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Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2011 14:53
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      The product provides satisfying level of safety for a good price.

      I am using Kaspersky Lab products for the last 3 years. I have currently installed Kaspersky Internet security 2011, it is easy to use, protects from all viruses, Trojans and spyware. The price is logical but it is better to buy the 3 license pack since it you can save some money.
      When a virus is detected by Kaspersky a notification pops-up showing the thread type and it automatically stops it. I usually get notifications for Trojans or potentially dangerous applications trying to run in my computer. In 2011 I only had a few of these notifications (around 10).
      The extra safety features are really helpful, since it provides the safety keyboard as a virtual keyboard for sites where you need extra safety (Bank accounts, Paypal etc.). This can protect the user from becoming a victim of scams, from stealing personal codes and information.
      The virtual keyboard reduces the danger of intercepting the information that is entered through the computer keyboard. It is found in the Security+ section and it is safer than entering directly the usernames and passwords even when you register to sites. I always need this extra security in online shopping and online-banking where I provide payment details. I have used it in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla but I am not sure if it works with other web browsers.
      The only disadvantage here is that when a full scan of my computer is performed, it becomes slower and it reduces its performance. I haven't noticed any significant effects in the performance when it is updating.
      The installation is easy and the use is simple and straightforward, even for a user that has the minimum idea about how the anti-virus software work.


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        16.03.2011 19:16
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I could not be happier with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

        I must admit that, despite been quite clued up technologically, I have very little understanding of how viruses and malware work; I understand the basic concept behind what most types of malware do, however further than that I am relatively clueless. As such I am relatively paranoid about the security of my data, and the longevity of my computer, and am very pleased with the peace of mind that Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 gives me.

        My biggest problem, when selecting Anti-Virus / Internet Security software has been finding the right balance between price, protection, and computer performance. I have tried, and been dissatisfied with, AVG's free antivirus software, which performed well in price and also in that it did not effect my computer's performance but failed to satisfy the level of protection I was looking for, and Norton 360, which offered me very good protection but (at £59.99 per One Year 3 PC License - for the newest edition) failed on price and definitely failed by taking up so much RAM that my laptop struggled with basic functions, however with Kaspersky Internet Security - first 2010 and now 2011 - I have found the perfect middle ground - and I do mean perfect, I cannot fault it in any respect.

        Price -
        It is priced at £39.99 per One Year Licence for 1 PC or £49.99 for 3 PCs on Kaspersky's website; granted this is only a saving of £10 when compared to Norton 360, but when you trade in 2011 for 2012 at the end of the year you will get 20% off the standard price.
        It is also worth noting that a large proportion of people may qualify to get Kaspersky Internet Security free, as I did; if you are a Current Account holder with Barclays Bank you are eligible to download this product, good for one year (and then renewable for free) and 3 PCs, without paying a charge - http://www.barclays.co.uk/ Helpsupport/ FreeInternetsecuritysoftware/ P1242557966961

        Effect on Computers performance
        Whilst running in the background, constantly keeping my computer safe, Kaspersky's effect on my Laptop's performance is hardly noticeable, and my Laptop only runs a 2GHZ processor with 2GB of RAM - a relatively averagely powered computer.
        I have read in some reviews that computers are been slowed down when the program updates; personally I never found this to be the case - if it were not for the fact that when I check the Protection reports I would not know it had been updating itself daily at all.
        The only time I admit that it does have an effect on my computer's performance is when it is running it's 'Full Scan' and even then it really isn't too noticeable, when compared to the suicidalally slow performance Norton reduces computers to - at worse programs tend to take an extra second or two to start with Kaspersky.

