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Dhb Light Weight Cycling Sock

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Brand: Dhb / Type: Accessory

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2014 23:44
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      Budget socks for cyclists that do a good job, the job they are designed for.

      I bought some dhb cycling socks from www.wiggle.co.uk. For a pack of two pairs the cost was £8.99. I bought them because I wanted to see how different cycling socks were compared to my normal socks that I had been riding to work in. I figured that I could wear these to ride to work, change into a clean pair of socks for during the day and then change back into these for my ride home.

      The dhb cycling socks can be bought in feet sizes ranging from size three up to a size twelve and can also be bought in a range of four different colours. Black and White, Blue and White, Red and White and then White with black stripes. I chose a size nine and a combination of the Black/White and Blue/White.

      These cycling are much the same as what you would wear to go running in. They have the same features for allowing moisture away from the foot. In this instance dhb use a technology called COOLMAX fibres. This mesh like fibre starts just above the toes and goes up around the top of the foot and there is also some around the ankle.

      "Your feet work really hard on a bike and are a major point of contact, so it's worth pampering them a bit. Cycling socks are designed to relieve the pressure points generated by pedalling and keep your skin dry by wicking moisture away. Blood flow is also important through your feet, so a cool, vented foot will allow this better than a hot clammy foot." Taken from wiggle.co.uk.

      I have had these socks now for three months and have used them nearly every time I ride. The COOLMAX fibre does seem to do the job. I have been surprised how dry my feet are compared to wearing a normal pair of work socks. Even in the recent very hot weather my feet have been dry even if the socks have got a little more smelly from sweat than they normally would do.

      The socks are made from 50% Polyester, 40% Cotton, 7% Polyamide(Nylon)3% and Elastane(Spandex). Cotton absorbs moisture so if they were 100% cotton the sweat would soak into the soak and your feet would be damp whilst riding. The polyester will pick that damp sweat up and "wick" it away from the skin, so both materials act together to keep your feet dry and it works a treat.

      The socks are designed with a reinforced heel, reinforced toe box and arch supports. All three of these help the sock fit better onto your foot and help the sock retain its shape whilst your foot moves around. They do help keep the socks very comfortable and fitting snugly.

      The toe box is designed to stop the toes wearing out on the socks after they have been constantly rubbing on the front of your cycling shoes and the reinforced heel also does the same job at the back of your foot, so these socks are designed to last. The arch support feels tight around the middle of your foot giving compression. I used to get pain in the bottom of my foot before I started using these socks but the compression helps keep the foot comfortable and I haven't had much pain in my foot whilst wearing them.

      I have recently had a few rides where I have got very wet in the rain and the socks have been very dirty and wet when I got home. They clean really well and retain the colours, although the blue has faded a little which isn't really a bad thing as they were very bright when I first wore them and stood out a mile. If

      I was to choose again I would just get two pairs of the black and white. They have retained there shape and when I wear them feel the same as when I first got them.
      Up to now I have really got my moneys worth from these socks and wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anybody that asked my advice on what socks to buy for cycling. They have been a bargain at just £8,99 for two pairs.

      Wiggle.co.uk allow customers to review their purchase and rate everything on a scale of five stars. The dhb cycling socks are rated at 4.6 out of five and every review is a positive comment. If you are starting out as a cyclist and don't want to go mad spending money on cycling clothing I would definitely try these out I doubt you would be disappointed.


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