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Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008

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    2 Reviews
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      25.05.2009 22:58
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      This software is really worth it, to see how the antivirus market turns over the ext 12 months

      I have used Norton Internet Security since 2006. t first I used to use Norton Antivirus, however I had clients using their laptops not behind a Router, so I needed Internet security. Also when I had just obtained a USB modem for mobile broadband I needed to ensure I not only had antivirus but also firewall.

      I have therefore used the various incarnations of Norton Internet Security. and at first back with versions 2006/2007 I was skeptical about the resources being used, but to be fair towards the end of 2007 I found that the resources really weren;t that different, they met the need of my users and myself.

      I then naturally moved on to 2008 when my subscription ran out. I would always buy the 3 user packs as these were often cheaper than the single license pack, as were the full installs even cheaper than the upgrades. You could get a 3 User Full version of the current version for under £40 at many points throughout a year from Amazon or Play. (It is the same for 2009)

      2008 is extremly useful as (1 it allowed a free upgrade to 2009 when 2009 came out). It naturally has excellent antivirus and firewall applications, aswell as some other cool parts which I will explain about.

      This software scans all files as they are opened, all e-mails as they come down adn attachments as they are run. The system also happily does a scheduled full system scan every week, scanning the whole computer.
      I have found this software to reliably detect viruses and block them, destroy them, get rid of them, etc. When I use the term virus i use it to include, trojan horses, keyloggers, adware, spyware, etc.
      The only downside is I have noted it also has spotted a few false positives in its time, but I guess better safe than sorry. The worst issue being you can;t easily tell it to always ignore that file.

      This software works well by allowing you to allow applications/programs to connect to the internet. It also spots anything incoming into the network well too. I have never had a hacker, nor have I had anyone get past the security, so it certainly does its job. eing an all in one solution I feel it works better together than two seperate applciations trying to work together, where conflicts arrive.

      Additional bits.
      You can also downlaod and install Parental Controls and Antispam if you so wish, they do not get installed by default, but you have the option to use them included. I never used these as my webserver does spam filtering and i certainly don;t need parental controls.

      Phishing Toolbar, admittedly redundant now IE7 & 8 include this feature, but still you may feel happier with an external company to microsoft doing the scanning. However please be aware there is still conflict between IE8 and Nortons phishing toolbar, as they both try to tak control to identify.

      The one useful tool I do use is the Identity Safe, I love it. I have numerous log ons and accounts on a whole range of websites, and depending on the type of information a different password. This allows me to lock all these account details away under a main very secure password, and then when unlocked will enter the details for me onto the website. This saves me having to remember and type. it also means should I have a virus/keylogger, I enter no passwords, thus I am even safer.

      My only concern is this indentity safe no longer works when Internet Security is expired and this includes the ability to export. As I am used to moving up a version every renewal and doing a fresh install this would mean I would loose everythign last time I renewed, purely because I didn;t export the passwords intime. This was a huge annoyance, luckil;y after I renewed 2008 I got given a free upgrade to 2009.

      While I do love this software and think it is fantastic, I hasd major problems with a client just having SBS 2008. For ther server and 25 computers Symantec want over £1500 which is huge in comparrison to buying stand alone versions, unfortunately the server can not be bought standalone and if it could I suspect theyd charge over £800. However Microsoft include their OneCare for antivirus and Forefront for e-mail spam/antivirus software and the renewal for onecare is £365 for 25 computers and the server, and Forefront is not much more. This means it is considerably cheaper. Also for home users OneCare will be replaced soon witha free antivirus solution which will really shake things up.
      Before anyone says "yet another microsoft program" yeah it had problems upon release like all software, afterall its microsofts entry into the market, but they fixed them problems and certainly Forefront use the virus definitions from other manufacturers to make a very complete solution.

      This means my next renewal will be to get rid of Norton, as Microsofts version is cheaper/free it uses less resources, it integrates well as a full system. This means I need a new password manager.

      Overall though, if Microsoft had not been bringing this out I would have stayed with Norton, it is a fantastic product, it does the job it is required to do, and i have had very few problems if any with it. If you want an antirius for the netxt 12 months and you want something good value for money, buy this.


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      06.01.2009 16:36
      Very helpful



      A reliable, anti-virus package, with good after-sales service.

      I have used Norton to protect my PC against the dangers of cyberspace for about 4 or 5 years now. I usually pick up the software at a reduced price in September for about £30, when the following year's version has just been released onto the market.

      Norton Internet Security has a whole of host of features to keep my machine safe whilst I surf the net. It warns me about virus threats, adware and spyware, and resolves any related issues that may arise. It also monitors the legitimacy of the websites I visit with a handy phishing filter and keeps hackers at bay with its own firewall.

      The NIS user interface is very user-friendly and once set up virtually looks after itself. The package keeps up to date with the latest threats with its "live-update" facility, and automatically gives my system a full-scan to check if anything has slipped through the net. If any problems are highlighted, NIS deals with them accordingly.

      When I have had technical difficulties in the past, Norton has always been able to connect me to a specialist who can resolve my problem with the least amount of fuss. This usually takes the form of a free telephone conversation or chat room meeting. For more specialist viral-related problems, Norton provides a fee-based virus removal service.

      Thanks for reading and rating my review.


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    • Product Details


      Protection for up to 3 PCs

      Blocks identity theft by phishing Web sites

      Protects against hackers

      Detects and eliminates spyware

      Removes viruses and Internet worms automatically

      Protects email and instant messaging from viruses

      Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading

      Rootkit detection searches underneath the operating system using patented technology

      Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period

      On-going Protection option automatically renews your subscription

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Norton Internet Security 2008 - ( v. 15 ) - complete package
      Category: Security applications
      Subcategory: Security - security suite
      Version: 15
      Bundled with: Norton Save & Restore 2.0
      Licence Type: Complete package
      Licence Qty: 1 user
      Licence Pricing: Standard
      Language(s): International English
      Platform: Windows
      Distribution Media: CD-ROM
      Package Type: Retail
      OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate