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An affordable, effective solution for minor humidity problems, the Blyss WDH-312EC runs on low power, is a compact size and is easy to use. Whilst it is slightly fragile, it gets the job done with minimal fuss.

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    3 Reviews
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      08.12.2013 22:49
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      Worthwhile if you have a minor humidity problem.

      ==Definitely a damp feeling==

      A warm damp summer followed by a damp autumn meant that my house was starting to feel a little like a sponge and now that the cold damp winter has arrived I can no longer have my windows and doors open all day. I needed a solution and quick as my house was getting that static caravan feeling (the one where everything feels a little cold and damp). Now I could either bemoan my damp situation or I could attack.

      I chose attack. As I don't dry my laundry in the house and I have extractor fans that run in the kitchen and bathroom to remove steam I needed to take things to the next level. I feel that my humidity problem is easily solvable as I don't have problems with damp on my walls or rising damp.

      ==Blyss 12 litre Dehumidifier==

      I purchased this dehumidifier from B&Q about 8 weeks ago for £149.98. It is still available at this price.

      This white dehumidifier has the capacity to dehumidify 12 litres a day. The water collection tank holds 2.8 litres of water before the cut off kicks in and turns the dehumidifier off till the water collection rank has been emptied. The water tank is relatively easy to pull out but care is needed when it is full as it is deceptively heavy. The amount of water collected can be monitored through a small clear panel on the outer side of the water collection tank.

      When I first started using the dehumidifier I had to empty the tank every twelve hours when running for twenty four hours continuously. This is only to be expected as the dehumidifier has to remove water from fabrics, carpets and furniture as well as the air. Within a few days of use the tank needed emptying every twenty four hours of continuous running.

      The level of dehumidification can be electronically controlled via the control panel on the top of the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can be preset to bring the humidity down to 60%, 50%, 40% or to just run indefinitely.

      On the back of the dehumidifier is access to the reusable air filter, the panel can be popped open and the filter is easily accesses. I have not touched the filter but from looking at it I assume it can be removed, rinsed out a replaced.

      On the base of the dehumidifier are four little castors. These are ok but do seem a little fragile. The dehumidifier can be manoeuvred around flat surfaces on these castors which is handy as the dehumidifier is not the lightest of devices.

      What surprised me about the dehumidifier is that it is much smaller than I thought it would be. Measuring H510mm x W260mm x D215mm it is quite easy to push to one side of a room and then forget about it.

      I had been told that a dehumidifier can be expensive to run so I was quite apprehensive about plugging the device in. The side of the box tells me that it runs at 195 watts which is a little less than running two 100 watt bulbs. A look on my energy monitor tells me that it runs roughly at 3 pence an hour so running twenty fours will cost you under a pound a day. In all honesty there is no need to have the dehumidifier running twenty four hours a day after the first week as running it for a few hours a day will keep on top of the humidity levels in the house (3 bedroom semi detatched).

      The noise level of the dehumidifier is quite minimal, similar to having a desk fan buzzing away. My dehumidifier has a bit of a vibration issue if not placed on a completely level floor and the vibrations can rattle through the house.

      On the top of the dehumidifier are vents through which the dehumidified air is blown out. When first turned on the air from this vent is cool but after a few hours of running the air feels a little warm so this is worth bearing I mind when running in warmer weather.

      The dehumidifier comes with a one year guarantee from B&Q which is quite reassuring as a few of the reviews on the B&Q website mention that the dehumidifier stops working after a short period of time. I do wonder though if that is because all the removable dampness has been removed from the air so when there is little to no water in the collection tank people are assuming that it is malfunctioning.

      ==Damp squib or wonder machine?==

      I run this dehumidifier alongside a humidity monitor. Before purchasing the dehumidifier the humidity in my house was reaching nearly 70% but when the dehumidifier is running the monitor informs me that the humidity has been reduced down to 45% which in my opinion is a more acceptable level.

