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Argos 10 Litre Dehumidifier

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9 Reviews

Brand: Argos

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    9 Reviews
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      01.02.2014 00:14
      Very helpful



      A great cheap dehumidifier

      I've owned this dehumidifier for about a year and a half now, it was originally purchased as the flat I live in is prone to damp in winter from condensation. This is caused by a combination of life itself, and not opening the windows enough as we live in a downstairs flat so I don't like to leave them open :) We bought this from Argos (obviously), with some vouchers we had been given as a present, when we bought it, it was on offer as it was during the summer.

      **The Dehumidifier**
      This is a value range dehumidifier, but I imagine it works similar to most dehumidifiers, but isn't as pretty, although I wouldn't call it ugly either. Dehumidifiers work by sucking in moisture in the air, and pushing the air back out without the moisture (I'm sure it's more technical then that, but you get the idea. To use this you plug it in and switch it on, this has a cut out so that when it's full of water it will switch off. This has two lights on the top a green one to let you know this is on, and a orange/red one to let you know it is full. This holds 10 litres of water and to empty you simply pull out the section and empty it. This does come with a warning that once switched off you should leave it for a minute before switching it back on.

      **My use**
      I use this pretty much most days over the winter, unless the weather gets really cold in which case I leave it switched off, as I seem to think dehumidifiers don't work below a certain temperature. I have always found this does a great job, and rooms do feel drier when this has been switched on. It's amazing how much water this can collect over just a few days, which in itself is testament to what a good job this is doing. The only minor niggle I have with this is it is quite loud, but you do get used to the noise, or at least I have :)

      I have found that this has really made a difference to the damp levels in my flat, and really do recommend it. As for the electric use, well I have to confess I'm not sure, but I've not noticed a big increase in my bills when using this. To be honest I think it's well worth what little bit of electric it uses.

      This currently retails for £99, which I do think is a good price when compared to other prettier dehumidifiers.

      So in conclusion I can't recommend this enough, and wouldn't be without it.


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        13.08.2012 19:12
        Very helpful



        This a nice neat machine that does the job

        The bedroom directly over the bathroom and boiler room gets very humid, in summer or winter it doesn't make a difference. The room has a damp problem because of it. Sometimes after a few showers the walls can stream with condensation, the result is a mould smell that permeates everything in there.

        I needed a solution so looked into dehumidifiers, not cheap at £150- £200 for a fairly standard one I thought if it didn't work it would be too expensive. Argos had this one for £99 so I bought it (£94.97 at the moment).

        On getting it home and having removed it from the blue and white box I was pleased with it's look, it's quite small and neat. I find it rather heavy which can be a pain when moving it around. It's a white plastic, single unit with large sturdy handle, operational buttons on the top and a blue slide out water tray that you can see-through to check the water level. Operation is simple you just switch it on, it has a delay in starting after it's been moved or emptied of a few minutes.
        It draws air in the front and blows cold air out of the back, whilst it's on you can hear the fan, it's not quiet and can be annoying. A green light tells you it's on and a red light tells you it's full, when it will cut out so it doesn't overflow. The dehumidifier states it will collect upto 10L aday. If I leave it on constantly throughout the day (but not overnight) it will take one day to fill before it needs emptying, so with the tank collecting 1.5L at a time I think 10L a day a bit ambitious a claim (maybe that's because the room is not as wet as I think it is though). Emptying it can be tricky I often spill abit of water while I'm doing it. The body itself is easy to clean, I wipe it with a damp cloth and it looks as good as new.

        I've had this for a couple of years now with no problems, it still works fine. I think it's a great dehumidifier, it seems to suck alot of moisture out of the air in a relatively quick time, about a centimetre an hour, the room feels loads dryer and the walls are definitely less wet. According to my electric bill, if I've had it on a lot there's usually an increase of about £5 per month, so that's not bad.

        Size H42, W33, D26cm
        Suitable for room size 15 to 25m².
        10 litres moisture extracted per day.
        1.5 litre water tank.
        Tank full indicator.
        Visible water level.
        Auto shut-off.
        1 speed setting.
        Removable filter.

        I've given it 4 stars because of the noisy fan.


