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Symantec Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2005 13:58
      Very helpful



      A fair enough product that offers decent protection for the PC.

      I currently use Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional on my laptop and I use McAfee’s Internet Security Suite on the desktop and it is hard to pick between the two products.

      NIS Pro comes with a firewall, intrusion detection, anti-virus, anti-spam, ad blocking, privacy control and productivity control. Installation is fairly straightforward but it is configuration that takes the time on these things, particularly if you have a local area network. I am never totally sure how I get it to work in the end, but it takes a lot of fiddling around.

      One can access the various components by double-clicking the icon in the task bar. The interface is fairly slick, but for some reason I just do not seem to get on with it (and that is a criticism I could equally apply to McAfee’s product). I am not sure why I do not get on with it - I think I just find it uncomfortable to use and this is probably more of a personal preference than anything actually wrong with it.

      In terms of protection, I do not have too many complaints. NIS Pro does seem to keep my computer fairly safe, although it can on occasion find files it flags as troublesome, yet it cannot clean them for some reason when one asks it to do so, which is quite annoying.

      However that is just one complaint and for the bulk of the time it does its job just fine. It downloads regular updates from Norton’s site automatically and I can basically just leave it alone to carry out its work in the background.

      In this day and age these things are a worthy investment and Norton is a recognised name at the forefront of computer protection. It is hard to compare the various products on the market as one only really knows that they have failed when one gets a virus or some sort of intrusion. Thankfully I have not suffered that yet, so I would have to conclude that NIS Pro is working just fine.

      Recommended, but I cannot see that it is any better or worse than the competition.


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