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Sony KV-27FS13

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2002 04:02
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      Like I said in my other review on the DVD player, the con was the fact that I had to buy a new TV to enjoy the full potential of my DVD player. And here it is, the TV that caught my eye. The Sony KV-27FS13 is a stylish, flat-screen TV. I think the main question that everyone asks is that, is there any point splashing out that little bit more and get a flat screen TV that is very stylish and space-saving, or should I get a cheaper non-flat TV? So basicly all you're asking is, is there any other advantages on a flat screen apart from the space saved and the stylish looks. Well read on. Looks Like I said before, this TV looks stylish and very cool. You can also buy a matching Sony stand for this TV and I think you need it. The buttons on the TV are located on the top of the TV so it is much easier to work than when they are on the bottom. The Flat Screen The Sony 27FS13 is one of the cheapest flat screen TV's avaliable at the moment (although the price will drop). The flat screen not only looks cool but the picture is amazing but they do cost more to manufacture. The main advantage from the flat screen is (apart from the space) that it doesn't distort when you look at it from an angle unlike the conventional televisions. Another brilliant thing about this screen is that there is no glare. The light that usually causes glare is reflected downwards so you very rarely see it. The main reason glare happens is because the conventional screen doesn't have an anti-glare coating which repels the light slightly but not very well. Also the conventional screen reflects the light everywhere. Picture Quality The quality of the picture produced by the flat screen is almost perfect. There are vivid colours, and the picture is sharp and clear. The television also uses a three comb filter (haven't got a clue what th
      at means, read it from the manuel) which basicly improves the seperation of the colour and light. Although there is a more advanced filter, the 3D filter (man they put a lot of effort into the names), I don't see how it can get any better. There is a but to theis screen. If you watch old sky or analogue TV with this television, it isn't the best. Cheaper and older models do produce a better picture quality. If you watch digital of DVD's, the quality is much better. Inputs One of the things I always check is the kind of inputs the TV has as I usually plug a lot of thing in and I hate to change them. The TV has composite and RF inputs, S-Video, and component video inputs on the rear panel. The presence of the S-Video and component video inputs is one of the good features not found in the cheaper televisions in this size range. When these two inputs are used, they improve the picture quality on whatever you plug into it. Features When you spend around 270 pounds (prices my differ) on a television you are expecting a good amount of features avaliable and luckly, you do. There is a V-Chip parental control, matrix surround sound with stereo reception, 2 rear A/V inputs, an S-Video input, component video input, front A/V input, 16:9 enhanced mode with vertical compression, etc. (The manuel does help greatly when writing sections like this!) The full list can be seen on the sony website. In my opinion inputs and picture quality are the most important thing, the rest is just a rather good bonus. The main problem that many find with this TV is that you get similar performances (but not as good) for cheaper prices. Basicly, all you are paying for is: the flat screen, saved space, good looks, Sony's name (which means great sound), pretty great features, and picture quality. It is up to you to decide if all this is worth it. Rem
      ote Control The universal remote control allows you to control everything you have, i.e your TV, digital box, DVD, VCR, etc so it is very good. Also it glows in the dark and it helps you to see what to press in the dark. The button layout it very good and easy to understand so the light isn't really needed for long once you get used to the remote. It also comes with batteries. Conclusion And on a last note just to make my review sound like a pile of crap, you should check out the Panasonic CT-27SX11 as it offers almost the same as this and is a bit cheaper but it really depends on what suits your needs.


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