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Voodoo Knife Block

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11 Reviews

Brand: Ethos / Product Type: Knife Block

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    11 Reviews
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      25.10.2012 12:00
      Very helpful



      Great knifes and a superb looking knife block

      I like quirky ornaments and things to brighten the place up and make people go 'ooh...what's that?' around the house. So, on moving into my own house at the start of the year, what did I view as an essential item and ask my parents to buy me for christmas....a Voodoo knife block of course.

      == The Stand ==

      The stand clearly looks like a voodoo doll. The knives are slotted through the body of a person and look like they are impaling him. The holes for placing the knives are spread out over the body with my favourite being the forehead position for the small pairing knife.

      The stand is supplied in parts and requires a bit of assembly. The main part is the Voodoo person (no genetalia to distinguish the sex) which has slots for 5 knives in it. The round circular base is slotted in place and bolted using a single bolt tightened by hand. Each knife slot has an associated plastic safety guard which slot easily into place.

      == The knives ==

      The Voodoo knife block is supplied with 5 knives which include a bread knife (serated -330mm), a carving knife ( Long and thin - 330mm), a chefs knife (Long and wide - 330mm), a utility Knife Length ( thin and mid length - 240mm) and a paring knife length (short and pointy - 200mm).

      The knives are made form durable Molybdenum and Vanadium stainless steel which means they stay sharper for longer than standard stainless steel knives. I have not shapened mine since getting them 10 months ago and they are still very sharp.

      The knives are quite light but weighty enough to feel good quality, robust and easy to use. The handles fit the hand well and are comfortable to use.

      I was suprised by the quality of the knives for a novelty item. They really are very good and I cannot fault them.

      == Options ==

      The voodoo man is avalable in red, black, pink, gold, black and chrome (although you pay a bit more for the chrome or gold versions). I have the black version which has a metallic look to it and is easy to keep clean.

      == Safety ==

      I should point out that my mum wan't keen on getting me this as a present. She is very anti knife blocks and having knives on display in the kitchen as she think they are dangerous if you get into an argument with a spouse or partner. This is something I believe her mum told her, and i can see her point in having what is effectivley a dangerous weapon on display that is easily accessible in a fit of rage. Personally I don't think this is an issue but it's a point worth raising.

      There is no locking mechnism when the knives are in place, so it is advisable to keep the knife block out of reach of children.

      The knives are very sharp, sharper than a lot of cooking knives I have used and I have had a few cuts when not being careful how I am using them. Although possibly viewed as a disadvantage I do prefer a very sharp knife as cooking is a lot easier.

      == Quality ==

      I was a little dissapointed the the stand is very light and plasticy as I felt it should be more metallic (Should have read the description better). This however works well as the stand is sturdy and the plastic is good quality, hard to scratch and easy to clean.

      The knives are far better quality than I expected and I would consider them some of the best kitchen implements I own.

      == Price ==

      I think my parents paid around £65 for the black version from firebox.com last year, however the different colorss range between £65 and £88 on amazon at the moment. I did consider this quite expensive for a novelty, however due to the high quality of the knives I actually think it is quite reasonable in comparison to other good quality cooking knives.

      == Summary ==

      Great knives and a superb looking knife block. Faultless quality...highly recommended.


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        20.06.2012 23:40
        Very helpful



        Add a bit of Voodoo fun to your kitchen

        We were given the voodoo knife block man as a present a couple of years ago by a friend
        and while I haven't tried it out to see if the Voodoo really works the knives are good and it does
        look great on the kitchen worktop.

        The Voodoo Knife Block consists of an ABS plastic man who has 5 slots over his body legs and
        head which you put the 5 knives in so it would appear Mr Knife has upset someone pretty badly.
        The set comes complete with 5 knives a bread knife,chefs knife,pairing knife,utility knife and a
        carving knife and thankfully also has 5 clear safety sheaths so you don't cut yourself every time
        you have to move it. Our Knife Man is bright red but I've also seen them in black,chrome and
        green if you want something slightly more discreet.

