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Darphin Fibrogene Cream

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Brand: Darphin / Type: Face Cream / Skin type: For dry skin / What it does: Repairs, Smoothes, Restores, Nourishes

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2011 00:08
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth a try for dry skin

      Preventing aging is highly popular in the current social climate, so are there really moisturising products which can do so?

      Moisture is highly important in order to keep skin healthy and prevent the early signs of aging. Cooler weather can cause skin to dry out as it is constantly facing wind and rain; while hot weather can draw the moisture out from the skin. With the British climate being so varied and unpredictable I find that it is important to own a product which will keep skin hydrated and moisturised during these extreme circumstances. Darphin have developed a their Fibrogene Line Response Nourishing Cream for dry to very dry skin and state that you should invest in the cream if:

      ~ You wish to prevent early signs of aging
      ~ You prefer rich, creamy moisturizers
      ~ You suffer from a drab, moisture-depleted complexion
      ~ You battle with the tightening feeling associated with dryness

      They claim that their Fibrogene Line Response Nourishing Cream will provide its consumer with benefits such as:

      ~ Nourished skin
      ~ Immediate relief from the tightening feeling
      ~ Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
      ~ Improved skin density and plumper skin appearance.

      These are problems that I am sure many people can relate to and therefore I would expect that if this product does work it is going to be universal successful. Darphin state their cream is "a nurturing, delightfully scented cream with Omega 3, 6, & 9, helps reduce the appearance of first lines and wrinkles while nourishing dry skin and promoting renewed density" Time to put this to the test!

      *About Darphin
      The Darphin products begun primarily as a spa line developed in 1958 by Pierre Darphin, an eminent French dermatologist. His used the knowledge of a physiotherapist, a chemical engineer and a group of aestheticians to help inform him about how to better the products that he was developing. The whole "core-belief" is that their products are inspired by the importance of balancing the body, mind and soul. Darphin have researched and developed a sophisticated range using a high concentration of the most active plant extracts and botanical oils and pride themselves in products which have an immediate effect on the skin. The company was acquired by the Estee Lauder cosmetics company in 2003 but they have changed few of their products and have launched very few new products. Darphin is still used in various different spas where they promote their products in the use facials and massages.

      *What attracted me
      As I have previously stated I was an avid sun bed used and this has left me particularly paranoid about the negative impact that has had on my skin. I tend to notice that my skin is now much dryer than it was before (with the exception of my eczema which has always been problematic in areas) and I particularly notice the impact that the weather is now having on my skin. It is inevitable that my skin will suffer as there is little/no way of avoiding the British weather which is ideal for affecting your skin and so when I was raking through my mother's various skincare samples I came across this little gem which seemed to provide everything that I was looking for. Though I wasn't initially looking for a product which would provide my with anti-aging properties it has always been my opinion that you should work to prevent aging when you can; instead of reverting to using over priced products which claim to reverse the signs of aging in years to come.

      The Darphin moisturiser has quite a heavy floral scent - which I would say is one of its possible downfalls. Though it has a nice, musky scent which lingers on the skin othis is quite strong and I would usually go for a scent-free moisturiser due to my concerns about heavily perfumed products causing breakouts. Fortunately because I only tend to use the cream for a couple of days at a time this means that I don't have any problem and it has always allowed my skin to remain healthy and clear. However if you are looking for a non-perfumed product then I would advise you to steer clear of this cream.

      As I previously stated, I first tried a free sample of the product meaning that I was unaware of the retail price. I have to admit that I am often dubious of the results that more expensive skincare products will provide the consumer with and therefore I would usually be put off paying higher amounts without having tried the product - however now that I have made use of the product I am happy to part with the RRP. Darphin Fibrogene Cream costs £48 for 50ml and I usually purchase it from Harvey Nichols. It is also more widely available at the House of Fraser and Debenhams at the same recommended price. The cream can be purchased online from Amazon for the same price as well as slightly cheaper from feelunique.com (£43.20).

      The cream is held in a small pot which is a heavy pearled plastic, meaning that it is sturdy and doesn't smash when it is dropped. It is smooth and rounded and the lid screws off to display the cream which is held inside. The outer packaging is particularly plain - which is actually quite appealing as you can easily read the Darphin logo on the front which is written in black and there is a simple gold band around the upper connecting section. I like the pot because it allows you to limit your use accordingly and means that you are unlikely to suffer from the iddue of dispensing too much out of a tube and wasting it. In my eyes the packaging is pretty perfect - simple yet effective (just like the product).

      This moisturising cream is very rich and thick - making it ideal for hydrating dry skin. Because it is not too thin this means that it does not leave your skin feeling greasy or oily and instead the skin absorbs it where necessary. I realise that sometimes saying a cream is rich can make it seem as though its heavy but this has a very light texture which feels great when it is applied thinly to skin. I feel that because it is less obviously emollient this proves advantageous because it means that it does not simply sit on the skin and form a barrier - instead it is absorbed by the skin.

      I always find that it is best to take into account the directions for use for a facial product. All different creams can require different care and therefore it is best to see their recommendations in order to get the best out of a moisturiser. Darphin state that you should massage the product in hard in order to stimulate the blood flow as is provides better anti-aging qualities. Although I take this into account I do not follow their directions entirely. They give instructions to use upward and outward circles whereas I personally tend to simply massage the cream in hard using circular movements and I find that this is effective and still promotes good circulation in terms of increasing the blood flow. I wash the remaining patches of the moisturiser off in the morning and I then follow this with a small amount of cleanser which I leave on for 5 minutes and then remove followed by my daily moisturiser.

      I find that this is one of the best creams on the market so its moisturising properties. If I find my skin is suffering particularly from dryness this is always the first product that I will turn to. I find that just with night application after 2-3 days the dryness has been relieved and my skin looks much healthier and far more radient. If I could use this product every night then I would but I just don't have the means to afford it at the moment. In terms of the age prevention qualities; I think that the jury is still out. I have always had faint lines however they haven't intensified since using this cream which is surely a good sign. As I don't use it as a daily moisturiser I don't think that I have experimented fully in terms of the anti-aging affect that it would have but I can say that I have not had any further aging since using it so surely that is a good sign.

      Darphin Fibrogene Line Response Nourishing Cream leaves my skin feeling soft and supple as opposed to dry and rough which surely is what you would expect from a moisturiser. With the price tag being slightly higher -however not extortionate - I think that you are paying around the right price for the treatment that your skin is receiving. As always I would suggest that you visit department stores and enquire about products (this often results in free samples) and find a product that is best for your skin. In terms of those who suffer from dry skin then this is definitely recommended by me!

      Love Colleen


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    • Product Details

      Darphin Fibrogene Line Response Nourishing Cream for Dry Skin / Nurturing, youth-defending cream, enriched with Omega 3, 6, 9 (Coriander Oil), Oligopeptide, Jojoba Oil and Siegesbeckia extract help correct and deter the appearance of first signs of aging while addressing the specific needs of dry skin / Helps restore skin's density and repairs its natural barrier to reduce the appearance of first lines and reveal a younger-looking, smoother, plumper skin / Instantly-absorbed formula nourishes dry skin and relieves 'tightness' while improving skin's suppleness and resilience, and renewing a youthful radiance / Dermatologist tested /

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