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Philips 32PW9544

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2004 23:43
      Very helpful




      I returned home this morning from visiting my older brothers and sisters, and the Queen, in London. I entered our flat and everything seemed to be pretty normal, shoes were lying around by the door, there were coats slung across the exercise bike and the kitchen radio was on. I put my things down on the floor and got a drink from the kitchen. Orange hi-juice in hand, I proceeded to the living room, where to my shock a shiny new television stood, new in its box. I was astonished because we have only recently purchased a brand new smellyvision. Dad said that he wanted a bigger television in the living room and he also wants the old one for his bedroom, any excuse to spend more money. I have done a bit of reading up on the television, watched a couple of programmes and set the whole thing up. I think I can make a good judgement on how good this is, so here goes.

      --Visual Quality—

      The quality of the picture on this television set is second to none. The pictures are displayed in 100htz which is pretty much standard issue for televisions nowadays. The images are very good, very clear and crisp. The screen is flat, which adds to the picture quality. It reduces the effect of artificial light that is shining on the screen and generally results in a much clearer picture. Another thing that instantly hit me, was that there were no mini trails or parts of objects that were being projected twice, like you get on some digital televisions. I think the visual output from this television is fantastic and I will enjoy watching many programmes and movies on it.

      --Audio Quality—

      The sound that is emitted from this television, exceeds that of the picture quality by some margin. You really get the impression that you are part of the action unfolding on-screen, engulfed by the sound around you. There are six built-in speakers, to project the sound to all parts of the room and to create a captivating atmosphere. We put a Star Wars DVD on and the sound from one of the duel scenes was amazing, everyone who was watching it commented on how good they thought the sound was. The total output of sound from this television is 90 watts which gives you really good sound quality.


      As yet, I am not really in the best of positions to comment on how long I think this television will last us and how reliable it will be. I think that we should get a good seven or so years use out of it, that’s if I have anything to do with it. You know that you are buying a very durable product when you purchase a Philips manufactured product. There are no obvious signs of anything that can go dramatically wrong at the moment and I don’t expect anything to. I will definitely update this review if anything does happen to it and it needs fixing.

      --Ease of Use--

      I have always found that all of the Philips electrical products that I have come into contact with are easy to operate. They are very much made with novice user in mind, so it is easy for anybody young or old to use. The setup and layout is very basic, whilst maintaining a little elegance and everything is clearly marked. The buttons and their functions are clearly indicated and short boxes of text appear on screen and tell what you have done to the television if you are having a fiddle around.

      --Ease of Installation--

      The setup and the installation is very easy as far as I am concerned. Everything is fairly obvious to most people and if not you can simply refer to the instruction manual to give you a clear guide of what to do. The only thing that you have to do when you get the television, is move it into position, plug the power lead into a socket and the aerial into its socket and then plug any DVD or video players into the back of the television. When the television is turned on for the first time, you may have to set the date and time and then let it automatically tune in your channels. So all in all, it’s very quick and easy to setup.

      --Remote Control--

      The remote control is one of the best and most handy controls that I have ever come across for a television. It is unique in that you can control the video and DVD players from it directly so you can do everything from the one control. This means no searching around for this control, or that control, because this does all that you need it to. I say that it is unique, I’m not totally sure but I have never seen this type of control before. There are a lot of buttons, placed on what is a fairly average sized control. It is very clear what each button will do when you press it, although you only really need to stick to the basic ones. I think that this control is ace and worthy of recognition in one form or another.

      --Instruction Manual--

      Again, as I tend to find with Philips, things are kept very simple. The guidelines are neatly set out and clearly titled. The contents are very concise and allow you find what you are looking for, with relative ease. All of the information is clearly titled and laid out. The font that the manual is written in, is very legible and most people should find it easy to read. The lines are spaced out fairly well so that you know which line of the text you are on and also the bodies of text are kept quite short and to the point. In general I would say that you can find a quick and simple solution to any problem that you may have in using the television.


      #Dimensions(cm): Width: 84.7
      Height: 54.9
      Depth: 53.9
      #Weight(kg): 59.3
      #Screen: CRT - Real flat back line
      32'' viewable
      9 different picture sizes
      5 different picture modes
      #Dolby Surround
      #Nicam Stereo
      #100 Channel presets


      To conclude, I would definetly say that this television is worth buying. There is everything that you can possibly ask from a television included with this one. If you can pick one up for £850 like my Dad did from Currys, then it is certainly worth splashing out a bit of cash on. The image quality and more notably that of the sound, are superb and I think this is more than enough quality to support a purchase. As you can see from the picture, this television looks fantastic and comes in a nice colour. It comes with its own stand and there are two glass shelves intergrated into the design, for you DVD and video players.


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