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        23.01.2012 16:49
        Very helpful



        A nice little item

        ==Argos Value Dehumidifier==

        Having just recently moved into our new house I was a little disappointed that the double glazed windows weren't really up to scratch and each morning I was having to wipe clean the dampness of every window upstairs and more often than not use a fair few cloths in the process. I was not only worried about there being dampness in the air which would result in nasty consequences for 2 of the asthmatics in the house but also if there was dampness in the walls which would eventually result in mould.

        Therefore I didn't hesitate in going out and getting this Argos Value Dehumidifier. I had a device like this before but after lending it to a friend never saw it again! Of course money is very tight at the moment and I didn't want to spend too much on an item that wasn't going to be much good but having read up on all the reviews about this product I felt fairly certain that it would do the job I needed it to do.

        I was able to check and reserve and pick the item up to take home the same day. It wasn't especially heavy and I was able to lift it into the boot of my car with relative ease. I unpacked the item out from the box as soon as I got home and me being me didn't really read the small instruction leaflet that came with the appliance. I plugged it in and took off all the little bits of tape that were holding the water tank in place and waited for it to work. When it still didn't come on I opened and closed the water area again and turned it around and upside down looking for another button to use. However as soon as Himself came in and doing his instruction reading routine, he did inform me that really I should be letting the dehumidifier stand upright for 12 hours before using it and then it takes 3 minutes to start up again after the water drawer has been removed!

        Still being the impatient self that I am I didn't want to wait the 12 hours to get the thing up and running but even though I had it running I can't say that it began to draw any water from the rooms until it had been on for over 12 hours so not sure if that was wasted electricity or not.

        The machine itself is so simple to use and really doesn't have many features at all. There are two LED lights on the top and one button. The button is the on/off one and there is a green LED indicating that the dehumidifier is on. There is a red LED light and this will light up if the water tank is full.

        The machine itself will cut out from sucking in the air if the water tank is full up. This is a good aspect as my older style dehumidifier didn't do this and after leaving it to run one day the tank had overflowed all onto the carpet and it was more hassle than wet windows!

        This Argos Value product literally needs plugging in and the button on top pressing to get the thing going. This is all that is needed to start up the process of the machine drawing out any moisture from the air. The appliance itself can draw up to 10 litres of water a day through the machine although seeing as the water jug at the front is not 10 litres this would need emptying a couple of times in order for this to draw out that much.

        My windows in my house are slowly getting better and it is surprising how much water is drawn into this machine throughout the day. I am told that the machine is around 2pence per hour to run which isn't too bad considering it would take more time to heat a damp house and drawing any dampness out is well wroth doing.

        The machine is not overly noisy but not something that could run whilst sleeping and I tend to keep it on whilst everyone is at work or at school.

        All in all I can't fault this item. It is one of the cheapest dehumidifiers on the market whilst being a relatively small and lightweight item and it is still able to draw a good deal of water from the air on a daily basis.

        The price of £99 does seem fair and affordable when you consider how much a serious damp problem might cost you in the long run and I for one and going to be continuing to use this alongside all the usual remedies for keeping damp problems at bay. And although people rave on about this cavity wall insulation I think I personally will steer well clear as it is bound to only keep the moisture in more as well!

        This product is a top one and I think it is well deserving of a top 5 out of 5 star rating and a very high recommendation from me. I think if you get condensation on your windows on a daily basis and feel you have a slight damp problem then getting this machine will be the best thing you have ever done (nearly).

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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          09.11.2011 22:20
          Very helpful



          Buy one if you want a drier home!

          My other half and I decided to buy a dehumidifer after finding our furniture and walls were going mouldy because of the damp in our flat. It's a new flat, but well sealed so everyday moisture can't get out, accumulates and leads to mould. We chose the argos value model because it was cheap and had good reviews.

          The price
          At £95 it doesn't come cheap, but in the world of dehumidifiers this is actually a very good price. Other branded models started at around £130.

          It comes securely packed in a cardboard box with polystyrene and some simple instructions. It's worth reading the instructions to pick up useful bits of information. For example you should leave it running continuously for 24 hours on the first use.

          Ease of use
          The dehumidifier is very simple to use. There's an on/off switch, an LED to tell you it's switched on and another to tell you the bucket is full. The only difficulty I have found is, when replacing the bucket after emptying it doesn't always immediately recognise it's there. A little bit of wiggling sorts this out though.