        The knives supplied with the block are pretty good quality,nicely balanced and easily as good
        as other knife sets I've owned that cost around the same price. The knives are made from
        Molybdenum and Vanadium stainless steel which supposedly keep their sharpness better and
        are less prone to rust than the standard stainless steel more commonly used in kitchen knives.
        The knives can be sharpened using a ceramic sharpener, knife sharpener or grinding stone and
        can be washed in warm soapy water. As an ex chef I tend to keep the edge on my knives sharp
        by using a fine steel on them nearly every time I use them so I really can't comment on whether
        the claim that these stay sharper for longer is true or not but none of them have discoloured,
        rusted or chipped in the time we've owned this.

        The only complaint I have with the knives is for me personally due to the rounder shape of the
        handles on these they aren't as comfortable to hold for longer periods as my old Sabatier and
        Wusthof knives so I tend to grab one of them out of the drawer rather than using the ones from
        the block if I've got a lot of stuff to prepare. My boyfriend uses these and doesn't find this a
        problem so it's pretty much down to personal preference.

        This looks great on a kitchen worktop and a lot funkier than a boring wooden knife block
        but I'm not sure it's the best idea if you have young children as the bright red toy looking man
        with shiny things in him tends to attract kids like a magnet. Although none of our nieces or
        nephews have any hope of getting near this nearly every one of the younger ones has
        noticed it on the worktop and wanted it down.

        The Voodoo Knife Block is available from various online stores such as firebox.com or
        iwantoneofthose.com and costs around £50-£60.


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          28.04.2012 16:40
          Very helpful



          A unique design for knives

          *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

          I have a predominantly white coloured kitchen where my main wall is tiled white with a contrasting red grout whilst my flooring is black. Because of this my appliances tend to be either of these 3 colours to fit in with the colour scheme and when looking for a new knife block I had red in mind.

          My old knife block was black with rainbow coloured handles and whilst it has served it's purpose the knives are now quite blunt and the handles are faded having been kept on my window ledge and subsequently catching the rays of the sun.

          Around September of last year I was idly flicking through Studio catalogue which I don't often order from these days but there were a few small items I wanted to order for stocking fillers for Christmas and as I neared the end of the catalogue I spotted the household products with this - Voodoo Man Knife Block - instantly catching my eye, and I decided to order it in red.


          What caught my eye immediately is the fact this knife block is in the shape of a man and the knives literally pierce through him. As one of my favourite TV programmes is Dexter (about a 'good' serial killer) this instantly reminded me of the show and it was so quirky that I liked it's originality as it was different from the norm.

          This can be purchased in the following colours:


          The knife block contains five high quality knives all made from molybdenum and vanadium stainless steel which is supposedly sharper than standard stainless steel.

          The knives included are:

          *Two chefs knives
          *One pairing knife
          *One utility knife
          *One carving knife

          The five knives all have their own individual sized slots on various parts of the 'voodoo man' with one through the head, two through the chest and the other two on each leg and each is held in place by not only the slot but the addition of a magnet meaning they wont just fall out. The voodoo man is made of a sturdy plastic and the height is 39cm, with the rather large circular base being 26cm in diameter and if including the length of the knives the width is 39cm.

          *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

          I first came across this knife block through the Studio catalogue as mentioned and this was the first time I had seen it, though I have since spotted it online on various sites including Amazon. I paid £49 in Studio which at the time I thought was expensive but now I have looked around I have found my purchase was actually the cheapest as it is in excess of £59 everywhere else and on one site I spotted it at £79!

          The knife block arrived in a large cardboard box with each individual knife in a cardboard covering. Though the covering was thick I wouldn't say it was ample enough to protect the knives as you could see where the serrated edges were tearing through. The voodoo man himself came intact though the large round base was separate and simply screwed into the base of the man. Setting up the knife block was relatively easy and it took only minutes to unpack everything and screw the base to the voodoo man. The plastic sheaths that the knives rest on are already attached and whilst they don't look very sturdy the actual knives are held in place more securely by magnets that are hidden inside voodoo man's 'wounds' so there is no chance of them just falling out despite how unstable they do actually appear.

