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Bellelli Rabbit Child Bike Seat

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Brand: Bellelli / Type: Child Bike Seat

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2012 14:29
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      A nice safe bike seat for little ones

      You may have seen from a previous review I have recently bought a seat for Jayden to go onto my bike. I was a bit concerned as to whether he was old enough to have a bike seat but after contacting my local Halfords to discuss this with them I was informed that as long as he was able to hold his head up on his own then he would be ok with a bike seat, either one which goes in front of me or one behind me, I asked which was recommended and they informed me that it was probably best to have a seat that goes in front of me as I can then keep an eye on him. They recommended that I go with the Bellelli Rabbit Baby Seat which was what we opted for.

      The Bellelli Rabbit Baby Bike Seat
      The Bellelli Rabbit Baby Bike Seat did not actually come with any packaging all it had was an instruction booklet attached to it with a plastic tag and all of the fittings inside a small bag again attached to the seat.
      The baby bike seat is basically a moulded plastic seat, it has a high back which moulds round to form sides to the seat, it also has moulded leg rests which bend slightly around your baby's legs for added protection, at the base of each leg section is a small foot rest which is actually in the shape of a foot, the height of these can be adjusted in order to fit your baby perfectly.
      The back of the seat is vented to help keep your baby cool on warm days making using the seat more comfortable for them. The seat has a small padded area in the base of the seat, again for added comfort. The main part of the seat is a silvery grey colour with the feet rests and the padded section being red making the Bellelli Rabbit Baby Bike Seat ideal for both boys and girls.

      The seat has safety straps which come from the back of the seat and go over your baby's head, down their body and finally fastening in the base of the seat just between their legs, the straps fasten with a large black chunky plastic clip which pushes into a gap in the base of the seat and can be released by pressing the front of the clip, the clip is actually childproof so your baby will not be able to undo the straps themselves whilst you are biking along.

      As well as the main safety straps that go over your baby's shoulders there is also a strap on each leg rest, these are made from plastic whereas the main straps are made from a tough black fabric, the leg straps bend round your baby's ankles and clip in place around the back of the leg rests, these help to keep your baby's legs in places and stops them from moving them out of the leg rests and hurting themselves, the leg straps do not fit tightly but do keep their legs in place. All of the straps, both the main straps and the leg straps are adjustable for maximum comfort and it also allows you to adjust the straps as your baby's grows.

      The Bellelli Rabbit Baby Bike Seat as I have mentioned is suitable for quite young baby's providing they are able to hold up their own heads, Jayden is over 5 months old and has been able to support his own head for a while now so there was no reason he would not be able to manage in this bike seat, it is suitable for children up to 15Kg so it will last you for a decent amount of time, it is not something that your baby is going to grow out of in a few months.

      Fitting the Bellelli Rabbit Baby Bike Seat
      When it comes to fitting the bike seat you basically have two options, you can either fit the seat yourself or you can have it fitted for you by someone who knows these sort of things. All of the fittings come with the seat and there are instructions of how to fit the seat in the booklet that comes attached to the seat these are clearly written and set out under the headings of
      * Mounting the Support Block
      * Mounting the Support Fork on the Child Seat
      * Mounting the Child Seat on the Bicycle
      So if you do decide to fit the seat yourself there are reasonably clear instructions as to how to do this. However personally we decided to have the seat fitted properly by a member of staff at Halfords, I felt happier having it fitted by a professional as I knew that all of the relevant safety checks would be done, also this service was offered to us and they informed us that if we bought Jayden with us when we had the seat fitted they would carry out all the adjustments to ensure that the seat fitted him perfectly. We felt much happier doing this so made an appointment to return with both my bike and Jayden, the seat was fitted quickly in about 15 to 20 minutes and the member of staff then put Jayden in the seat and adjusted all of the straps and foot rests so that he was snugly and perfectly fitted into his seat, after they had done I felt confident that he would be safe in the seat, if we had fitted it ourselves I would have worried that we had not done it correctly.

      Although the instructions are there should you require them I cannot comment on whether the seat is easy to fit and how long it takes as we did not choose this option, there was a small charge of £9.99 to fit the bike seat, I'm not sure if this is standard or depends on which branch you visit, however I was more than happy to pay this just for peace of mind that the seat was fitted correctly and that Jayden would be safe in it.

