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Airwalk Skate Protection

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Brand: Airwalk / Type: Skate Protection

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2013 21:43
      Very helpful



      A really very good piece of kits

      The airwalk 3 way kit is a protection kit tat contains 3 different parts, elbow, knee and wrist protectors, perfect for me and my longboarding antics. I picked this up for £12.99 at sportdirect, and I almost couldn't be happier.

      Ok, so there 3 parts to this kit, so I will review them separately:

      The elbow protectors are made out of a piece of foam like material (sort of halfway between foam and cloth), which is then covered by a plastic shell. On the side of the cloth, there is an elastic bit of material that you slip over your arm, and there are two straps to tighten up held in by velcro. Overall this is a pretty decent elbow protector, as the spongy material makes it comfortable, whereas the plastic is hard wearing, and provides the majority of the protection. They do not feel restrictive after you have been wearing them for 5 or so minutes, but they do leave little red marks if you tighten them down too much. Nothing major really. The only other negative is that sometimes they can "slip" up or down your arm if you have your arm outstretched as you fall, or if its a particularly long scrape along the floor, but this is a problem with all elbow pads really

      The knee protectors are basically larger versions of the elbow protectors, except they go over your knees. Sadly they are a bit more restrictive for running, but walking, and pushing on your longboard are no real problem. Again they are comfortable, and feel fairly hard wearing. However they are less likely to "slip" off the knees compared with the shoulder pads, which is really nice. Also they have a large plastic shell, so when you do fall off, you can adopt a sort of "kneeling" slide gloves down postion until you gradually slide to a stop, and you don't even feel any pain or anything! Brilliant!

      Sadly I found the wrist guards not as good. These wrist guards are designed more for skateboarders and rollerskaters, and I wanted to use them as a longboarder, but hey-ho. They are not your classic wrist protectors that come round the sides (apparently they aren't all that anyway), but these are almost like a palm protector, you put your hand in, and strap it around your wrist. This probably offers a lot more protection, but in longboarding you use something called a slide glove (I have/ will have a review coming out for the vault slide gloves which I use), and you cannot use this wrist protector with a slide glove, as both a slide glove and this wrist protector need to use your palm. HOWEVER, I think that if I was a skateboarder, or if I wanted a wrist protector for most other skating sports, this would be a VERY good pair of wrist protectors, so for that reason I don't think I can reduce points for the design of them. They are very good, just not what I was looking for (I thought they came round the back of the hand, not the front, when I was buying them).

      So overall, I can't see giving this kit less than 5/5. Its good value for money (most adult pad kits start at around £15), its taken a beating (mt plastic shells are a bit scratched up now), and they kept me safe. You will still get some bumps and scrapes, but these do a lot to reduce serious injury and keep the worst of it out. I think they are pretty stylish as well for a set of pads. Well done airwalk.


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