          *~*My experience of using this product*~*

          I was quite surprised given the size of my voodoo man knife block as it simply didn't look that large in the Studio catalogue and apart from a mention on which knives were included there was little else in the way of measurements. This wasn't too much of a problem as I do have quite a large work surface area in my kitchen and it fitted neatly next to my hob and my tea/ coffee/ sugar jars and fitted in with my kitchen colour scheme perfectly.

          I liked the look of the black and chrome voodoo 'men' at first though on closer inspection at photos online I found the I preferred the red and thought it would blend in more with my colours in my kitchen and when it arrived I knew I'd made the right choice.

          I must admit I bought this primarily for it's appearance and was just taken in by it's unique and unconventional looks, though I have to say on how impressed I have been by the quality of the knives. I'm not a grand master chef and spend hours upon hours chopping and slicing by any means but when I have used these I have found them to be of the highest quality. I mainly use the bread and pairing knives and they are extremely sharp and get the job done, not to mention how durable the handles are as they are all moulded from the same piece of stainless steel as opposed to having plastic handles which can break with forceable use.

          Voodoo man is made from a shiny plastic material which I must admit gathers dust quite quickly, well probably no more than usual actually but because of it's polished appearance it just shows the dust particles more. The knife block is easy to keep clean though as a simple wipe down with a damp cloth and soapy water then buffing dry brings him up looking sleek and polished once more.

          If you like quirky products then this is ideal though it wont be to everyones taste. My husband's aunt said it was disgusting and why on earth would I want something like this to which I replied that I have a True Blood calendar in my kitchen featuring vampires but it doesn't mean I go round sucking peoples blood from their necks! At the end of the day the knife block's appearance is a bit of fun but the actual knives are of the highest quality and that's all that counts for me.

          ***Sizes are taken from official website www.voodooknifeblock.co.uk though everything else is purely in my own words***


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            07.06.2011 23:49
            Very helpful



            Not your bog standard knife block!

            I first saw this when I was trawling through the internet on sites such as iwantoneofthose.com in an effort to get some inspiration for a present. As soon as my eyes caught sight of this, I had to take a closer look. The design is just out of this world and totally unique and made me think how brilliantly it would look in my kitchen. The colour was obvious - black with silver knives, to compliment Darth (see previous review from a while back about my fridge freezer). If this is not the colour for you, do not fear, there's a red one, pink, chrome, and even gold!

            Due to the shape of this unique knife block it is also referred to as the 'Men are B******* Knife Block'. It has also had its time on youtube, dubbed as 'The Ex', claiming that you can use it as the ultimate cathartic kitchen accessory. On terms of wacky ideas there are other quirky knife blocks but not as funky as this one. Via my research I came across a heart shape with 4 knives poking out of the top and another, more vivid one of a human head with protruding knives (www.designswan.com).

            I waited until I saw an offer I could not refuse because I couldn't justify spending over £50 for a set of knives, as cool as they may be. Firebox had an offer on and gave me a price I simply couldn't turn down - £44.99! I also managed to get a further £4.58 cashback through topcashback.com, pretty much the bargain of the year for me! I ordered it on the Monday and had it in my clutches by Wednesday - I can definitely say that Firebox were good with their delivery as well as keeping me updated on the status of my order.
            Seeing it online gives the impression that it's fairly small and will be a compact little dude who will look after your sharp cutlery. The surprise comes when the packaging is a large oblong box and just the diameter of the base is 25.5cm.

