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Toshiba 14N21

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    4 Reviews
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      11.08.2010 11:44
      Very helpful



      A reliable CRT tv

      Our Toshiba 14N1 has been a reliable little 14 inch CRT tv for us. Ever since we purchased for for £99 it has solidly performed well and given us good quality pictures and sound over a period of many years.

      The Toshiba 14N1 may not have some of the features of more modern flat screen tvs, but what it lacks in that aspect it more than makes up for in reliability. The tv has just enough in terms of features to still be useful and although its rather more bulky than flat screen tvs, it still doesn't look to out of place in todays modern decor styles, (as long as you have space to accommodate its bulk!).

      The features of note that I can recall about this little gem are as follows:
      The screen is a full 14 inches and is housed in a robust and hard wearing plastic casing. The colour ways for the tv surround came in silver and also black as I recall. The silver one is very smart and has a brushed slightly matt but with a bit of sparkle (if thats possible, as thats how it seems.) effect.

      The front of the screen is slightly curved and made of a sturdy and long lasting clear glass. We have always had good clear pictures from this tv and only recently has there been a little flash of red appearing to one of the bottom corners of the screen. This makes me think that the tubes may be on their way out at some point, but as its been like that for some time and yet is still performing well, I am not overly worried about it, yet!

      The remote control for the tv is still in fully working order which is not bad for the amount of time its been accidently dropped on the floor, ouch! It has a variety of features and can operate the teletext features on the tv, as well as control the volume, change the channels, adjust brightness/ colour/ contrasct etc.

      There is a headphone socket on this model which means that theoretically you can listen to the sound via a set of decent headphones, if the tv is in a bedroom and not wake the rest of the household. I have to say I have not tried this feature so cannot comment on the sound quality aspect of this, but I do feel its handy if we need to use it.

      The tv also has a handy little feature which means that you can set the timer to go off or on as and when you want. This works well at night and means that if you do nod off when watching the end of a really good film, (who hasn't done that?) as long as you have set the timer to go off when your film ends, you won't be lying there asleep, wasting electricity with a tv blaring in the background.

      There are Av sockets at the front of the tv for use with a camcorder or similar device and there is also a scart socket at the rear of the tv for connecting to a dvd player etc. These connectors are easy to access and we haven't found any problems with them at all.

      Whilst the ownership and use of a CRT tv may make you feel that you are not keeping up with technology, I feel that if it ain't broke, why fix it. In time when the tv needs replacing I am sure a compact and modern LCD unit will take its place, but for now, with everything still working really well I see no reason to replace the tv.

      Its been so reliable and as such gets a 4 star rating, losing just 1 star for being like a plastic iceberg. Its a shame to say that with 1/3 of the tv on display and the other really bulky 2/3 jutting out the back, it does take up rather too much room. But as its still working it will remain with us till we feel the need to replace it.


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      14.10.2008 17:11
      Very helpful



      A simple telly.

      This was a cheap television which I purchased for £70 in 2002 from Argos, Derby. I've had it for 6 years now and it is still going strong.

      Build quality is good as you would expect from Toshiba. The screen is not flat and the glass cathode ray tube inside the set makes the whole unit very heavy for a 14 inch "portable" television.

      Picture quality is good. The handset has a button which allows you to cyclethrough 4 presets to get a good image depending on ambient light conditions and your own preferance. Colours are bright and contrast is good.

      Audio is average. The speakers are fine - no distortion at loud volume - but not very bassy. I was surprised to find that the audio headphone socket only allows you to listen in mono! In this day and age it is surely illegal not to have stereo output?

      The unit has one scart input at the rear and video and single audio input at the front.

      The handset is rather long but comfortably narrow with rubberised buttons. All the usual functions are available with nothing exceptional to mention.

      Overall a decent budget TV but nowadays a few pounds more will get you a flatscreen LCD set.


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      20.06.2005 12:47
      Very helpful



      A nice TV

      Moved into my new house and I had no TV at all. My gran lent me her second TV but as soon as I started work at my new job and received my first credit card. I knew that I had to buy a TV and give my gran her old one back. I trotted down to Argos and looked around. Then I found it. Toshiba Model 14N21B2. What appealed to me was how it looked. It would look great on my TV table. Silver and chrome. Perfect.

      ++The price and Availability ++
      I paid 74.99 for the TV at Argos. I have found it at Total Digital http://www.totaldigital.biz for less online than that. They are selling the TV for £65.
      Of course, you could buy it from Ebay second hand and the prices start from £26 upwards.

      Other places they sell it are
      http://www.lxdirect.com/ £74.99
      http://www.choiceforyou.co.uk £79.99
      http://www.currys.co.uk £69.99
      http://www.comet.co.uk £69.99
      http://www.dixons.co.uk Instore £79.99 - On the web special £69.99

      ++ The Look and Features ++

      What you get in the box. The TV, a remote control, a small aerial and the manual.