          Some dehumidifiers can be quite noisy but this one isn't too bad. It's not silent by any means but the noise is comparable to a bathroom or kitchen extractor fan. Not something you'd want running in the bedroom overnight but fine to have in the background during the day.

          Moisture extraction
          It seems to work very well. When we first used it it would happily pull a couple of buckets of water out the air every day, working out to around 3 litres. It takes out more when there's washing hanging to dry and after showers, basically whenever there's extra moisture in the air.

          Where as we used to wake up every morning to windows dripping with condensation, we now no longer find this a problem. It makes the flat feel warmer due to there being less moisture in the air and clothes dry far quicker when the unit is running.

          The instruction book claims that in optimal conditions the dehumidifier extracts 6 litres of water a day. A lot of more expensive branded units claim to remove 10 litres a day, however I haven't found I need the extra extraction. I only empty it in the morning and evening so taking out more water would just leave it sitting full for longer during the day.

          Bucket size
          I haven't found it to be too small, having only found it full a handful of times after leaving it running over night and while I'm at work. If you're around in the mornings and evenings to empty it then you shouldn't have any problems.

          There's a carry handle on the top to move it from room to room, although it is quite heavy. It is not unmanageable but care should be taken when moving it up and down stairs.

          The unit has a power rating of about 250W. This is a little lower than other units. I cannot comment further on running costs as I haven't kept a close eye on how this power rating translates to real life.

          Final thoughts
          So long as you don't want a large amount of choice like humidity control then you can't go far wrong with this dehumidifiers. It does a good job and is a competitive price.


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            23.01.2011 20:19
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            a great tool to warm up your house and eliminate that unwanted damp smell

            Last year we moved into our current rented property and vene a few weeks into our tenancy we were told by a few people that there was a smell of damp in the air, of course, once they had said that we started noticing it too! As well as this problem we also had a very poorly insulated house - single glazing, no curtains, probably minimal if any wall insulation..etc.

            We bought some window insulation which is a bit like cling film that is attached to the windows for extra protection, not quite double glazing but we had nothing to lose. One side effect of this was the extra condensation on the windows.

            After doing a bit of research on these issues we decided to invest in a dehumidifier which would hopefully eliminate the damp smell and also by sucking the moisture out of the air, also make heat able to stay in the room longer than what it had before.

            We invested in this Argos value range dehumidifier and although it wasn't the most expensive one out there, we feel it has done the job well. It certainly picks up alot of moisture in our house and the humidity sensor I bought suggests that it has gone down from 70 to 40!

            We gave it a full work out when we first had the problem which probably used a bit of electricity but I think it was well spent seeing as we no longer have the damp smell, we use it every now and again, especially in the winter months. It has a bit of a humming noise once working but it is pretty bearable - it certainly isnt silent but I havent heard of many that are.


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              03.01.2011 01:17
              Very helpful



              Useful thing!!!

              In June we have rented a detached bungalow. Life seemed perfect until we noticed mould and dampness. It was summer but nothing helped. So after some considerations we decided to buy a dehumidifier which would reduce humidity in the air and prevent damage of dampness in the house. There so much dehumidifiers to choose from so it was a real challenge. But we knew we didn't have much money to spend so first place we visited - Argos. We compared features, prices and bought Argos Value 10 Litre Dehumidifier.


              The Dehumidifier comes in packaging similar to all Argos Value products: light blue and white cardboard box which included the dehumidifier and a user guide.

              I usually don't browse user guides if it is obvious how to use an item. Didn't read it this time as well... It's good my boyfriend browsed it as it had some useful information: after turning off, it should be turned on only after a few minutes; it can't be laid on side or kept upside down; for best results doors and windows should be kept closed in the room when dehumidifier is in use; designed for indoor use only!.


              Argos Value Dehumidifier is a quite big white plastic rectangular shape unit, measuring 55 x 16 x 28 cm. It has ventilation type slots at the front and a folding handle for carrying on top. An easily removable plastic tank of 2 litres capacity with a visible water level is on one side of dehumidifier. There's a very little container hanging in the middle of the tank - firstly drips of water collect in the small container and when it is full water starts dripping into the tank. Wonderful idea because the tank is quite tall and the sound of continuously dripping water would be unbearable. While now water drips only half of that height so it's not very irritating. Also the dehumidifier has a removable filter, tank full indicator, 1 speed setting and can remove up to 10 litres moisture per day. It's weight - 7.5 kg. Pretty heavy, especially if you have to carry it upstairs or downstairs...