            What comes out of the box?
            * 1x Base unit.
            * 1x Standing unit. As a whole these 2 parts makes up the Knife block: whose dimensions are as follows, 25.5cm (Diameter.) x 38.5cm (Height).
            * 2x Fastening bolts.
            * 1x Bread knife. 33cm. this is typically a serrated knife which is designed in a way that allows you to cut soft bread without demolishing it. I purposely bought a loaf of bread for this purpose and managed to get precise cuts from it.
            * 1x Carver / slicer. 33cm. This one is longer and narrower than a carving knife and serves to give a precise, thin cut of, in particular, meats.
            * 1x Chef's knife. 33cm. this can be used for a variety of means rather than being specifically targeted at a distinct cut, whether you want to mince, slice or chop up your veg, this is the knife for you. I used this to cut a head of lettuce and it simply sliced through it within, quite literally, seconds due to the sharpness of the knife.
            * 1x Utility knife. 24cm. in terms of use, this is in between the chef's knife and the paring knife in size and can be used for general purpose.
            * 1x Paring knife. 20cm. this is the smallest of the 5 and has a pointed tip and plain edge, allowing you to use it for intricate work such as de-veining.
            * 5x Protective knife sheaths.

            The quality of the knives is just jaw droppingly fine! They are made from molybdenum and vanadium stainless steel and have a little 'voodoo' logo imprinted onto them. Molybdenum is a customary by-product of copper mining and is extensively used as an alloy vehicle in stainless steel. Vanadium is what makes the voodoo knives rust resistant and is widely used in manufacturing tools. The knives fit with ease into their individual sheaths and have sturdy comfortable handles which are colour co-ordinated with the blades. The sheaths are frosted and allow you to still see the blades when they are held within the body.

            Raffaele Iannello, the designer of this quirky set, hails from Italy who designs furniture amongst other items for companies such as Slamp, Viceversa and Flou. As you can imagine, these designs are very much contemporary and innovative. He came up with the idea for the knife block in 2003 when he put the idea forward during the International Furniture Exhibition. It was through this exhibition that he got his product 'out there' and this spurred more bizarre designs such as the alien lights (http://www.gizmag.com/go/3791/picture/9031/).
            According to trendsupdates.com Raffaele Iannello has expanded his range and began making utensils with a 'dual purpose'. He has styled various utensils such as a pepper mill and a citrus press, amongst others for use in not only the kitchen, but also the bedroom - the mind boggles!

            There are bound to come times when you need to wash voodoo man's base and this can done using warm soapy water. I have had mine now for about a month and have wiped over the base on occasion, just to redeem its shine, but apart from that it's not required a dunk. The knives are extremely sharp, as you expect them to be, but should the need to sharpen them arise this can be done using a ceramic knife sharpener or grinding wheel to keep them to their optimum performance.

            Safety precautions, which I'm assuming would follow any knife block - that they are kept out of the reach of children. Although they are magnetically attached to the individual holders, there is the chance that a child would be intrigued by such a bizarre looking feature and try to make contact. For this reason, it is best practice to place them back in their holders when you have finished using them as they are not your typical knives and can quite literally chop through a finger (as I have experienced!...OUCH!!). For legal reasons the structure can only be purchased by people over the age of 18.

            If this is too much for you there is a 'Wheel of Death' version, where the figure is prostrated on a board with all four limbs strapped to the board and the five knives strategically placed around the body. The collection also extends to other household items which you can make look totally cool, like a pen holder.

            My only issue, if you can call it that, is that maybe the whole item should have been constructed from aluminium to give it that perfect pristine finish. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with my new purchase and am sure it will keep the conversations running wild!

            Thank you for reading!


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              16.02.2011 14:52
              Very helpful



              Fantastic knife block, I would highly recommend it.

              This was bought as a present for my family and sits on out kitchen worktop, we have him in black (To match our black and yellow kitchen).

              It originally comes with the man separate from the base but it is easy to slot him together, it now also can only be bought with blade protectors. These are plastic covers for the knives which are attached to the back of the man so you slide the knife inside the case, I understand that this is for safety reasons but it looks much better without and it isn't visible on most pictures of the product. There is a magnet in each slot to hold the knife in place, and the block is quite durable if you miss the slot slightly it doesn't scratch the slot.

              This set comes with five knifes, according to th makers they are made from stainless steel and Vanadium which makes them stay sharper for longer. There is a bread knife and four straight blade knives of various sizes, all the knives are very sharp and very useful. Could maybe do with having a small serrated knife for tomatoes etc.

