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McAfee Internet Security Suite 2006

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    3 Reviews
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      01.03.2008 11:22


      • Reliability


      something that everyone should have

      When i started out with my new laptop i went on the web without any virus precautions, and got about 15 viruses over a weekend. However as soon as i bought Mcafee i didnt get another one. In fact i havent had a virus for 5 months!

      I usually scan it twice a month and it will usually say "cookie detected" and will get rid of it at the click of a button. Its great as well because it has a pop-up blocker and a rating system for each website you visit and i trust it to the letter, so if i website is rated unsafe, i say well away from it. I prefer this so much over Norton because with Norton it lets loads through and i get loads of cookies and other unwanted things on my laptop wich i then have to delete myself, and with Norton it is always crashing, and freezing which is a pain in the arse if you are in the middle of a virus scan.


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      27.07.2006 17:34



      does what it says on the box...............probably.

      Like the other reviewer, I have inherited MacAfee (M from now on) with my two Dell computers. My desktop now just runs antivirus software, and the laptop, the whole suite.
      Compared to pre broadband days, running a suite of programmes like this is essential and less intrusive, and the updating is virtually invisible, but it is done at a cost, and sometimes you really never know what is going on.
      For example, I believe someone is spoofing my email address. I call my ISP, and they say no,it is a virus. Do a scan with M, and find nothing. Try PC cillin on line, and nothing. So who is correct. I believe, because of notifications, that stuff is being caught on the rare occasions that it happens.
      I have an alternate proposal, and that is to run just the anti virus software, and Zone Alarm as my firewall. I am a big fan of Zone Alarm. It is free, and once set up, it slaves away in the bacground, and does its stuff.
      I use separate spyware aswell. Using the M suite, you are told that pop ups are blocked. but is it stuff you want to see. I have no idea.
      I set up a subscription for Macafee, and now it takes money from my credit card, but it also asks me to renew online and buy other stuff. I am a bit cautious over the finances, and advice on-line buyers to watch their accounts carefully to prevent multiple billing.
      I have no problems with slowing down of connection speeds, and presumably in a couple of years it will be seamless. So if all this software is so good, why don't the virus writers just give up........................or are we all being lulled into a false sense of security.
      My advice is to stay away from Russian websites.


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        27.07.2006 15:56
        Very helpful



        Simple to use, and includes everything you will ever need.

        McAfee Internet Security Suite is quite simply the easiest protection system i have ever used on my PC.
        Being a self confessed geek, i have went though my share of software, both free and paid, but i have always came back to this.

        As with most others, i got the usual Norton with one of my first PC's, and could never get the thing to work properly. It just seemed like it didn't like to allow me to do the things i wanted to do on the internet.
        It of course allowed me to use the web browser, but anything else was a chore, especially certain games. Being a teenager with a new PC, and being unable to play my games online, meant Norton had to go.

        I went through all the different vendors of components such as Norton, Panda, Zonelabs, AVG, Spybot etc.
        Running components from so many different vendors was a bit of a pain when it came to updating and managing everything so i decided it was time to just go for an All-in-one package.

        I went for McAfee after many others and it was so simple to install. You put the CD in (or run the downloaded program) and it will install the piece of software selected. You have to install each seperate component (AntiVirus, Firewall etc) but it takes little time and once set up, wont need touched again.

        Minimum requirements seem to be just a Windows XP machine. Actual Specifications are hard to come by, and it runs on most anyway.
        It will slow down "past-it" machines, but you shouldn't notice it on even an older system. It easily ran on my fathers old PC which was a 1.4-1.8 Ghz processor and 512Mb of Ram. For the people afraid of Technical Specifications, if it was bought in the last 3/4 years it will be absolutely fine. Modern PC's of 3.0Ghz and 1Gb of RAM will never notice its running without seeing the McAfee symbol on the bottom right of the taskbar.
        As always though, if you arent sure, ask a computer literate friend, and if totally needed a local PC shop. ALL PC shops try and rip you off, so they will most likely try and get you to buy some other tripe instead.

        McAfee Internet Security Suite contains the following protection -

        Personal Firewall Plus
        Privacy Service

        All the features are easily accessed through the one control panel.
        With a graphically represented "Security Index" which is basically a bar, which changes colour and length according to your protection at that time.
        Red or an empty bar means little/no protection, fully green means fully protected, quite simple really.
        There are seperate bars for the features above, also giving similar indicators of protection.
        The "Security Index" is just a general overview of the whole system.

        * VirusScan

        This does just what it says on the tin. It can be set to scan regularly, just to make sure you dont have anything nasty on your pc.
        Also, when downloading files, you simply have to right-click on the file and select "Scan" to run a VirusScan on the new file before you install it on your system.