      --The TV--

      It's silver with in the right hand corner the brand Toshiba printed in capital letter. It's a 14" screen. It's quite small TV. The measurements are 36.2 cm x 36 cm x 32.1 cm.

      At the top of the TV, there's a slight gap so you can put your hand in it to carry it. The reason for this is because it's meant to be a portable TV although I don't use it for that. When you lift it up, you'll be surprise how light the TV is compared to other portable TVs. It weighs around 9.5 kg.

      At the bottom of the screen, it has various buttons.
      First, there's a plug in headphones. So you can listen to your TV as loud as you like and your parents or neighbours won't complain.
      Next to that, there's a light red light to show if it's on stand-by or not. Next to that, we have the on/off button. Sometimes if you push it too fast to turn it on, it switches off again which is pretty annoying at times.
      Next to that, you have volume and channel up and down buttons which is great when you lose the remote like I do a lot.
      Next to that, there's video 2 and audio sockets. Video 2 is rimmed in yellow and the audio is rimmed in white. There's two sockets are for a video player, DVD player or home entertainment system. Controlled by the channel EXT2. So I would of thought that they could of put these at the back of the TV because now when you plug it, there's all cable at the front and around your TV. Luckily, there's another way to plug in your video, DVD or home entertainment system at the back of the TV.

      First, at the back of your TV you have the mains lead, then the aerial socket and then SCART socket controlled by the channel EXT1 for your video, DVD player or home entertainment system

      --The Remote Control-- (see picture)
      Use two AAA batteries. Works by infrared. Can be used up to 5 metres away from the TV but the further the distance the more like it won't work.
      There's a couple of special buttons
       mute the sound
       switch back to the channel you just had
       teletext
       picture mode (for the changing the colour of the picture)
       AV button to go to EXT1 and EXT2
       Standby button


      The features of this TV are
       Teletext
       Automatic Tuning system
       On screen menu

      With the on screen menu comes:
      Channel mapping and changing channels, Choice of different languages, Timer functions and Panel lock, changing the picture and colour.

      You can only get the teletext through the remote control. You can use the teletext on BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five but not if you use it through a freeview or set top box then it just comes up blank. Teletext has variety of information on it like up to date News, Weather, Financial and Travel info. The TV comes with Fasttext. You have four coloured buttons on your remote. Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. With these buttons, you can move around the teletext services with greater speed and ease.

      **Automatic Tuning System**
      It will automatically tune the TV for you if you have your aerial or video or satellite plugged in. Just turn on the TV and push the standby button and then press OK on the remote. (You can also find it on the on screen menu)

      **On Screen Menu**
      On the remote, there's button. MENU. Press that and you get this list

      PRESS UP/DOWN/OK/MENU/ EXIT (these are all on the remote.

      %% ON/OFF TIMER %%
      This feature allows you to turn on your TV automatically after you preset a time (up to 12 hours and 59 minutes) and on the channel you want. Also you can preset it to turn off at a set time and you can use in conjunction with each other which can work very well as a parent lock combined with the Panel lock which I'll explain later on in my review. There's a button on the remote to quickly get to the feature.

      %% SETUP %%
      Three options on you can choose for the SETUP Menu
      Manual Tuning
      Automatic Tuning
      Channel Mapping

      I've explained the Automatic Tuning earlier. Manual Tuning is used when Automatic Tuning system doesn't work or doesn't program all the channels.
      Channel Mapping is to change the channel's name, swap the channel around for instance you would like BBC 1 on channel 10 instead on the preset channel one.

      %% PICTURE %%

      You can change the colour on your TV by using this option. By press up and down on your remote, you can change brightness, sharpness, colour and contrast. Also you can change the picture by use the picture button on the remote. It gives you 4 picture modes.

      %% EXT COLOUR %%

      By connecting the TV to external equipment, the picture may come black and white instead of been colour. With EXT COLOUR, you can correct this.
      It has four options. AUTO/PAL/NTSC 4.43/NTSC 3.58 to go with the equipment you've got.

      %% LANGUAGE %%

      You can have the on screen menu in 5 different languages. English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. On this menu, you can change it.

      %% PANEL LOCK %%

      This option can lock the buttons on the front of the TV so if you don't have the remote, you still can't change the channel or volume on the front of the TV.


      These two option combined are a perfect parental lock. You can program it so your child just can watch the programme you want them to watch and not be able to change it the channel nor continue watching anything else after the programme is finished.

      --The Manual--
      The instructions in the Manual are easy to read and follow. It shows you with pictures and words exactly how to setup the TV, use it and change the settings on it. It tells you a list of Dos and Don'ts for example:
      Air Circulation. Leave at least 10-cm clearance around the TV to allow adequate ventilation.
      Also it tells you if your TV goes wrong check these following points because requesting service and at the back of the manual, it tells you all the specifications of the TV.

      The picture is brilliant and the sound quality is good. The volume can go up to 64 on the screen. It's loud but I have had louder on my other TVs I've had before. Although, that probably ruined the TVs in the first place, so it's probably a good thing.