      Positioning the Bike Seat
      Although we had the bike seat fitted for us it is important that you make sure the bike seat is positioned correctly, again this information is in the booklet and states that you should ensure that
      * There is sufficient room for the cyclist to steer and peddle comfortable
      * The cyclists knees do not knock against the child seat when peddling
      * The handle bars do not get caught in the bike seat when steering
      * You can move the child in and out of the seat comfortably
      * The child has sufficient leg room
      * The bike seat does not get in the way of the pedals, brakes, gears and other moving parts of the bike
      It is important that all of these points are adhered to before using the seat on the bike.

      General Information
      It is important to read through all of the information in the booklet in order to ensure your child's safety and get the most out of the bike, there is a section called general information which is worth reading as it contains various facts about the seat which are important but you might not think of, these include
      * Check your child's weight periodically as the maximum weight is 15kg
      * Use on bikes with wheel diameters of 26" - 28" which can bear additional loads of up to 18kg
      * Do not mount the bike seat so that it leans forward
      * Only mount the bike seat facing the front
      * Do not use the child seat on mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles, electronic bikes, racing bikes or bikes with suspension
      * Check that no limbs or loose clothing of the child can become caught in moving parts of the bike
      * Make sure that your child cannot insert their fingers into the springs of your saddle, use a saddle cover or a saddle with internal springs
      * Check that the child cannot insert their fingers or feet into the bike spokes
      * Check that the child cannot reach any sharp parts
      * Always fastens the child's seat belt or foot straps
      * Check that the child is wrapped warm enough, more so than the cyclist and make sure that they are protected in the event of rain
      * Use an approved helmet
      * Never carry two children at the same times
      * The cyclist must be at least 16 years old
      * Never leave the child in the seat in the sun
      * Periodically check the bikes tyres, brakes and lights
      * Periodically wash the child seat with soap and water, do not use aggressive substances
      Whilst these points are common sense it is definitely worth reading through this section and making sure you adhere to them.

      The warnings section is quite similar to the general information section and does contain some similar points, these state that you should not add any extra loads to the child seat and that any modifications to the child seat are prohibited. This section also warns that when carrying a child in the seat the bike may handle differently for example balance, steering and breaking, it also states that the child seat may reduce the movability of the handle bars, however if it does reduce this by more than 45 degrees either side you should replace the handle bars. Other important facts include that you should not use the bike seat if any parts are broken or missing and you should also never leave your child unattended in the bike seat, you should also replace the bike seat totally after an accident even if there are no signs of damage. Again these facts are common sense but they are important to ensure the safety of your child when out in the bike seat.

      Price and Availability
      We purchased our Bellelli Rabbit Baby Bike Seat from our local Halfords, it is also available online from Halfords as well, the bike seat costs £39.99 plus whatever you are charged to fit it should you decide not to attempt it yourself. Personally I thought this was a fair price for the bike seat as it is well made and is certainly designed with your child's safety in mind, I am happy to have Jayden in this on the bike and know that he is safely held in place by the seat, it is made and finished to a high standard and in my opinion is well worth the money.

      My Opinion
      We have used the Bellelli Rabbit Bike Seat for a while and have been extremely pleased with it, when we first got the bike seat I was a bit nervous about riding it with Jayden in the seat in case it affected my balance on the bike so the first time I rode the bike with him in the seat I was on grass just in case, however I was surprised to find that it was very comfortable riding the bike with the seat and Jayden in place, whilst the bike seat did alter where my arms were positioned a little it was not uncomfortable and I had plenty of room to sit on the saddle, the seat and Jayden's extra weight did not affect my balance at all, I was pleased to discover that I could easily ride the bike without any interference from the seat.

      Getting Jayden in and out of the seat is very easy and fastening him in is just as simple, there is just one clip to push into place. Once Jayden is in the seat he fits perfectly and looks comfortable in the seat, the foot rests are easy to alter as Jayden grows as are the straps which go over his head.

      Jayden seems extremely pleased with his new bike seat and loves riding around on it with me, it means he gets out and gets some fresh air and I get a bit of extra exercise, in fact Jayden is so comfortable in his seat that by the time I reach the village where my parents live he is sound asleep, he is very relaxed in the seat.

      I have been extremely pleased with the Bellelli Rabbit Baby Bike Seat and it is well worth the money, I am sure we will continue to get a lot of use out of this. I would highly recommend this item to anyone it is an excellent way of getting out and about with your baby and at the same time getting some exercise.


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