              Argos Value Dehumidifier itself looks pretty good and well made though I didn't expect that from Argos Value range. On the other hand it's a quite big block of plastic so needs space for storage.

              The only problem I noticed about our dehumidifier - length of cord. It is really too short. In our previous house there weren't many sockets in each room so often I had to use an extension cord...

              HOW TO USE

              It is very easy to operate a dehumidifier as it has an On/ Off switch, green LED shows the unit is in operation, while blue LED will show that water tank is full and the unit stops working. So, you simply place the dehumidifier in a room you want to remove moisture from, close doors and windows, plug it in, turn it on and that's it! You may use it only for a couple of hours or during day and night. That depends on dampness in the house. Our house was very damp but we used the dehumidifier only during the day (a couple of hours in each room).

              One important thing to remember - dehumidifier can't be placed close to wall when in operation. You must leave at least 20cm space around dehumidifier for air to circulate.


              It was stated that this dehumidifier can remove up 10 litres moisture per day. Well as we didn't use it for 24 hours I couldn't check if it would really do that. But I can assure you that this Argos Value Dehumidifier extracted moisture very well.

              The day we bought our dehumidifier we kept it in our kitchen just for about an hour - were very curious to see if any moisture will be in the tank. And we found a few hundred mils of water. Pretty impressive! We continued using dehumidifier almost every day, especially when drying clothes at home. And every time there were plenty of water in the tank. Dampness was still in the house but it wasn't that bad. Windows weren't very wet in mornings, mould wasn't reappearing so fast. But we were using dehumidifier every single day, at least for a few hours.

              Another thing I noticed that if I left dehumidifier near airer with freshly laundered clothes on it, clothes have been drying much faster than those that were left in another room. I thought it was such a useful thing in autumn and winter when you can't dry laundry outside and all moisture is collected straight away.


              After reading many reviews before buying a dehumidifier, I knew they were noisy. So on one hand I was worried as love silence at night, on the other hand I thought I wouldn't use it during night. And now I can say that our Argos Value Dehumidifier is a little noisy in operation - we have to make TV louder if dehumidifier is in the living room, but it is not such a huge problem as usually when we watch TV I leave dehumidifier in another room or turn it off going to bed.


              It is very easy to look after this Argos Value Dehumidifier! To empty it - you simply pull out the water tank and pour water into the toilet or sink. As water tank is removed very easily I never spilled any water on the floor while some people had that problem with other dehumidifiers.

              To keep my dehumidifier clean, I use wet wipes, sometimes rinse the water tank with soap. A removable dust filter should be washed sometimes as well. But we haven't washed ours yet as it is still clean.


              Argos Value 10 Litre Dehumidifier is Argos own brand product. So you may buy them from all Argos stores or Argos website. Usual price - £79.99 but very often they are on promotions so before buying wait for a price drop unless you urgently need a dehumidifier. Anyway this 10 litres Dehumidifier is the cheapest on market comparing with others that have similar features: another Argos Value Range 10 litres Dehumidifier costs £89.99 and Delonghi 10 litres Dehumidifier costs £130.

              IS IT EXPENSIVE TO USE???

              We have our Dehumidifier for a while now. Still working and worth every pound we have spent. But let's not forget that dehumidifiers use electricity so they are not cheap to operate. Our Dehumidifier uses 260W of electricity, so to run it for 24 hours would cost around 65-70 pence per day. As we never used it for that long, I didn't notice big increase in electricity consumption. Though was scared first that using a Dehumidifier will be extremely expensive.


              We are very pleased with this Argos Value Dehumidifier as it really solved our problems. Yes, it is noisy but does it's job very well, is easy to use, doesn't use too much electricity. And I am happy we chose this cheapest unit from Argos - it is such a good value for money!

              5 stars out of 5 and best recommendations from me!

              Thanks for taking time to read my review! Hope You'll find it useful!

              Also posted on other websites under the same user name.


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                26.09.2010 11:30
                Very helpful



                It does what it says - reduces humidity and makes cold, musty houses bearable!