      ++ Problems I had ++
      The TV comes with a one-year guarantee and I was very pleased it did. One night 9 months after I bought the TV, I was watching a film on Five and then I just switched off and was making a weird buzz noise.
      A friend check if it was the fuse in the plug but it wasn't. I panicked. The receipt was on the box of the TV (Argos stuck it there) and we'd thrown it away. Luckily, I'd bought this on my credit card so I still had my credit card bill.
      So on Monday morning off I went with the TV and my credit card bill. The Argos staff were really polite and helpful and she asked me what was wrong with it and I told her what had happened. She said, "Do you want another TV or your money back?"
      I was so shocked. I thought I would have to wait until they had checked out the TV or repaired it. I told her that I'd been happy with this TV so I wanted another TV and she ordered me another TV. She gave me a receipt for it and went home.
      Also this has extended my guarantee for another year.
      So go to Argos if you want great customer services. :D

      ++ Overall Comment ++
      Besides the one problem I had with the TV, it's a wonderful small portable TV. It's easy to tune and use.


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        17.07.2004 06:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        For a small, cheap telly this is probably the best around. At ONLY £89.99 I couldn't resist - plus I needed a telly with a scart socket badly (my DVD player had sat there for months and I couldn't use it ? I was getting irritated) So I decided to take action and buy a new telly, a new experience for me as up until now I had just had the telly no-one else in the family wanted ? thus I ended up with the telly with no scart. Since the only requirement I had for my new telly was that there was a scart socket any new modern telly would have done, this was the cheapest and therefore was the one I finally settled on. However I expected a standard telly, with a satisfactory picture and very few special features ? oh how I was wrong! -- The Look ? I bought the silver version of this telly, am not sure if there are other colours available, I think there are. I however am happy with the silver version; it matches all other electronic gadgets in my room and does not look out of place. The front has very few buttons on it, and what buttons there are match the over all colour, helping to make the telly look trendy and stylish, although appearing to be a bit tacky by some. -- The Dimensions ? 362mm x 360 mm x 320.5mm (Almost a perfect cube) This is very compact telly and will fit almost anywhere in your house ? making it perfect for those rooms you don?t want a full 28? telly in ? like the kitchen or a bedroom. -- The Weight ? The manual says this telly weighs 9.5KG ? but I would guess it weighs slightly more than that, and probably not as portable as other 14? televisions available. -- The Picture ? The picture is crystal clear, and when hooked up to a digital device, like a DVD player or sky box the picture is unbelievable for such a small telly. However when using the ?loop aerial?, the telly is supplied with, the picture will obviously lack in quality ? and some repositioning of the aerial may be needed
        to watch certain channels with minimal interference. Obviously if the telly is plugged into a room aerial the picture quality will increase, but nowhere near the level of digital reception. The screen itself is described as being FST, and although the screen is relatively flat it is certainly not FST. However this does not matter as there is very little glare off the screen when it is in use. Obviously at this price I was not expecting a wide screen telly; however the screen is very square (does that make sense). This leads to widescreen movies having unusually large bands of black at the top and bottom of the picture ? however this has never really bothered me too much. -- Sound Quality -- This telly only offers mono sound, so don?t expect any surround sound. However the sound is exceptionally clear and if the telly is positioned correctly the sound can create a lot of atmosphere and suspense. -- Connections-- As I have mentioned before this telly does have a scart socket which in these modern times is essential to any television. Unfortunately there is only one scart socket and this means I have to change between my DVD player and Sky box if I want to use the digital connections. Of course I can just use the external antenna connection but I think this gives a worse picture, and am willing to swap the scart plugs around ? Am not going to want to watch Sky and a DVD at once am I! On the front of the telly there are yet more connections, there are two video and audio input connections coloured yellow and white ? and although most equipment will plug into these, the wires look out of place when coming from the front of the telly. Also on the front is a earphone socket which is extremely useful if you want to watch telly late at night, without disturbing relatives or neighbours. -- Features -- >Fastext ? Although is useful to have sometime, and brings the world to your fingers without the need of a precious ph
        one line, the internet has replaced teletext. However it is as good on this telly as on any other. >Auto setup ? This is an amazing feature, within minutes of turning the television on it had found the channels, and placed them in the right numbers ? excellent. >Panel Lock ? I can?t say I have used this much; it will stop the buttons on the front controlling the telly, useful maybe if you have young kids. I myself am too scared I will loose the remote and never be able to change channel again!! >Remote ? Being easy to use, and very durable it does everything you could wish for from a remote control ? except maybe make a noise when it is lost, what a good idea?. >Timer ? Allows you to set your telly to go off at a particular time or even come on ? useful if you want to be woken up in the morning by your telly instead of an alarm clock. But maybe more useful if you want to leave your telly on while you fall asleep and let it turn itself off. >The usual brightness, contrast, colour and sharpness. Does exactly what they say they will do In conclusion I think this is a great little telly that no home should be without. At this price there is nothing better on the market?.I defiantly recommend it to any potential buyers.


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