etc.) so there is sure to be one to suit, although I find the default is great. The set also features contrast+, a clever piece of programming that identifies black areas of the image and makes them truly black. This gives the image a much more vibrant feel. If I have a complaint, it's that the picture is slightly too big for the screen - it cuts off the edge of status displays and the like on Gamecube games. However, the picture geometry is great and otherwise distortion free, and the quality is subjectively superior to tha
      t of the Panasonic and Sony models. The sound is also great - 10 watts RMS is a decent enough output for a second TV, nothing to shake the room when watching a DVD movie though. Much like the picture, there are also some pre-set sound options (Music, Voice, Theatre, etc) which are all varied, my personal choice is Theatre as it has both meaty bass and well defined higher tones. It also features "Incredible Surround", some kind of spatialiser that makes the speakers seem much further apart. This works surprisingly well, at a guess I would say it sounds like the speakers are placed roughly 2.5 meters either side of the television. The set has a decent number of features, a standard ariel socket and 2 scart sockets on rear (one RGB compatible); and an S-video and an AV connection (The ones that look like Audio phono connections) on the side. It also includes a couple of oddities: An FM radio and alarm clock, unexpected and welcome additions. The menu is simple and intuitive to use, it offers a great deal of control over the features of the set, although it does lack the picture geometry options of higher priced sets. In conclusion, I have to say I was surprised that my relatively high expectations for this set were not only met, but often exceeded. Well done Philips, for a quality, reasonably priced television. Facts and Figures, taken from www.philips.co.uk: Product Features & Benefits Tube type (Real Flat) Contrast Plus (Black stretch) Electronics which identify the black areas of any picture to make them truly black. Incredible surround sound When activated, Incredible Sound produces a dramatic increase in stereo presence. Sound Power: 10 W RMS No. of TV loudspeakers: 2 Plug and Play Having connected the TV, it automatically searches for all channels and installs them. Euro A/V connector(s): 2 The
      stan dard connector for joining peripherals (vcr/dvd, etc) to the TV. A/V connection Headphone jack The standard connector for connecting headphones to the TV. Colour (Silver Shadow) Width (72, 3 cm) Height (61, 8 cm) Depth (61 cm) (These dimensions are incorrect. The right ones are:) Width (59.5 cm) Height (48 cm) Depth (51 cm)


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