                We've only had this a few weeks, but to be honest the results are fairly instant so I thought I would give it a review (and a slap on the back for behaving so well).

                ***What is it***

                This is the Argos Value 10 litre dehumidifier. Via a process that I believe involves magic, this baby removes moisture from the air which collects in a canister inside of it. This is then removeable and requires tipping out the water and apparently according to instructions, a hoover around the inside now and again to keep it clear.

                The design has changed since the image features above. It still has the useful handle on the top but with a larger rectangular grill on the top half with an off/on turning switch and 2 lights indicating when it is running (green on the left) and when it is full (blue on the right)

                ***Why is it necessary?***

                If you are too dry you can suffer from dry skin, sore throats etc...and if you're too humid you can develop colds more frequently, your paint can peel, damp stops appear and your wallpaper can flop off the walls.

                ***Has it worked?***

                Our house is single glazed, rented (so no long term solutions possible unless we want to lose money investing in the property), it smells damp and the windows, especially upstairs, drip with condensation.

                We've only used it downstairs so far and at first, we purchased a £6.99 little gadget called a Digital Thermo Hygro because we didn't want to buy a dehumidifier if our problem was actually quite insignificant and wouldn't impact on the property. Your property should have roughly 45% humidity...ours runs at roughly 65% humidity so there is quite a bit of moisture in the air! Looking at it now it's at 62% and the temperature in the kitchen in 16 degrees. It's nippy.

                So the humidifier the first day was in the lounge. Turned it on and (sadly) the noisy motor kicks up. After just over an hour humidity dropped by 10% and shock horror - the temperature rose! Apparently the 'exothermal' reaction and the whole process of pulling the moisture out of the air and converting it to liquid has (in our case) the added benefit of generating a little heat! The temperature rose a few degrees and it felt a lot less groggy. The smell has lessened also and in general, I have noticed a marked difference in the general atmosphere.

                ***Good points, bad points***

                It is noisy. Not ridiculously noisy but it does groan kind of like listening to a noisy washing machine behind a door. This isn't too bad but I do notice myself turning up the volume on the tele and finding the drone playing on my nerves.

                It is about 1.5 feet high and with motor it weighs a bit if after your purchase you carry it home. Not a problem if you're nearby and obviously once its home its there but I found it hefty to carry and my partner, not realising its size, went to collect it on his bike and I had to go and help him because he couldn't wheel the bike and carry it!

                Last 2 bad points - it uses electricity and it costs £69.99. I mean that isn't a bad price for a good product and I did have the choice of getting a rechargeable one but these only seemed to be in places such as Wilko's and parting with a tenner for one of those when our problems are quite big seemed silly - it wouldn't be strong enough and I need a guarantee behind it if it doesn't work.

                Good points - it does its job and in turn, in the long run it's keeping us that bit warmer and helping to make our lives a bit happier with slightly warmer rooms (it makes such a difference) and the absence of that awful musty smell when you walk through the door.

                It has reduced in price as previous reviewers have said they paid around £90, and I think it's reasonable for what it does. I think it's a good solution for us too, as we are renting and because we have such a cold property we have learnt a lot about what we will be doing to our property to ensure we don't live like this again. The humidifier has helped to make the situation a bit more bearable; finally a solution that works.

                I would recommend it but then again there are cheaper models out there and deals to be had so I would definitely browse a little more in future although I am content with a product that works!


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                  01.08.2010 17:16
                  Very helpful



                  A great appliance to remove moisture build up in small rooms

                  In November last year I had been in halls at university for 1 month. I was very fortunate to get the halls of my choice with an en-suite. However this did create problems. I was on the ground floor of the block of halls so I rarely opened my windows just because we had been warned many times about people having all their items stolen from their rooms for leaving their windows open. I am one of those people that if I have used the iron or my hair straighteners that when I leave the house I get paranoid that I have left them on or forgotten to lock the door. Therefore I thought I don't want to open my window and be paranoid that I've forgotten to shut it.

                  The problem that this created was that after having a shower it steamed up my room and a lot of water vapour started to appear on my windows which would be there all day. Most people on the same floor as me had this same problem. Plus to top it off I did a lot of washing by hand to prevent having to lug all my washing to the nearest washing machines on campus which was quite far away. So this posed more problems with condensation as some of my clothes would dry in my room.

