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Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock

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Manufacturer: Dunlop / Type: Cycling Accessories

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2010 01:45
      Very helpful



      A suitable back up cycle lock

      Our Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock was something we wanted to review here but wasn't listed. We bought it as a cheap cycle lock as we had mis-placed the key for an existing lock and didn't want to spend lots of money on an expensive replacement if the key surfaced.

      Its a shame the piccy we suggested wasn't added, as our lock has an attractive red toned see through covering to it, which we rather liked at the time of purchase. It would also give a better idea about the product as a whole had the product been displayed. It was a cheap product to buy and was more of a stop gap product than anything at the time of purchase. We are still using it alongside another more sturdy lock and cable product.

      Our Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock was bought very cheaply for just £2.49. Its a very light product with a slim chain, covered by a red plasticy covering to protect the cycle when using the chain. Its simple to use as it doesn't need a separate lock with it, which was part of the reason we picked it. Its something that can be found in a number of well known retail outlets.

      The lock we have is one that has a 4 digit combination lock. Its easy to use and you just twist the numbers into place to unlock the chain when required. Its simple to do and the barrel where the numbers are, is made from a silver metal stainless steel finish that is both durable and attractive.

      As its a very cheap and slim lock that we bought till we could hopefully find our misplaced key, we didn't give too much thought to its effectiveness when we bought it. On reflection and after having used the product, although the product has an easy to use locking and unlocking mechanism, it does have a rather flimsy chain that could easily be cut through.

      Because of the slimness of the safety chain used, we now use the lock as a back up to a bigger heavier duty cycle lock. We have found this works well and gives an extra safety aspect which we like. When we used the lock on its own we didn't feel it offered enough of a deterrent and so quickly decided to use it as a back up item.

      The safety chain on our Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock is actually 90cms long and the chain itself is made from stainless steel. The length of the chain is adequate for some situations but is not long enough to be wrapped around more than one cycle at a time.

      Our Dunlop Bicycle Chain Lock is something we still use but not as a stand alone cycle lock. This is mostly due to us worrying it may not be thick enough to be able to protect the cycle fully. As a secondary back up lock it works far better. Had the whole thing had a chunkier feel and greater strength it would have been much better, but would also have been much more expensive to buy.

      As an over all safety item the Dunlop Lock is something that can offer a certain amount of light protection. As a stand alone lock I feel it could fail and because of that its now used alongside another product.

      This does effect how the product can be rated and as such with everything considered, it can only get 2 stars over all. Had it been made from thicker chain and in a more chunky and thus safer style, it would have had a higher rating.


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