        Protection and Ease of use-
        Installation first of all; I personally would recommend downloading Kaspersky if you have broadband, either through the Barclays link or through the Kaspersky site having paid for it online, as it is not an overly large file (mine is sitting in Program Files at 60.6MB) and it means that, once downloaded, it is instantly ready to go.
        Once downloaded or once the CD is inserted it is SO easy. Kaspersky's set-up wizard starts up quickly, and is simple and easy to use; you are guided through logical screen progressions by clear and concise instructions, it advices on solutions to problems (such as needing to uninstall other anti-virus software), and comprehensively makes sure you know what you are doing. As per most Anti-Virus systems you will be prompted to restart your computer toward the end of the installation process, after which the Set-up wizard will restart itself promptly - saving you the trouble of doing anything.
        Once installed you are offered the chance to go through the Training Wizard, a useful feature if you are a PC novice, and also prompted to decide whether you want to configure the safety settings and application access levels yourself, something an advanced user may want to do, or if you want Kaspersky to do it automatically (continuously updating it's setting based on your usage and how safe it thinks applications are); as a side note, if you choose for Kaspersky to automatically decide, it will still ask for your input with regards to certain applications access levels - not enough to become annoying however

        I could describe the full functionality of the product in gross detail, but I do not have the inclination nor do I think any reader would have the patience to read a review detailing each of the packages features; it suffices to say it has many useful, relevant, functional, and perfectly automated features that all work well in coordination to comprehensively protect my computer - nothing has got through yet (fingers crossed, touch wood, throw salt over left shoulder, ect). Alongside this ,with regards to ease of use, every function in this product is well thought out, simple to use, and can even boast to be one of those products that perfect achieves functionality without sacrificing any aesthetics - it evens looks good.
        All of this said, for fear of people saying I have sold this jolly good product short by not mentioning any of its extensive features, below is a slightly descriptive list of what you can expect to find within the Control Panel

        Kaspersky Internet Security's Control Panel is broken down into 7 Sections.

        The first is the large Green, Yellow, or Red indicator button at the top; it's colour changes to indicates your security status - a handy and easy to understand function - and if you click on it you gain access to a more detailed Status report, the Detected Threats tab (with the ability to see past detected threats), and the Reports tab (where you can find daily, monthly, and yearly reports, displayed in easy to understand graphs, for the entire period you have used the product).

        The second is Protection Centre, within which is 3 Tabs containing information and access to a host of different functions....
        File and Private Data Protection - 'File Anti-Virus' (Scans all open, saved, or accessed files), 'Application Control' (Classifies Applications and restricts their behaviour), and the 'Proactive Defence'.
        System and Application Protection - 'Web Anti-Virus', 'Mail Anti-Virus', 'IM Anti-Virus', 'Anti-Spam', 'System Watcher' (Monitors All Application activity), and 'Network attack blocker'.
        Online Security - 'Firewall', 'Anti-Phishing', and 'Anti-Banner',
        Whilst skipping over how each of these works, I will say that they all work very well and are very easy to program and understand. Everything in the protection centre is displayed with an on/off green/red icon next to it (for obvious reasons) and their settings can all be modifiable for advances users.

        The third is Safe Run, which contains 'Safe Run for applications' (creates isolated desktop so you can run potentially dangerous applications in safety), 'Safe Run for websites' (adds an additional layer of protection when accessing potentially dangerous website), and the 'virtual keyboard' (which also appears as an icon on your default browser)

        The fourth is Scan within which is contained the 'Full Scan' and 'Scan Critical Areas' functions
        The fifth is Update Centre which allows you the ability to 'Run Update' (or set its schedule / tell it to update whenever it needs to) and 'Rollback' (allowing you to rollback to a previous session if any particular update upset your computer)

        The sixth is Parental Control - simply a menu that restricts and tracks (as many) users access to the computer and internet based on how it has been set by the administrator.

        The Seventh is Tools, which is for the more advanced user, containing 'Rescue Disk', 'Vulnerability Scan', 'Browser Configuration', 'Privacy Cleaner' (scans computer for, and deletes, cookies and temp files), and 'System Restore'.

        Overall, as I have said throughout (and as I am sure the tone of this review denotes), I could not be happier with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011; for the price it is perfect and for what it claims to be it is perfect, I cannot imagine what they have added to Kaspersky Pure to make it more comprehensive but it must be awesome to be able to claim to be better than this program.


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