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Argos Colour Match 4 Piece Crescent Knife Block Set

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Brand: Argos / Type: Knife Block

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2012 12:14
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      A colourful block of knives

      When I moved into my current home I opted for red kitchen electricals such as my kettle and toaster. My obsession continued to red washing up liquid, red tea towels basically anything red! About 6 months ago my knife block at the time was looking a bit worn, the knives were no longer sharp and no matter how much sharpening was done they never seemed razor sharp. The knife block to be fair was old and had needed replacing for quite a while but not being one for cooking a lot unless for my daughter meant that replacing it wasn't always are the forefront of my mind.

      I normally don't pay attention to the Argos catalogue but whilst at a friend's I had a browse and came across their knife block selection which was pretty varied giving you the complete basic knife block to the expert chef knife block! Having scanned a few pages I came across their 'Colour Match' range and what did I see?! A red knife block! Poppy Red to be exact and with it came a variety of other colours including 'Fiesta Blue' and 'Jet Black' knife blocks for quite a reasonable £19.99.

      Now although I like cooking and love to experiment with food and recipes I'm by no means a chef and for me as long as I can chop what I need to easily then I couldn't care less whether the knife was £1 or £100 to me as long as it does the job then that's all that matters. I of course opted for the Colour Match Poppy Red Knife Block to fit in with all my other red items in my kitchen. Having paid for it with my nectar points I of course felt quite pleased with my bargain! The Colour Match range at Argos does seem to be their value range and they do have other colour co-ordinating items.

      The knife block comes in a rectangular cardboard box which is actually surprisingly light. The set is made up of four knives; chef, carving, bred and utility. This to me is all that I need I don't see the point in having a different knife for every day of the month! The knife block comes lightly wrapped inside the box and the knives fortunately have a plastic blade protector on and the handles are also wrapped up. There is a small information booklet included with the knives giving you the usual information, warnings, contact information etc.

      The knife block to look at does look like a big square piece of cheese! The block size is 35cm (H) x 8.5cm (W) x 26cm (D). By no means is this block of knives small and of course because of its shape you do need to have it at a certain angle so you can get the knives in and out easily. For example if you wanted it to align with your kitchen wall it would make it hard to get the knives in and out easily. However, for me personally I do have quite a lot of free work top space and I have put mine next to my hob so I find it easy to get the knives in and out.

      The knife handles are made from hollow thermoplastic rubber handles making the knives incredibly light yet easy to use when preparing food. They have a slight textured handle due to what it is made out of so you can hold them without a problem giving you a bit more grip when using them. The one thing I would note is that I wouldn't personally use them in a dishwasher simply because I have a feeling that the colour would fade with every wash which would then make the knives look a bit shabby.

      The knife blades are made from stainless steel and are of course incredibly sharp to start off with. I have sharpened these knives once in 6 months and whilst some people may sharpen their knives more this to be is perfectly fine. I found that they sharpened easily and the blade came up razor sharp, exactly the same when I bought them so I have no issues in this regard. I have never had a problem where the knife cannot cut through something upon immediate contact, my old knives you had to make an incision and then the blade would go through (old and not sharp!) but these glide through any food item with ease without much effort from yourself.

      Now 6 months on my knife block (made from lightweight wood) is still just as good as it was when I first had it, no marks or scrapes from the knife blades. However, some of the knife handles seem to have had something come loose inside and now have a light rattling going on. This is however only noticeable if you shake it slightly and not when actually in use but I am curious as to what has come loose! The other thing I have noticed about these knives is that I have spotted a few small rust spots which I didn't expect to see. If not dried properly the knife blades will obviously leave water marks when dry so I am guessing this is where the rust marks have come from although sometimes I wash up and tend to get on with other jobs leaving my newly clean items to dry naturally but I didn't expect this to occur.

      Now I know I only paid less than £20.00 for a knife block and four knives but after only 6 months of light use (they are not used everyday) I didn't expect something to come loose in the handle or for rust spots to appear. Now, yes I probably should dry them as soon as they are washed but sometimes I just don't have time but I certainly don't expect rust to appear after only 6 months. I have debated about taking them back to Argos but to be honest I see little point considering how cheap they are.

      On the plus side I like that the knives are lightweight and are razor sharp so they can prepare food without any issues whatsoever. The design although I don't overly love the big red cheese block it is definitely something a bit different and certainly stands out on my dark worktops nicely. For £19.99 I really cannot complain as they suit my needs perfectly fine - I have no desire to own expensive knives as they would just be money down the drain! I will probably get another 6 months out of them, hopefully no more rust spots will appear but for the price I wasn't expecting superior quality so I don't really have any real issues with this knife block and set at all.

      Would I recommend? Well yes, I would. If wanting like me your kitchenware to all be colour coded and don't want to spend a fortune on posh knives then these are ideal. Also ideal for those on a budget or students wanting decent knives but not at a high price. For your everyday cooking these are perfectly adequate and will easily do the job for most food preparation. However, if you are an expert with your knives and cooking then no doubt you will avoid these like the plague! However, for me they do the job I want them to do so can't ask for any more! I would award them 4 stars.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Argos
      Price: £19.99
      Availability: In store or on their website
      Colour(s): Numerous - I have 'Poppy Red' as pictured


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