                  This problem always reminds me of what my driving instructor said to me which made me feel very uncomfortable with him being a good 40 years older than me... he said if the car ever gets a moisture build up or it gets steamed up by goodness knows what you might be doing on the backseat with your boyfriend then just press this button to remove it. Yes cringe! But I can assure you the moisture build up in my room was not due to hot steamy sex... just the mundane things like a shower!

                  So one day when I was walking through town with my dad (he had come up to visit me at uni for the day) we walked past Argos. He stopped and said he just wanted to check out dehumidifiers to prevent the condensation build up in my room. I have never bought one before and thought they would perhaps retail at around £30 to £40. But then in the Argos catalogue we came across the Argos value range dehumidifier which was a pricey £89.99. My dad very kindly (knowing I was already struggling with money at uni) asked me if I wanted him to buy it for me. I instantly said no way at that price. But he said if it does the job it's worth it. So he bought it and I got it back to my room at uni.

                  It was much smaller than I thought it would be. It measures height 42cm, width 33cm and depth 26cm and it is a 1.5 litre tank. It was slightly noisy when switched on but this didn't bother me because it either drowned out the noise of other people either side of me in my halls or I left it on when I was at a lecture. It is white and blue in colour and I put it just by my window. It has a simple on/off switch and a long cable with a plug on the end. What I liked about it was when it was full with water it automatically turned itself off and you could see how much water it had taken in with a visible water level section at the front of the dehumidifier.

                  It was very easy to remove the tank of water just by pulling it out of the side and I poured the water down the toilet each time but as my dad warned me I should put the toilet seat down afterwards so as the water didn't go straight back into the air of my bedroom and back onto my windows as condensation, or else it is a losing battle.

                  In one day I managed to empty around 4 or 5 full tanks, which in my opinion is quite a lot of water! The instructions for the dehumidifier states that it will remove up to 10 litres of water/moisture per day. After half a day of use the condensation on my windows cleared quite rapidly. The main downfall of this product for me was that the mechanism of it somehow made my room boiling hot.

                  ***My overall verdict***

                  If I had to buy a dehumidifier and it hadn't have been my dad who had bought it at the time, I don't think I could ever allow myself to pay nearly £90.00 for this item. To me that is just a bit too pricey and I am sure if we had shopped around online we would have found a cheaper one. To be honest though I was shocked that it was this price especially with it being in the Argos value range which is like the Tesco Basics range (slightly cheaper). But I have to review it fairly and despite the price it does its job of removing moisture in my room very well. I was impressed with how much water it removed per day. Also it is not the ugliest looking appliance either which is always a positive sign. All in all I will give it 4 out of 5 stars, 1 star lost purely on the price, I cannot fault the actual appliance.


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                    11.02.2010 10:41
                    Very helpful



                    Shop around for a de-humidifier, as you get what you pay for!

                    A few months ago I started noticing that some of the windows and walls in my house were prone to dampness. This was causing some mould discoloration and black spotting and there was also a lot of condensation that was melting into messy puddles on the windowsills. Such problems can cause health problems as well as damage to property. A friend suggested I get a de-humidifier, a machine that helps eliminate dampness by sucking up the excess moisture in the air. After looking around I discovered that these gadgets are quite expensive and even at stores like ASDA they are around £100 and more. I didn't want to pay a lot of money so I finally found the cheapest I could at Argos. Despite costing £79.99 this de-humidifier is included in their value range and this infact seems to be the lowest end of the price range for this kind of machine.

                    The de-humidifier is designed to prevent damage by damp to your house and it's contents by reducing the humidity in the air. It is suggested in the instructions manual that the unit be used to prevent damage to books and similar valuables and that the unit should be used anywhere where moisture damage is occuring. The unit is designed for indoor use only and there are several requirements for safe and effective use. You must place the unit on a totally level floor and have a space of at least 20cm all around the unit and at least 40cm above it. The temperature in the room it is in must not be less than 5 degrees celcius. The unit should also be placed away from any clothes dryer, radiators or heaters. To work effectively the room where the unit is placed should be closed off to other rooms and openings and no windows or doors should be open. The instruction manual states that storage areas like closets need adequate circulation in order to be an area where the de-humidifier can work.

