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Trek Incite 8i Wireless Bicycle Computer

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Trek / Equipment Type: Cycling

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    3 Reviews
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      24.10.2010 19:03



      A great gadget!

      I bought this wireless bicycle computer not long ago, as I wanted to get more serious about my cycling, having gone for years without using my bicycle whatsoever, but recently experiencing how fun it actually is, not to mention a great way to get some much needed exercise on my part! This is a computer that allows you to keep track of how fast you`re going and to take notice of your progress from day to day, and it also keeps you informed on the distance you have put behind you, urging you to keep going and get better with every passing week!

      I was a bit nervous to see if this bicycle computer would manage the sometimes extreme weather I cycle in, as rain nor wind can stop me from getting on my bicycle now! It hasn`t shown any signs of having problems dealing with rain or wind, and to date, it works just as good as the day I bought it... Both the screen and the numbers on it are quite big, so it`s very easy to notice the information presented, this information very useful when wanting to improve my pace and distance when cycling for exercise...

      This is a great gadget and piece of technology that allows you to keep track of your progress on the bicycle, and as it functions well and without any difficulty, I recommend it with ease!


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      22.08.2010 02:08
      Very helpful



      See review (:

      I bought this for my dad's birthday last April, as he's an avid all-terrain cycler, be it mountain biking, bike marathons or just casual cycling - he's there. I was shopping around online for something bike-related and came across the Trek Incite 8i Wireless bicycle computer. I'll be frank - I had no idea what it was, I had to read up about it for a good while to fully understand it's purpose, features etc.

      I thought the product was really ideal, and purchased one soon after for £21.99 from a site called jejamescycles.co.uk. The product later arrived and included the 'computer', user manual and a two year limited warranty.

      The item looked quite attractive in terms of design, it had a dark silver finish with a black rim around the display. The product description had said that them product can be mounted to handlebars ranging from 25.4 to 31.8mm and most stems. After several wasted hours, I ended up having to wait for my dad to go out for the day and have the computer professionally fitted to his bike. Finally, the item was fitted perfectly onto his bike handlebar and thought it was difficult to install, at least it was easy to operate. Should you struggle with the features however you can always refer to the manual (available to download from the trek website.)

      The computer is loaded with features such as time, an odometer that displays distance ridden, and a pacer - that remains stationary at the top of the screen and indicates whether you are travelling faster or slower than your average speed. It also shows information that includes speed, which again is constantly displayed in bold telling you of your current speed in MPH (miles per hour), or KMH (kilometres per hour) and finally your wheel selection (i.e. gives indication of which wheel setting is in use by computer).

      The product has just three buttons, two for toggling through modes, and a third to set. The computer has a wireless transmission range of 64cm or 25" and has an automatic start/stop feature.

      I gather that he liked his present, so much so that he started cycling even more frequently, just to boast at how far he'd travelled. He loves it. Having owned it for around 4 months, he's had no problems with it all. It's robust, reliable, accurate and jam-packed with features. Would highly recommend particularly to casual cyclists, enthusiasts and professionals.


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      22.02.2010 11:01
      Very helpful



      Great to keep track of your pace

      I have been cycling to work everyday for over a year and felt that it was time to start monitoring how fast I was going and how far I was going, on both my commute to work and the leisurely bike rides I and my partner enjoy at the weekend. Off we went to price up the Bicycle computers and look for a good starter Bicycle computer

      The Trek Incite 8i Wireless Bicycle Computer boasts 9 functions in all and comprises of four components the Magnet and sensor which are attached to the spokes on the front wheel and the front stem. You have a small caddy which attaches easily to the handle bars where you can slide the bicycle computer in and out of it with great ease. Once it is attached it is secure and will not fall out. The wireless transmission range from the computer to sensor is 64cm, which is plenty for most bikes.

      The bicycle computer is grey with a small black outline and a large screen to display the data. The screen will continually display your current speed in large numbers on the screen underneath the speed you will be able to see the other functions that you can scroll through. The trek Incite 8i functions are shown below

      12/24 hour clock - Displays in hours and minutes

      Time - Stopwatch - display how long you have been riding this has an auto stop/start

      Odometer - distance ridden to date displayed in miles or Kilometres

      TRP - (Trip) distance ridden since reset

      Pacer - indicates whether current speed is faster or slower than average speed, this is shown by an arrow pointing up or down next to the speed at the top

      Speed - current speed displayed in MH or KMH at the top of screen

      AVG - average speed since last restart

      MAX - max speed sine last restart

      The cycle computer has three buttons one on the side and two at the bottom, these are used in the set up of the computer and the day to day usage. Pressing one of the two buttons on the bottom allows you to scroll through the functions available on the computer allowing you to monitor the different functions. The button on the side is used in junction with one of the bottom ones when pressed together they will reset all the totals apart from the odometer.

      Instructions come with the product, along with some small diagrams.
      The trek brand is very popular and can be found in most independent bike shops or popular chain bike stores. Mine was purchased from Evans cycles for Price 27.99 they can also be found online on various cycling websites.

      **Installation **

      I was given the product as a present by my partner, we attempted to install it ourselves on the bike but The instructions where confusing for me so to save time and energy we decided it would be easier and faster if we took it to our local independent bike shop who fitted it for free as I was buying a bottle rack.


      As my first Bicycle computer the Trek Incite 8i wireless Bicycle Computer does everything I need and want it to do on my regular commute and weekend bike rides. It allows me to monitor my pace and distance and try to improve everyday.

      It is easy to scroll through the functions even when riding as it is located securely on the handlebar. The only issue I have is that it does have a backlight so it is hard to read when you are on dark roads, or even badly lit roads.

      I have been out on my bike using the bicycle computer in both the rain and snow and luckily it is still working perfectly however I don't think it is Waterproof, but it is defiantly resilient to the extreme weather conditions, hopefully this will last for a very long time.

      It is also extremely durable I have dropped the cycle computer one or two times when I have been trying to remove it or place it in its caddy, but this was down to my clumsiness and I had gloves on, but it has been fine since it has been dropped a few scratches on the corner but the screen is lovely and unscratched.

      The wireless cycle computer is great for the purpose I use it, I cycle 5 / 6 days a week and it allows me to track and monitor my performances. For my first Bicycle computer I am extremely happy with the functionality and the ease of use. It is durable and has proved very resilient in the rain. As it is wireless I do not need to mess around with wires and as my front wheel is a quick release I can simply remove the wheel and fix any punctures with the magnet still attached to the spokes. Please the wheel back on and everything is back up and working again.

      Very good Bicycle computer but there may be better ones out there with a backlight and other functionality.


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