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Miracle Blade III Perfection Series

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Brand: Lakeland / Product Type: Knife Set

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    2 Reviews
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      11.05.2011 19:02
      Very helpful



      a brilliant kitchen addition

      I did actually buy these knives for my other half for Christmas but have liked them so much I've stolen them!

      I bought my ones from Argos for just under £30, you can also buy them from the JML shopping channel. The set contains :-
      -1 paring knife
      -1 filet knife
      -4 steak knives
      -the Rock n Chop knife
      -the Chop n scoop knife
      -utility scissors
      -2 all purpose slicers
      So value for money wise these are brilliant.

      They are dishwasher safe although JML recommend they are hand-washed instead. They claim that they never need to be sharpened and so far since owning them I haven't sharpened them once unlike my other knives.

      ***Paring knife***
      I have really only used this for skinning fruit & veg etc I have found it very easy to used, its sharpness helps slices skin very fluid and easy. It has a unusual shape in the the blade is actually curved so the food actually sits close to the knife.

      ***Filet knife***
      Since owning this I have made both Chicken Kiev and stuffed pork. The knife slides and cuts meat very well and I haven't ended up slicing the meat in half completely, although I must admit it was slightly more difficult than it looks on TV. Like the advert though this knife is super bendy, ive never seen a knife do that!!! It does make it easier to prepare the meat though.

      ***Steak knives***
      These are the only knives I don't really like out of the set, mainly being that as I like my steak well done (boot leather) I thought that they would still slice easily unfortunately not!! They did seem to struggle going through the meat so much that I ended up using my old trustworthy steak knife instead. Saying that though my dinner companion who likes steak rare found they cut very well and effortlessly.

      ***The Rock N Chop***
      I found this to be the best knife in the collection by far, It is quite a heavy knife almost a cleaver in that it does the same jobs, what I like is the little ball on the top (control ball) if you hold this instead you have more control cutting etc, my other half says its brilliant when chopping herbs, veggies etc.

      ***The Chop N Scoop***
      This knife again looks like a traditional cleaver in looks but it again has the control ball and is also bendy, it is quite light. Ive only used this knife to prepare salads and I am impressed it slices through the food with almost(!) no effort.

      ***All purpose slicers***
      These to me look like bread knives with a fork bit on the end. I have to admit these are the ones I used most often, they glide through food very easily and I have found they work well on slicing roast joints. The fork bit is very useful as you can pick up and serve the slices with it.

      ***Utility scissors***
      I LOVE these and for once an advert is true I have used these on countless things from cardboard and food packets to cutting up sliced ham for sarnies. They have metal teeth inside the handles which I assume are for opening bottles etc. I have found that these have stayed sharp even after the things I put them through.

      I love this set of knives a lot im not usually one for home shopping products as I don't believe the adverts but I am really surprised in these. They are quite a heavy set of knives and as they are sharp I would recommend buying the knife block too as they don't fit in standard ones. This can be bought for around £20.

      Another thing I like is the little thing on the handles with the name of the knife on (ie Rock n Chop), I just found this a quirky idea by the manufactures. The handles are also ergonomic comfort-grip handles- which although I have no idea what that means I assume it makes them more comfy to hold.

      These knives are VERY sharp (3 in 1 cutting blades no less!)so need extra care when being used they do come with cardboard covers so the blade is safely away, I still though keep them in their block on top of my cupboards- simply because I don't want the kids to have a chance at getting them.

      I do still think that the advertising is a bit far fetched I have tried some of things shown on the advert and they are not as good in reality (although im not surprised) such as fresh bread- mine still ends up swashed!!

      Overall though for the money I paid these are a brilliant set of knives and I would thoroughly recommend them!


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        19.08.2009 12:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Fantastic set of knives which made cooking prep so much easier

        Although I think of course I am the next Gordon Ramsey, lets face it I am not the best cook in the world. Actually, to be truthful I am far from it. Even I knew though when I need to purchase a new knife set as mine were blunt.

        I am a watcher of the Shopping channels, which can certainly be a down fall at times, but when on the lookout for a new knife set it was a godsend. This is where I came across the Miracle Blade 3 Perfection Series set.

        If you are a watcher of these channels you must be like me and think 'they can't do all that', but this is one of these times they actually do. For £29.99 and a delivery charge of £4.99 from JML Direct you recieve the Miracle Blade Slicer, Rock 'n' Chop, Chop 'n' Scoop, Paring Knife, Filet Knife, Scissors, 4 Steak Knives and another Bonus Miracle Blade Slicer.

        In the advertisement for them, Chef Tony (the maker of the knives) was seen cutting through stone, tin cans and even shoes. I thought no way would they be able to do this, but I was eating my words when I was able to cut through a frozen chicken!

        There is a special knife for each cooking task and are all carefully labelled so you know which is for what use. The slicer can cut through fresh bread like it was butter and I can now buy fresh bread without having to worry about cutting it and keeping the shape. The Rock 'n' Chop can cut vegetables, herbs and even frozen items, which is fantastic if you don't
        want to cook the whole chicken or joint. The Chop 'n' Scoop can cut herbs and bend to scoop the cuttings to put them in the pan. The filet knife is very self explaintary but it is very easy to complete the task. The paring knife peels and is easy manoverable to get around the bends and curves, and the scissors can cut through anything that is needed.

        I was very sceptical when I recieved them, but I have never cut a neater pizza without even removing any cheese as I usually do with the pizza cutter. And when I was washing them I only skimmed the side of the blade and I thought I had cut through my finger they were so sharp.

        As it should be no one else in the house is allowed to touch them in case we have severed limbs by accident.

        These are definatly the best knifes I have ever used and with a life time gaurantee what else could you ask for.


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      • Product Details

        11 Piece knife set.

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