        If you, or you have kids who use MSN, it is simple to scan all downloaded files through this as well.
        Through the MSN option menu, you can select the VirusScan program to scan all incoming files.
        This saves trawling through your documents every time someone sends you a MS Office document to ensure it is safe.

        There is also a Hackerwatch utility, allowing you to see all the latest threat information, and reporting if necessary to security companies or the authorities.

        * Personal Firewall Plus

        The Firewall really is what i needed most from the package. The McAfee firewall allows a lot of functions as well as blocking hackers from gaining access to your PC.
        Every program you use which needs an Internet Connection, must be allowed in the "Internet Applications" list. This is as simple as a click of the mouse. Once the Firewall is installed, and you try accessing the internet with a program, a Pop-Up comes up asking if you wish to allow it access. Click grant access and it is that simple.

        Now all your programs are allowed access, you just have to worry about hackers, and the firewall blocks these. You can see what it has blocked, and you can even trace the attempted connection back to the source.

        As well as these, there is also a "Current Internet Traffic" menu. This allows to see how much bandwidth is currently being used, and the total amount downloaded. Handy if you happen to be on a service with a download limit.

        * Privacy Service

        This is essentially to stop your details being transmitted over the internet. It requires permission to transfer things such as bank details and other personal informtaion which you dont want falling into the wrong hands.

        It also includes Parental Controls, which you can use to stop individual users, like kids, getting access to inappropriate material like websites or chat-rooms.

        Makes your details and vulnerable users safe when connected to the internet.

        * Spamkiller

        This is simple, and will show up in Outlook and protect any of your email addresses in use. I must say this is a really good anti-spam tool. As most people will know, its very hard to get one that detects everything, but i havent had any spam show up in my Inbox yet, and this i believe is an achievement.

        It can also block potentially harmful material in email, such as photos, and if you want to see them, just clicking a box at the top of the email will show them.

        * AntiSpyware

        AntiSpyware detects changes to program files, browser settings and alert settings. In this way it stops spyware getting on your PC through your browser or through installing a program.
        In this way it detects -
        Spyware (which can track your movements online)
        Adware (which can also track, and gives you those annoying pop-ups and toolbars you can never remove),
        Tracking Cookies (another source of monitoring your internet use),
        Trojans (sneaky programs that get on your system without you knowing or disguised as something else), and finally
        Diallers (which can change your connecting address if you are on Dial-Up internet, which basically means you connect to a Premium-Rate phone line instead of your providers, when you go online)

        All of these tools used together, i believe give the maximum amount of protection for a home user. Other things such as using the Firefox web browser , and using common sense in not installing unknown programs will give you total protection.

        With McAfee the service is good from what i have used, and other aspects seems simple enough for what i havent used. If i havent had to call their support in my 2 years, it seems a well-built piece of software.

        You get updates for each component,which can be set to run in the background, and if on broadband like myself you will barely even notice an update downloading. The only way i notice them, is the downloading sign that shows on the toolbar, beside my connection sign and time box. This is great for keeping up to date with the newest Internet threats, and will keep you secure for all the different components.
        They have a Live instant message support system and email support. Live instant message is a 24 hours a day support system, where you can talk to them, essentially like MSN messenger, and get support for your products. There is only a minute or two wait on this, and so you should get seen quickly and the problem solved.

        Included is the usual subscription package, which comes in two flavours.
        1 Year License £34.99
        3 Year License £69.99
        These are downloadable licences and so have a 30% saving at the moment. For a CD copy to be sent to you also, it is £10.58.
        Buying a 3 year license, with a CD back-up, costs approx £80 online, compared to the £100 pricetag in stores.
        This way it comes to £26.66 a year, for full internet cover, which i see as good value for money.

        At this price it is quite competitive against the other software providers.

        A 12 Months License of Panda is £49.99
        A Norton 2 year license online is £84.99

        It comes out at almost half the price of Panda, and similar to Norton as well. The test packages were similar to the McAfee one for comparison.

        There are of course free providers, but these are increasingly limited downloads with "Purchase for all the features" tacked on now. These are also made by different companies, so your antivirus will be made by one company, and the firewall another. There is no integration, so managing or updating involves opening up different programs and windows for each, compared to a single for McAfee.

        I thoroughly recommend this product, and have already done so to family and friends, who all use it with ease, despite often being totally computer illiterate.
        My father for one, shouts for me whenever anything ever pops up on his screen, and is totally scared of doing anything on it. This allows you to be protected and will run in the background silently, so even hopeless computer-phobes can go online without fear.

        *** And yes, i spelt the product request form wrong lol


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