              The knives are all dishwasher proof and the block rarely needs cleaning but can be with a damp cloth.

              Most of all this block is fun, visitors always comment on it and it can be great for releasing some of the days tension. It's quite satisfying to slide a knife into that poor little guy, it's also fun to do sound effects as you do it.

              I'm afraid as this was a gift I cannot comment on the price.


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              18.11.2010 19:39
              Very helpful



              Personally, I love it

              Last year my gran and grandad went on holiday somewhere in Wales, I'm not sure whereabouts exactly, well anyway while they were there they visited a tourist shop and bought home gifts for the rest of the family. I absolutely love what they bought for our family which is why I simply have to review it.

              They bought us a voodoo knife block! I know the name makes this sound very strange, but don't worry it's not anything to do with witchcraft or anything like that. It's simply an ornament of a man with holes in where you can store your knives. Nothing strange at all about that is there?!

              Although the idea may seem a little, well how can I put this, weird, to some people, but really this is all in good humour. This piece of kitchenware is very unique, some might say that it is artistic, and I would have to agree. It is definitely a novelty gift. My mum was well impressed when she opened the gift and it put a smile on her face, it really did make all of our family's day when we saw it.

              When some people come round to the house and come into our kitchen they do a touble take and some even don't mention it as though it is an awkward subject (I think it scares them!) but the majority of people that see it think it is either really cool or just really hilarious.

              I nearly did a double take myself when I saw how much this item costs. It is £50.99 on amazon which I have to admit I do think is very expensive. Obviously I didn't know how much it was before today because it was given to our family as a present and we didn't actually buy it. I think this is worth the money though if you like the idea, which we definitely do.

              I would most definitely, 100% recommend this item. It has lasted all this time, comes in a variety of different colours, including red and black, and as I have mentioned already, it is a fantastic, original idea for an item. I absolutely love it!


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                17.11.2010 20:08
                Very helpful



                I love my Voodoo man......good quality and fun. Its more than a novelty item.

                I have the Voodoo Knife Man Block sat on the worktop in my kitchen, and over the 18 months or so that I've had it, it has been a talking point by many visitors who have visited my house. When I saw it, I bought it because I thought it looked unique and quirky - and thought it was something that would be appreciated by people with a sense of humour. It addition to this, it was a practical way to store kitchen knives which didn't involve just stuffing the in the drawer. I have no idea how much I paid when I bought this, but I have seen in online in recent months for around £45.

                I have the red version of this product.....the red one I feel stands out more, especially as my kitchen styled with dark black marble and so I felt it stood out in stark contrast to that. Lets face it, if you're the type of person that actually likes this, then you're probably not going to want to have it hidden away in a corner, but rather to stand out as a feature.

                So, when you get this Voodoo man, you do need to attach the base of the Voodoo Man to the base stand. It really is simple and took no more than a few minutes - and required only a basic screwdriver. The screws come with the pack and are actually pre-attached and so its just a matter of tightening them. Even I can cope with something like this - and I'm not the worlds greatest DIY expert. The base of the Voodoo Man is sturdy and stable and there is no danger of the man toppling.

                The product is made of red, shiny, sturdy and durable plastic. Its fairly heavy and it feels like its built to last. Interspersed within the Voodoo Man's body are five slots, and the idea is that knives then slot into these slots and act as a holder for them, while creating a unique image in your kitchen (at least I hope it is!) of a man being stabbed by five knives and falling backwards. Maybe it is a little bit "sick" and macarbe - but I actually find it funny and tell my partner to let it be a warning to him!! There are no scratches on my model despite constant everyday use.

                Accompanying the pack are five stainless steel knives of various sizes and blade varieties. The knives have proven to be very efficient and well made - and 18 months or so later, they remain sharp and in one piece. The handles themselves are a continuation of the knife itself and so are also made of stainless steel - and hence they are as sturdy as the knives themselves. There is a bread knife, a small 5 inch knife and a larger 8 inch knife, a pairing knife and a carving knife. The slots in the man are the length and depth to accomodate the various knives - and so safety, there are thick plastic sheaves so that the knives so not poke out the back and create a potential hazard.

