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This sport helmet is comfortable on- or off-road, and is equipped with all the technological features you'd expect from Giro.

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2002 00:22
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      I'm not much of a bike rider, I hadn't ridden my bike ( apart from the odd trip to the shop etc ) for years, that was until about a month ago. I signed up for a sponsored bike ride to raise money for group I volunteer for and I needed a helmet ( 78 miles, was I mad? ) My last bike helmet was a standard red one from when I was about 6. Needless to say when I started thinking about preparation for the bike ride I gave up on the idea using my old helmet and decided to go shopping. Down to my local Halfords I went I stood there surround by helmets. Gone are the days when a plain red helmet was in fashion and I had to choose from things that basically looked wierd. Litterd with holes I wonderd how the new generation of helmet would ever keep my head warm and dry. After a few minutes looking at the different styles of helmet I asked the attendant for some help. He measured my head and the helmet I had picked up was too small. Too cut a long story short I had to have the mojave helmet, my head is of an odd size not caterd for by the helmet makers. I was above a medium size and yet too small for the large one. The mojave was the only helmet that had a decent fit. I bought the helmet ( for between £30-£40, I can't remember the exact price ) and all that was left was to prepare myself for how it would wear. So how does it do as a helmet, the short answer is very good. I've now worm this helmet for a long time,just the 78 miles yesterday meant I had it on for just over 9 and a half hours and I've worm it on several other practise ride occasions. The fitting to my head was made very easy by standard neck strap and an additional "back of the head adjustment thingy". Despite my apprantly oddly sized head it tightend up nicely allowing my head to move slightly whilst still ensuring a tight fit. The ventilation on this helmet I believe must be magic. Its the only way to explain its performance. Riding full out ye
      sterday in mild weather ( IE no rain and not blazing sunshine ) and my head never felt too hot. On the other extreme though we rode through about 5 hours of rain as well yesterday and my head never felt cold either. This is definatly the best point of the helmet. The helmet came with a built in visor. When I first saw this rather uninspiring piece of black plastic sticking out in front of the helmet I was less than impressed. It only sticks out around 2" in front of the helmet and I couldn't see how this could make any difference. How wrong was I! This simple piece of plastic was a god send yesterday. It stuck out just far enough to divert the rain falling on me off my face and yet didn't block too much of the skyline. During the hailstorms yesterday ( brilliant manchester weather ) a slight tip of the head meant this visor was able to deflect all the incoming boulders ( okay they just felt that big on my legs, I only had on shorts ) out of my face and let me ride on comparitivly unphased. I won't buy a helmet without one of these on in future. The helmet itself doesn't look too silly ( unlike some of the ones on display in the shops ) coming in a dark blue and black. The material it is made out of is the standard polystyrene type material that is used in all helmets but is dyed grey. This gives a very good colour scheme to the helmet and wont leave you looking like a fool as you ride down the road. Thankfully I'm not able to tell you how the helmet performs in an accident, lets hope I'm never able to update this op and tell you as well. I can only assume though that crash dummies around the world have had their heads pummeld whilst wearing this and it turned out okay. It meets all the recommended safety standards and any additional information you could want can be found inside the manual that comes with the helmet ( yes, a manual for a helmet ). In conclusion then a very good helmet and highly recommended
      for anyone who wants to ride a bike. 19 August 2002- I had my first bike crash today. On one of my local rides I decided to take a different route and came across a ramp used by the off road motorcyclists. I decided to ride over as it was on my way and I got over the top of the ramp ( it was a mound of dirt ). Instead of being a slope back down to the ground on the other side it was a ditch. My bike went into the ditch and I went flying over the handle bars. The visor broke off my helmet but stayed in one piece ( no flying shards of plastic then thankfully ). I bust my nose, hurt my hip and arm but thanks to my helmet I've not got any serious head injury. I landed head\face first so to get away with only a headache I'm very thankful. I have to replace my helmet now and I'm going to buy another exactly the same.


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