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Sony KV-36FS70

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2001 19:39
      Very helpful



      I nearly died when this arrived! I bought it via the Net, it was a bit of an impulse purchase, I had originally intended to buy the 32" one but then I saw this..... The Box it came in was HUGE, it only just managed to squeeze it through the door. And HEAVY, nearly gave myself a hernia! At 100kg it's heavy it took 3 of us to get it on the stand! So what's it like.... Oooh it's good, really good! The picture quality is amazing, it uses a new technolgy called DRC-MF, i can't remeber what that stands for but basically is enhances the picture making it higher resolution a bit like HD-TV! When I played my first DVD on it It literally blew me away, not just the size of the screen but the quality, everything is so sharp. There are so many options (too many to go into here), there are 2 modes to the picture enhancement(DRC-MF) the first is DRC-50 which improves the resolution by 400%, but at only 50hz the screen flickers a little but on movies it is not noticeable, only when you watch things with a lot os one colour in it do you notice a slight flicker..but you get used to it! the seconf mode is DRC100, which guess what improves the refresh to 100hz no flicker..but the piture is only enhanced by 200% (boo hoo!) Most of the time we have it on DRC100, picture is awesome and no flicker the only time we put it on DRC50 is when we watch a region 1 DVD, because they are lower resolution that there region 2 counterparts sometimes the picture can look a little funnny, but the DRC50 bumps the picture up and it looks undistinguisable from a region 2 DVD. Other options include picture in picture, slightly different variation you have 2 channels side by side, you can alter the sie of each one. You can also watch up to 12 channels at once. teletext is cool, when you choose this the normal picture shrinks down, into the corner, so you can watch and read at the same time. loads of set-up o
      ptions and the onscreen graphics help guide you through the maze. there are a lot of different viewing options, Movie, Live, etc.. you can alter these or just choose a pre-set one to get the perfect picture, this is true of the sound as well. it can take a while to get it right but when you do the results are worth it! There are 3 scart sockets on the back, loads of speaker outputs (you get 2 surrond speakers included), plus connections on the front for tempory connections! The remote is standard sony fare, it's multi-function so can also control your DVd and video too. The best thing about this TV? Well most of my mates don't bother going to the cinema, we just wait for the DVD and watch it at home...IT Really is better, except the popcorn. (How about a Sony Popcorn machine) I bought mine off the net and saved about £500 off the street price. Shop around!


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