                Overall, I love this product. It is effective, practical and fun all rolled into one - and its of a high quality, which is rare for a novelty item. It is fairly expensive, but the knives are good quality - and it will act as a talking point for visitors to your kitchen. Some may hate it, but, in my experience, most people think its brilliant.


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                  24.09.2010 15:52
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Ethos Voodoo Knife Block

                  Ethos Voodoo Knife Block: a little bit more fun in the kitchen

                  Sometimes you do think that the really needs so more fun things and I also try this with more colour but when I saw the Ethos Voodoo Knife Block I know that would do the trick! It's a fun and mostly different kind of knife block then I have ever seen! It really cheers up the kitchen and always gets the attention when people come over.

                  The Ethos Voodoo Knife Block is not cheap and you can order this knife block for around 50 pounds on the internet but you can get them at stores in town. I got the red one like on the picture above this review and it was love on first sight! The design is really unique but I can imagine it's not for everyone. It's very playful looking but I think it's still stylish.

                  The knife block comes in a voodoo man display which I have never seen before. It's very unique and also helps after a stressful day! I sometimes picture my boss and it's saves me a lot on therapy! The display feels ok since it's made of plastic but it doesn't look cheap. The knifes are made of good quality and are of stainless steel. They feel very sharp actually and feel so much better than my previous cheapo knifes. Cutting meat is now very easy!

                  The knifes are laying steady in the holder and are being held in place by a magnet. There are 5 different knifes in the holder:

                  33cm Chefs Knife
                  33cm Bread Knife
                  33cm Carving Knife
                  24cm Utility Knife
                  20cm Paring Knife

                  The knifes are very easy to clean and you can put them in the dishwasher which is very handy. You can get this knife block not only in red, but also in black, stainless steel and pink. I think red is the most beautiful playful one but stainless steel looks more classy.

                  The knifes block and knifes come for a price of 50 pounds which I don't think is that expensive. They are really good quality knifes and good knifes often cost a little bit more. With this one you also get a funky knife block! Really good purchase!


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                    12.09.2010 16:08
                    Very helpful



                    Brilliant knife holder

                    As has been well stated by me in the past I love design and am willing to pay a little extra for something that look great but it also has to be good quality or I feel short changed.
                    I needed a set of knives for my worktop and I looked everywhere for some that not only looked the part but they also needed to be red to compliment my colour scheme in my kitchen.
                    I found the Ethos voodoo knife block whilst browsing in a local store that specialises in design items for the home. I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it as I had never seen anything like it before.

                    First of all the design is certainly not to everyone's taste and may even be a little macabre but I think it's fun and so does everyone who has even come into my kitchen and it is the one thing I own that everyone comments on.
                    It is a knife holder that is supposed to be the shape of a voodoo doll with slots in its body for holding the various knives that come with it. The idea is that you 'stab' the knives in the voodoo man in different parts of his body and the knives are held in place by a magnet.

                    The voodoo man requires a little bit of assembly but it is very minimal all it involves is attaching the voodoo man to the base by way of the pre attached screws.
                    The voodoo man himself is made of red shiny plastic and it really stands out, there is definitely no hiding this one on your worktop. The plastic is really strong and the whole thing from the design to the workmanship looks and feels of top notch quality.

                    The knives are also of excellent quality which surprised me really as I was expecting them to be inferior to the design of the holder for some reason. They are made of stainless steel and are the type of knives that are all made from the one piece of metal including the handles so no ugly plastic handles here. They are incredible sharp and cutting with them is a pleasure. The metal of the knives really compliments the red of the voodoo man.
                    I try not to use the knives very often as I want them to remain looking pristine since they are so prominently displayed but so far with the times I have used them and put them in the dishwasher they are still looking great and as sharp as new. The 5 knives that are included with the voodoo man are a pairing knife, utility knife, bread knife, 5inch knife and an 8 inch knife.

