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Asda Smartprice Cutlery Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Cutlery Set

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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2012 19:35
      Very helpful



      Great for picnics!

      I love summer, picnics in the park and on the beach are common for us. For that reason we do have quite a lot of picnic ware, it means we can reuse it over and over again. Part of our picnic collection is this cutlery set from Asda's Smartprice range.

      --- Contents, price and packaging ---

      The cutlery set contains 12 pieces, 4 lots of knives, forks and spoons. Each item of cutlery is coloured bright green. They measure around 12cm in length. This 12 piece set will cost you £1 from Asda stores.

      The packaging for this cutlery set is quite disappointing as it's only a see through plastic bag. There are some sets that come in a plastic tub, I think this set would have benefited from a tub also as it acts as somewhere to keep the cutlery clean and in one place whilst transporting the picnic from home to your desired area. I tend to just keep our set in a food bag now to keep them all in one place.

      --- My opinion ---

      The cutlery is made from a tough plastic, despite being from the Smartprice range. The knives handle cutting through tough meat and using a lot of pressure without showing signs of snapping. Although they are made from this tough plastic, they do tend to bend quite a bit but not enough to worry about them snapping.

      The length of each item of cutlery is good, it allows you to hold them with ease but at the same time, doesn't take up loads of room in your bag. I hate using plastic spoons that are so small you can't even balance it on the end of your hand, the spoons in this set are no trouble at all as they are long enough to use them comfortably.

      I've used and washed this cutlery set a lot as I first purchased it at the beginning of the last summer season and it is still faring well. I just wash them up in my normal washing up bowl with everything else and it cleans them up well, I would imagine they are dishwasher safe, but cannot be sure.

      I'd definitely recommend this cutlery set, although it is cheap, the quality is not cheap and the cutlery lasts well. The plastic is tough, the length is just right, and they are reusable. I've definitely had my monies worth and more from my set.


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      04.05.2012 09:19
      Very helpful



      A great little plastic cutlery set that I would highly recommend!

      * INFO - WHY DID I BUY? *

      During the spring and summer months, my family will often meet up to go for a picnic or a trip to the seaside, where there is always a hearty lunch brought with us, a combined treat of cakes, sandwiches, salads and other snacks. For these times, it is essential to have plastic 'tableware' items that will stand up to travelling, and outdoor use.

      One item that is a 'must-have' for outings like this is a set of plastic cutlery and I currently own two different sets, one of which I purchased from my local Asda Supermarket around 18 months ago. The "Asda Smart Price Cutlery Set" only cost me £1 at the time, and it has been used many times over the past year or so.


      The packaging for the product is pretty basic, it has to be said. Comprising of a simple bag made of a white 'netting' material with a plain-looking tag attached, there is nothing offered in the way of hygiene or protection from this flimsy cover, and I simply use mine to keep the items of cutlery together in the drawer when they are not being used, but it should probably have been discarded by now.

      There are 12 individual pieces in the cutlery set, comprising of four forks, four spoons and four knives. The 12 pieces are all the same bright 'lime' shade of green, and the items are made from a rather thick plastic which gives them a rather 'childish' look, I must admit.

      On the plus side, I have found that the plastic cutlery is very robust, and I have never encountered any damage to my set. I have actually struggled to find any evidence of wear and tear to my set too, which is pretty impressive considering the amount of times the items have been used, and particularly when the low price is considered. I like the fact that even though the cutlery is robust and sturdy, there is a little 'flexibility' allowed with the spoons and the forks, so when these items are being used they do not have that annoying cumbersome, static feeling that some other plastic cutlery can have.

      The size is pretty spot-on too, and the items are neat enough in their size to be convenient to store away when they are not in use, as well as brought with us on our days out and picnic outings, without being so small that they feel petite and flimsy. The spoon in particular is a generous size, being approx 3cm across at the widest point, so it definitely doesn't feel like I am using a child's spoon when I am enjoying my yogurt or ice cream outdoors.

      Whilst I am on the subject of children, I must say too that my young nephew (who is 2) will often be left in my care whilst his parents are at work. During these frequent visits, there are of course times where some items have been forgotten in his little rucksack, with his own little spoons being high on the list. I have had no issues with giving him one of the Smart Price plastic spoons as there is nothing sharp or dangerous to be found. It is fair to say that they are perhaps slightly too big for his little mouth, and they are certainly larger than his own 'toddler-friendly' spoons, but he is able to use them when needs must.

      We will also use the spoons in some of our many games of 'make believe'. I am a great believer in 'role-playing' games which engage my nephew's imagination and he really enjoys this type of play. We will often go on a trip to an imaginary 'table top shop', or take a visit on an imaginary 'sofa bus', and we will often make a 'pretend dinner', which is easy to do, thanks to his large collection of plastic foodstuffs and kitchen items. The Smart Price spoons will often appear in these games, allowing my nephew to stir his invisible 'soup' and whatnot, and the 17cm length (from top to bottom) is not overly cumbersome for little hands to utilise.

      The forks in the Smart Price set have a slightly 'angled' design, where the head joins the neck, and this allows them to feel slightly less cumbersome than other 'straight' plastic forks that I have used before. Piercing a small pickled onion or olive still carries the usual 'chase' of course, but in general the forks feel very easy to use and I was surprised at how sharp the points were! Not so sharp as to cause injury of course, but even so, the forks wouldn't be something that I would give to my young nephew as the prongs do feel shaper than his own little plastic forks.

      The knives in the set feel fairly robust too and the little 'teeth' along the edge are sufficient to cope with cutting up our outdoor treats and snacks. I'm not sure how well they would cope with chopping up a large lump of steak or something to be fair, but for our salads and baked potatoes, quiches and cakes and things, they have never let us down or performed inadequately. At just over 20cm in length, the knives feel big enough to cope with cutting and serving our food without feeling too long or at all awkward.

      The Smart Price Cutlery set copes well with being washed in a basin full of hot soapy water, with all food particles and dirty residue being removed with ease. I have never experienced any problems with washing the cutlery this way and find the robust plastic withstands this practice very well. The label on the product informs me that the cutlery can be used in a dishwasher, but only on the top shelf. I have not tried this myself so cannot comment on how well the set copes with it.

      The cutlery should not be used in a microwave or oven.

      Overall, I have no complaints about this little cheap-and-cheerful plastic cutlery set and would definitely buy another one in the future. It has performed well, being able to withstand our daytrips and outdoor picnics without incident. I find too that the set is surprisingly robust and well-made, particularly when you consider the extremely low price.

      I would highly recommend the cutlery set and feel that it only deserves full marks!


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