                    The machine is a white plastic sqaure shaped block measuring 330 X 420 X 260 mm that has a ventilation type slats at it's front and a clear blue round window, through which you can see the water collecting. There is a big handle on the top for transporting and a grey control panel. Visually, it's an ugly thing and unfortunately it's bulkiness, shape and the necessary location requirements means that you can't hide it away anywhere. There is nothing aesthetic about it's design. It simply looks like it's there to do it's purpose. I have seen de-humidifiers which were better designed than this and which could actually blend into your household decor, although these models were more expensive. After bringing this Argos model home I was beginning to wonder if it was worth paying more for something a little better looking! Remember these machines have to sit on the floor and as the electric cord is quite short it must be next to a plug point so in my house this usually means that the de-humidifier sits there like an imposing lump in the corner. It's no worse than seeing an ironing board or a vacuum cleaner left out.

                    When the machine is running it is teribbly noisy and the first time I left this on upstairs I went downstairs and I thought I could hear a helicopter buzzing around outside! It has a kind of industrial air-conditioner sound which means you can't have it running near a television or radio set as the audio just gets drowned out. It's noise is a constant reminder that it's on and it makes the machine seem like an intruder. I own an electric fan heater and it's even noiser than that. There is also a constant dribbling sound of the water as it passes into the container - this is unavoidable of course but combined with the belching air sounds this thing reminds me of a kind of horrible drainage system or a flushing toilet!

                    The unit works by sucking in moist air onto its 'evaporator coils'. It extracts up to 10 litres of water per day. Drips of water collect in the 'bucket' or container on the front of the unit. The container is quite large (holding 1.5 litres of water) and is easy to remove from the unit - just pull up and out. It's also physically easy to replace. I think it would have been good to have the container have a jug lip on one side to make pouring away the water easier though. There is also an option to fit a continuous hose pipe into a hole in the back of the unit (tube size must be 12mm outer diameter - hose not included in purchase). There is a rubber seal there which pulls open but is tricky to replace.

                    The operatation of the unit is fairly straightforward. There is one power button and two lights on the top panel. When the unit is in operation the green power LED comes on. The other lamp is red and notifies you if the water container is full. Operation automatically stops at this point so there's no danger of flooding! When you first use the de-humidifier you have to run it continuously for twenty four hours. When the machine is warm after a long stretch of use like this it smells very like warm plastic - unpleasant. I use my de-humidifier all over the house and it has a handle to carry it. It is extremely heavy though (weighing 11.5kg) and is difficult to lug upstairs.

                    My machine does sometimes seems to stall. This is caused to some degree by a time delay feature which means you have to allow three minutes between each switch off or emptying. Quite often though, even after the three minutes, my model simply indicates that the water container is full when infact it's empty and unless I tip the machine forward to pour the last dregs of water into the container, or pull out the rubber plug from the back of the machine, soaking myself and the floor, then it won't work again. A fault perhaps or just the time delay going awry? Either way it's annoying and wastes a lot of time and energy trying to get it to work again. I should mention at this point that the unit comes with a one year guarantee from Argos.

                    I have found that it takes longer than I imagined it would for the container to fully fill up. I have used it in rooms where the windows have been wet and they have only partially dried out after hours of use. It does actually work as the water builds up gradually though and it's somewhat cathartic to pour away the water at the end of use! Some people like to recycle the water by watering their plants but it should not be used on anything you are growing to eat.

                    The unit is reasonably easy to clean. There is an air filter which should be cleaned every thirty days. The water container should be rinsed with detergent every now and then. The outer case of the unit should be cleaned using something like a duster to get between the slats.

                    If you really need a de-humidifier I would actually suggest investing in it and not going for the cheapest model as I did. I think you get what you pay for in this instance. I'm a little dissapointed because the friend who suggested this purchase owns a unit that is noise free, one which is almost invisible in her room and which has a handy jug shaped container. The de-humidifier has turned out to be something I use quite often (more than I thought I would) to prevent dampness and moisture damage so it's often moved from room to room and is really a bit of an eyesore and a noisy pest. I would not recommend getting this unless you have no other option financially, are hard of hearing (it's a very noisy thing!) or you are looking for pure functionality over design form.


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