                    I paid £59.99 for the voodoo man knife holder which I think was a good price for such good quality but I see it can be bought a little cheaper on amazon so it pays to look around. If you like the look of it but red is not for you then it is also available in some other colours such a black, pink and stainless steel (which is also absolutely gorgeous looking).
                    I love it as it is a little bit of fun but is also extremely practical at the same time.


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                      17.08.2010 22:27
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      Something different for the kitchen

                      My friend had one of these and as soon as I saw it I needed one, not because I needed more knives but because it was something different I had not seen before I then spotted one in my local gadget shop and took a deep breathe because it cost £50 eek and purchased it. I purchased one in red.

                      I love the way it looks the Voodoo knife block helps relieve a little tension at the end of the day, don't pretend you weren't thinking it when you saw it lol.

                      This particular knife holder was designed by Raffaele Lannello to hold 5 stainless steel knifes one knife is kept in the head of my willing voodoo victim, whilst another one is kept safely in the heart, another is kept one in the groin imagine whoever you want lol and 2 are kept in the legs sure we have all thought of putting knifes there from time to time, or is that just me!?. Each knife has its own protective cover for whilst in the holder to keep them safe. The stand has a smooth shiny finish but is quite large so be aware of this especially when the knives are in it you will need a bit of room.

                      The knives which come with the holder you are 1- 33cm Chefs Knife,
                      1 - 33cm Bread Knife, 1 - 33cm Carving Knife, 1- 24cm Utility Knife and 1-
                      20cm Paring Knife. Each knifes are all very sharp which is what I want in my knifes! no complaints there.

                      I really like my novelty knife holder I use all the knifes so I am slowly getting my moneys worth and it looks better than my wooden argos own one which it has replaced and is a talking point amongst guest as I am sure you can imagine.

                      It is a bit pricey but it still makes me smile, I do have quite a dark sense of humour though. They also come in black, silver, gold and purple if you want a less blood coloured one.

                      4 stars because of the price.

                      Also found on other review sites under the same name.


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                        12.05.2010 14:48
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        A great looking and of super quality knife block for anyone who wants something different

                        Now if you're into funky modern and darn right weird things then this knife block is for you.

                        What is it?
                        Well it's a voodoo knife block, a man or women, well a person with numerous slots in them where you can slide your knives to keep them safe. The voodoo man comes in red, black, pink, silver and gold and is a shiny plastic.

                        Now when you open the box you will have a number of smaller boxes which contain the actual knives as well as the voodoo man itself and a large circular base too. The voodoo man has screws in the legs already which will slot straight into the pre drilled base. Once done use the included wing nuts to tighten and attach the two together permanently. Once done you can unwrap your knives and jab them into your lovely new knife block holder! Take that......................

                        So the knives included with this set are made from one piece of metal from the blade to tang. These are the knives I love personally. I prefer them when they are in one piece because I think they feel better in the hand to use and are much more balanced. Plus they look ace, I hate it when they ruin the clean lines by adding plastic handles or something obscure and ugly.
                        The knives you get in this wonderful set are:
                        Bread knife
                        Cooks knife
                        A paring knife
                        8" knife
                        5" knife.

                        Now when you slide these knifes into your voodoo man or woman you will see there a frosted plastic sheathes protruding out of the back, these are to protect the knives and yes more importantly you. These knives are very sharp so this is a safety feature you need. Although they do look a little ugly, you will get used to them. The other good thing about this knife holder is that each knife slot has a magnet which enables the knives to be held and supported. Its good because it acts as a guide and secures the knives in a really great way.

                        Now the one and only bad point I have found from this wonderful set. And that is the price; I paid nearly £60 for it. Now that's not a lot of money when you are looking at a set of quality knives. Although these knives are good the price you are paying mainly is for the design and originality of the product. Don't get me wrong the knives work wonders, they stay sharp and to be fair are of a brilliant quality.

                        So if you want a really cool knife block holder with some decent knives buy this. But if you have money to burn buy it and replace the knives if you feel you require better.
                        I love it because its so original and different. What a design statement.

                        Putting knives away has never been so much fun, stab stab stab.


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