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BBB ConeFix Spanner BTL25

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Manufacturer: BBB / Type: Bike Tool

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2012 18:19
      Very helpful



      A useful spanner

      ~A useful cycle care spanner~

      I had one of these little cycle spanners for use with my bike which I was given with a small repair and cycle care kit when the cycle was purchased from new. I have used the my BBB spanner from time to time to adjust things such as the saddle tightness/ height and other bits around the bike etc and found that the spanner fitted and worked well enough, although it hasn't been the only tool I have had to work. I would say that in my experience this is a reliable , compact and easy to use cycle care tool that is also reasonably priced and it is something that can be of use to a wide range of cycle enthusiasts. I have found that this spanner comes in a number of size options to suit various tasks which I feel means it could be of help to anyone wanting one of these to use for their cycle care needs.

      I had my spanner stashed away in a cycling back pack which I used to take out and about with me, as I felt it was very useful to have something like this to use in case I needed to tighten or adjust parts of the bike that this fitted. I found this easy to store away and carry with me as it is light and not at all bulky or heavy to handle. In terms of appearance I feel I must say that this looks very basic when you see it in the flesh but that is something I would expect with this type of item, as the finish doesn't have to be fancy in order for the spanner to function well when in use. As long as the materials used to make the tool are of a good quality then it should suffice. I have used a number of similar kinds of spanners in the past and found this one compares well enough in terms of strength and reliability.

      The handle area of the spanner is easy to grasp when it is being used and doesn't seem to slip out of place as it has a neatly shaped and textured covering that provides a fair amount of grip. The shaped and ridged handle coating works well when you are working with this and I have found it to be better than spanners which have smoother types of handle surfaces. I have found that some of the spanners I have had in use have not had this type of grip coating at all, which has made them far harder to handle and work with than this one in my opinion. In this case the grip material used makes it much easier to work with the spanner, especially when having to tighten things up and use a little bit of force to do so.

      As far as the over all design of the spanner goes I feel it is very basic yet manages to be functional enough when it is in use. I am by no means an expert on what makes a great cycle care product and can only go on my own experiences, however I do feel this spanner has been made to a good standard as it has proven useful to have around. The spanner has remained in good shape, seems strong and durable and has not rusted or bent in any way, even when it has had a little light pressure applied to it. I think that this spanner was supplied as it suited the type of cycle I had purchased, which may mean it won't be as suited to other types of cycles, although it does seem to be a pretty standard shaped tool which I feel could be used with many mountain bikes and road style bikes.

      ~Price and product rating~

      The cost of these spanners is not all that high to buy as far as I know with them being on sale from around £4 plus depending on the size you buy. These spanners can be bought from many reputable cycle stores both on line and on the high street and come in a range of useful sizes. My rating for this product is 4 stars as I have found it works as it should, with it being made of durable materials.


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  • Product Details

    "BBB ConeFix Spanner BTL25. Tools. BBB cone spanner with comfortable, slip free handle and extra strong and durable construction, available in a variety of sizes. Features: • Versatile and durable cone wrench. • Comes in 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17mm. • Each size sold separately. • Com ...."

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