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Boker Kitchen Knives

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Boker Ceramic Knives are lightweight, stain proof, dishwasher safe, for a lifetime of easy cutting. The blade is so hard, it will even cut glass. Crafted of Boker Ceramic in Solingen, Germany, they won't flavour the taste of your cooking like steel knives sometimes do

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2001 03:09
      Very helpful



      I had heard the name Boker before in reference to pocket knives but I didn't know they made kitchen knives until I was looking on E-Bay for either some German or Swedish knives. I ended getting a set of four oversized huge Boker knives for 25 dollars. I was sad to see that the knives were made in Argentina, but it seems that everybody is setting up shop in the third world anymore. I should have asked the guy where they were made before I bid but actually I am glad I didn't as it may have prevented my bidding on these. These knives are finer than I imagined any knife could ever be. They are so sharp and durable. They are strong like bayonets not kitchenware. They just feel magical in my hand, it invokes strong passions like Arthur must have felt with excalibur in his hand. They are so sharp that I totally gashed open my knuckles the first day by just bumping my hand on the exposed blade. My wife is too terrified of the knives, claiming that they are so sharp that she is afraid she would cut off her finger without realizing it. We played around with them and when you just lay the knive on top of cheese or a melon it begins to slide through it on its own. They are simply amazing and I doubt I need to get the titanium or ceramic owns as these are adequate for all my needs. Beware of the sets that can be bought on the internet, the 4 pack with the 6,8,10,12 inch knives is just too big and unwieldy, unless you want to use them as a pirate's cutlass or something. But the price is worth just the useful 6 incher anyways.


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