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Philips 25PV808

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Philips 25PV 808 - 25" CRT TV with built-in VCR - silver

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2010 13:00
      Very helpful



      A good buy if you can pick one up for £100 or less

      I have owned this TV for many years, well my family has, but only recently has it come into the deep realms of my bedroom setup. My previous TV was a small little number, almost impossible to play any form of computer game on - you had to sit almost next to the screen just to read the text, so this is a definate upgrade.

      The first thing that hits you about the Phillips 25PV808 is its size. It is big! The screen is not so huge, only 25", but it goes back about that far too - a great deal of alot heavier than your more modern LCD TV's. But, of course TV's arent really a portable device, so the weight issue only comes up when moving.

      The next feature which separates it from the rest is its in built VHS player, a feature that has been replaced by the DVD player in recent years, yet I still find it to be a great addition. You can buy VHS for about 3 for £1 in most charity shops nowadays - with videos going up to about 2005, so you can get all the classic films and many modern ones for dirt cheap. I purchased around 30 brilliant VHS films for the price of a new DVD, including Platoon, The Godfather, the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Trilogies etc. Worth a go.

      Downsides perhaps include its lack of HD, obviously due to its age, but this should not be held against it, as it still has the ability to play the new Xbox 360 and PS3 machines - the only major flaw being that it cuts off a small section of the left side of the screen when playing my Xbox, a problem I have yet to find a fix for.


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  • Product Details

    Philips offers this stylish and compact TV-Video Combi offering many convenient features.

    Installing a Combi has never been easier! No need of the user manual. Just let the Combi guide you through the installation steps. Start a recording with the touch of a single button. Each further touch of the record button adds 30 minutes of recording time. The actual end time will be automatically calculated by the set and displayed. SMART Clock allows for automatic download of the current Time & Date. No more hassle with the clock setting after long power failure or at the daylight savings time switch over. Wake-up and Sleep Timer automatically turns the Combi off at a preset time of up to 180 minutes from the time the feature is activated. Sleep timer settings are programmed in 15-minute increments. For even faster access to your favorite information, assign one "favorite page" per channel. Be sure to obtain the best picture quality with any kind of tape thanks to a digitally controlled Noise- Reduction Circuitry. Auto Volume Leveller minimizes sudden changes in TV volume typically happening when commercials are broadcasted or when pre-sets are being changed. Full Auto Feature Package is incorporated into every PHILIPS Combi and includes: Automatic Power On when a tape is inserted; Automatic Digital Studio Tracking, assuring proper movements of video and audio heads for perfect recordings and viewing every time; Auto Play, inserting pre-recorded tapes will activate the Play mode; Auto Rewind as soon as the tape reaches the end; Auto Eject after record at the end of the tape, so tapes are not inadvertently left in the Combi.