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BBB EasyFit Deluxe Bike Bell

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Brand: BBB / Type: Bells

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2013 19:32
      Very helpful



      Overall good

      I have had my bike for roughly 5 years and can count on one hand the amount of times it has been used.......well let's just say not much! That is until last year, rather than get a bus anywhere I would normally walk but decided I should start using the bike more often.

      My fiancé works just over three miles away from where we live and he rides into work every day. I have started riding to meet him and when he works late shifts, I ride with him to work then ride home alone. It is all part of my fitness plan, this has been kicked up a notch due to our upcoming wedding so the bike is now up and about more than ever before. Due to the lack of using my bike, it has been on our balcony for the past year with only the back half under vague cover.

      Due to this lack of use, I have lost the use of the lights, bell and one of my brakes!! Whoops I hear you cry! I had bought two of these BBB Bike Bells, one for my son's bike and one for mine. I bought them from a small bike shop round the corner to me, I paid £7 for the pack of two which I thought was a good price. I remember having a bell on my old bike as a child and I used to spend more time unscrewing it and playing with the insides than I did riding my bike. This bell thankfully was different (yes I couldn't unscrew it, and yes I did try to!) The old style bells used to have a metal lever part that when you pushed it, it moved metal parts inside the bell that made the delightful ringing sound. This bell has a rubber serrated part that you pull forward then let go and it clangs onto the bell itself, it makes a less annoying noise and it is a lot smaller than the bells of old. I bought both of the bells in black and although both bells now have a slight orange/runt tint to them, they do still make a bell type noise.

      The tone of the bell has changed over the last year, I know this because my son and I worked out that if we used our bells in a certain way we could recreate the very beginning part of the Titanic song! Yes, we are that sad; also sad is the fact that due to being left out in the rain, we can no longer do that.

      Also bells are pretty much obsolete now, you are not allowed to ride on the pavement, and if you were to use your bell to alert people that you were there, all hell would break loose. Bell ringing on the road is pointless; really the Titanic recreation is the only thing it was good for. As a bell, it is loud enough, it is a good size and is easy to attach and remove from your bike.


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  • Product Details

    BBB EasyFit Deluxe Bike Bell. Bells. BBB EasyFit Deluxe Bike Bell - Lightweight bicycle bell with extra loud brass top and stainless steel spring. Can be mounted in various positions. Quick-release straps fit all diameters. Easy to install and remove. Buy BBB EasyFit Deluxe B ....

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