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Oxford Trip Wire Security Cable & Lock

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Oxford / Type: Locks

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    3 Reviews
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      25.05.2012 21:15
      Very helpful



      Deterrant rather than failsafe lock

      My other half bikes quite a lot however I do not bike quite so much however neither of us ever used to leave our bikes anywhere that needed a lock however just recently I have been using my bike a bit more to cycle to the train station and then it is left for most of the day so I decided to invest in a secure lock that was also not very heavy. Ideally I wanted one that was long enough to secure both of my wheels and the bike itself to a solid bike shed frame as there is one provided at the train station. I was not unduly bothered if the bike got stolen as it is a second bike that I use just to get around rather than the more expensive road model that I own however I did not want to make it easy for anyone so some sort of lock was essential.

      It was the long cable that attracted me to this product and I paid £27.99 for it on ebay. The cable itself is 1.6m in length and it is secured by a u shaped lock. It is key operated and two are provided with the lock so you do have a spare key in case the original is lost. I like the reach that this lock gives me and it is easy to operate. The main down side to it is that it does need to be carried in a back pack while cycling as it does not wrap around the frame so it take up some space however it is not heavy or uncomfortable to carry.

      The lock seems pretty strong however I doubt that it would stand up to determined thieves as the steel cable itself is probably the most vulnerable point on the whiole system. Whilst cutting the cable would release the bike to be carried away the fact that the u cable can be secured in such a way that the bike cannot be ridden until it is removed will at least but off the casual "joy" rider who just wants to take my bike to get themselves home. The advertising claims it will take thieves at least 5 minutes to get through it which does not sound a long time to me but I guess in a public place that is long enough to deter some criminals however that means I would not use this in places where it is concealed or few people go.

      I could also see this being useful to secure a couple of rucksacks together if travelling as it has a pretty good range at 1.6m but the downside would be the additional weight that comes with it.


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      23.05.2012 23:14
      Very helpful



      Good enough to deter opportunist thieves but wouldn't rely on it as sole security overnight

      I bought this a couple of months ago with the intention of using it for additional security on my
      motorbike overnight and also to use with my pushbike if we stop off for lunch or nip to the shops.

      The ;lock comprises a mini U lock which can also be used as a disc lock on motorbikes and a 1.6m
      braided hi tensile steel cable which allows you to lock the bike to a lamp post or other solid object.
      The cable has a loop on the end which can either be locked through the mini U lock or it can be
      looped back on the cable lassoo style to give you enough reach to get your bike attached to nearly anything while the mini U lock attaches to your frame or disc. The lock comes with 2 security keys
      and a hardened steel locking mechanism with a dust cover to stop dust and muck getting in to the
      lock and seizing it.

      When using this on the pushbike I found this was perfect for locking the bike to something solid
      and ideal for locking both wheels which is essential if you have quick release wheels and want to
      still have 2 of them when you get back. The downside of using this on the pushbike is it's awkward
      to carry although it's lighter than a chain and reasonably flexible it isn't flexible enough to wind it
      round the frame. Basically you're left with the choice of carrying it around you or having to carry it
      in a rucksack or messenger bag none of which are ideal if you do come off the bike as there's a
      chance you're going to injure yourself landing on the lock.

      On the motorbike this fitted easily in the small under seat compartment of my bike and although I
      wouldn't have trusted it as my sole security overnight I found it handy for stopping off in town
      for a couple of hours . The mini U lock should fit most discs as a disc lock but not all it works fine
      on one of my bikes but I can only just fit it on the rear disc on the other so it's worth checking it
      will fit before you buy it if you intend using it on a motorbike.

      As I keep my pushbike in the house I used this on my motorbike at nights for added security along
      with a couple of heavy chains. Last month after leaving my bike overnight and this wrapped around
      the outside of the cover over the bike with the chains underneath I came out to find the Oxford cable
      had been cut through. Thankfully the would be thieves must have given up when they removed the
      cover from the bike and found the other chains either that or they were disturbed before they got
      any further.

      The actual U lock was untouched and still works so I'm still using it as a disc lock but the cable is no
      longer attached to it and doesn't seem to have been too much trouble to cut through. Please
      beware of this if you intend using this as your sole security for chaining a bike up overnight or
      leaving a pushbike in a public place or in a stairwell for any length of time if they can cut the cable
      they can still remove the bike with the mini U lock attached and cut that off later.

      Oxford say this has been tested to withstand a 5 minute attack but I'm pretty sure that applies to
      the lock itself and not the cable as it didn't take us too long to remove the rest of the cable from
      the U lock and I'm not exactly practiced in the art of bike theft. On the plus side the actual U lock
      does seem pretty sturdy and the locking mechanism works well without sticking or jamming when
      you open and lock it.

      I paid £36 for this and although I would recommend it for added security or for keeping your pride
      and joy safe while you nip to the shops but while it's good enough to deter opportunist thieves I
      wouldn't recommend it as your only security if you're leaving your bike all day or overnight.


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      21.05.2012 16:30
      Very helpful



      A safe lock

      It is not often I leave my bike anywhere unsafe as I usually only ride it to work and bring it physically inside the building. I bought my bike on a cycle to work scheme where you got a bike and £50.00 to spend on accessories for a monthly price. I bought the Oxford lock because I wanted a good quality lock and chain but with hindsight it is not often I get much use out of it! It is a reliable piece though and I feel confident that it would protect my bike if thieves were to fancy having a go. The main advantage of it is that you can wrap it around the front tyre and the back to prevent the wheel being removed and stolen independently of the bike.

      ==Price and availability==

      The cycle lock will cost you around £39.99 which is lot but I guess it is better than having your bike stolen.


      This chain is made from stainless steel and I imiagine it is really hard to penetrate with a hancksaw as it is quite thick, Despite being made from such a tough material there is quite a lot of movement in the chain and it is quite bendy allowing you to wrap it round various points of the bike and for storage you can coil it and fasten it round the seat. It is 160 cm long so there is plenty of cable to work with.

      The design won me over as it is not too fiddly. The lock is set in a large U shaped padlock and at the other end of the steel cable is a steel hook. This makes it really quick to lock in place as both bits are quite large. The key on the other hand is a little more fiddly and is very small. It is quite a distinctive looking key and simple in design, however the lock packaging boasts of a 7 point pin mechanism. The lock turns easily though despite the key hole being very small.

      There are two keys in the set and if you lose one you can replace them by logging onto the Oxford website.


      This is a high quality bike lock made from high tensile steel cable. The design and quality of the materials justifies the price but it was probably a bit of an irrelevant purchase for me. I think I have used it a handful of times. If I used the bike more to go shopping or trips out then I would be thankful to have such a robust bit of kit. For your money you are getting a long piece of cable and top of the range lock. I would doubt very much that a thief would even give your bike a second look when this is attached and out of all the locks and chains out there this one came highly recommended from shop assistant. I do not regret the purchase as I'm sure I will get more use from it in future.


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  • Product Details

    "Oxford Trip Wire Security Cable & Lock. Locks. 1.6m Cable Combination of a "U" Lock with the flexibilty of a 15mm high tensile steel cable 1.6m Cable can reach most immovable objects and will go round almost anything Hardened steel, a high security 7 pin locking mechanism and a recessed ...."

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