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McAfee Total Protection 2011

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    1 Review
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      06.12.2011 10:19
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      A good total protection product but needs to be better

      When you have a computer you always need security to protect yourself and others users from viruses and those mean old hackers who want to steal your information.

      When I got my laptop at the beginning of the year I was given a free trial of McAfee and to be fair it was not really showing me much about the brand at all so I went and brought the total protection 2011 and I noticed it was a great investment.

      You can get two types one is a single protection which you install on a computer and it will protect just one computer and the other edition is the 3 user protection which means 3 different computers can use one of the licenses to protect it.

      I picked the 3 user edition and to install is so simply you put in the disc and it will begin to install the entire product and you type in the key you're given and then you have got your computer protected.

      I am sceptical about virus protection because in the past I have had other software aimed to protect me and it let me get fooled into downloading links which resulted in my computer needing repairs from the suppliers.

      When you look at the main home page for the protection you have many options such as the firewall which enables you to block certain places online. This is one of those key features to have as it does let you block websites your children might wonder onto so this is key feature for this protection.

      You have the ability to do scans whenever you wish and continue playing around your computer so the scan runs in the background and it rarely affects the speed or performance of your computer.

      You can scan random drivers on your computer or even scan a particular file as well such an item you might have just downloaded.

      My experience with this product though has left my confused and angry. When you're on a website which McAfee suspects has a problem such as viruses or spyware it will stop you viewing this site until you instruct the software to let you visit the website anyways. However, this happens every single time when I visit a few websites and the irony is they are Google and Yahoo.

      You also have issues when you might be using the internet. A perfect example is when I am using Google Chrome as my web browser I could be scanning a website and then when I click a link the page never opens. Yet another web browser opens this page and you're left confused.

      You then find out that McAfee has banned Google Chrome from accessing the internet yet you never told McAfee to do this command so that is really annoying and it took ages to figure out and it happens on a few other applications as well.

      I have found it is very useful when you are perhaps downloading music from Apple you get a message telling you that you have a download taking place and it is not sure who it is from it will ask you whether you want to terminate that connection or let it continue.

      What frustrated me is when you try and find out the link and you're left with no answers. Imagine your downloading 3 songs from 3 different websites and McAfee opens up links telling you that you're downloading something from a website and does it want this connection continued or cancelled how can you do that without knowing which song it is referring to? This is a key problem in my eyes and one which angers me as well.

      I admit it does a decent scan and it does scan everything sometimes takes an hour and if it finds any problems like Trojans and spyware it will delete it for me and tell me the location but what it does not tell you is how it got past McAfee in the first place.

      There is faults with this protection as mentioned above I see Trojans still reaching my computer yet when I am told not to visit websites I have never seen before I do not visit them and yet McAfee has let these Trojans visit my computer when it is meant to stop this sort of activity.

      I want something to protect me but also lets me remain in control and gives me plenty of guidance and information throughout but I have found McAfee after my first ever real instalment of a product of theirs to be pretty average and nothing special at all.

      If I was to rate this software in terms of updates as well it would receive a basic 5 out of 10 because occasionally the odd update appears and it makes you want to download it but this can take forever for a small file.

      Overall I am happy it does a job but I shall be looking for an alternative when the time comes to renew the license. Each license for those who wish to know last just one year and your told when the time is close to expiring that you need to update the software.


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