      I can genuinely feel a difference in the air quality in my house. The air feels fresher and crisp and fabrics feel crisp and dry rather than the cold chill they had acquired prior to this purchase. My windows used to get condensation on but now they stay nice and dry.

      I run the dehumidifier for a couple of hours each morning just for maintenance now that the humidity levels in my house have been reduced and I am very happy with it. The low buzzing noise is inconsequential to me as I usually have a fan running in warmer weather and an air filter running in the bedroom most nights.

      The water tank is of a good size and easy to empty and replace. When the water tank is replaced it takes a short while for the dehumidifier to reset.

      The power cable on the dehumidifier is roughly three foot long. This is more than enough cable to comfortably plug the dehumidifier in and place it within a room.


      If you are suffering with high humidity in your home then this could be a worthwhile purchase but I do recommend running this along side a humidity monitor just so as you can see whether this is working for you.

      Thank you for reading.


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        10.03.2013 16:42



        I purchased one of these and it stopped working after about 6 months use. During the 6 months of use it was fine and would easily collect 1 or 2 litres of water in about 8 hours. I exchanged it for a new one and after 1 year the same thing happened. The fan would run and it would not dehumidify. Even if I set it onto constant dehumidification I get no water in the tank after several hours. So it seems the unit has a design fault. It is too much of a coincidence that 2 units end up having the same problem.


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        10.11.2011 21:10
        Very helpful



        I'm pleased with this product.


        My house suffers badly with condensation. The house is semi-detached meaning that the cold external walls are mostly affected meaning that it's best not to put anything directly against these but this results in a loss of valuable space. The problem is worse in the bathroom, the external wall of the hallway and one of the front upstairs bedrooms which has two outside facing walls. Some years ago we invested in a dehumidifier for this bedroom when we found that water was running down the walls in such a copious amount that the carpet near to two of the walls was drenched. But we bought a compact model which I now know was a mistake; try as it might, it couldn't cope with the excess moisture in this room.
        The bedroom was used as a spare room for a while as its usual occupant, my youngest son, was away at university. He came home during holidays and for a weekend here and there and then used this room. When he was using this room, especially during the winter months, I felt worried, thinking it couldn't be healthy or comfortable staying in a small room with wet walls. As I knew that in this particular room, anything placed against the two outside walls is liable to get wet. I thought it time to invest in a bigger machine with a larger capacity. But my expectations of the problem being helped to any great extent were low.

        Now my son and his long term girlfriend are living at home for a few months and so it's really just as well that I made this purchase.
        On deciding to purchase a dehumidifier I had a look at some online and was surprised at how expensive they were. Still, with the big problem of water running down the walls I felt I had to go ahead with this purchase in the hope that it would at least in some way help to alleviate the problem and make this room more pleasant.

        OUR BUDGET

        I set my budget to no more than £150 and really preferred to spend less than that, if possible. My husband felt that we needed a dehumidifier of around 12 litres capacity to make any difference.
        I did see one model which I thought might do the job and it was priced at just under one hundred pounds but when I read reviews concerning this one it didn't sound too good judging by several reviews.
        I finally decided I would probably make my purchase from B&Q. I wanted to purchase from the store itself rather than the website so that myself and my husband could look at a few we were considering before buying.


        There were several on display and these were from a few manufacturers and were of varying size, from very small compact models suitable for cloakrooms to larger models, such as one by the manufacturer, De Longhi which had a very large capacity of 28 litres.

        We had a good look, mainly wanting to see how easy the machines were to empty, for example did the water reservoir pull out and could it be replaced easily and did it hold enough. Although we were looking for a model which has the ability to draw in up to 12 litres of water per day the reservoir will hold less than three litres. These machines even when empty are heavy and if a 12 litre one held 12 litres of water then it would be extremely heavy and also very large. I noticed that the 28 litre De Longhi model I have already mentioned has a reservoir which holds eight litres so whatever size dehumidifier is chosen it will need to be emptied often. It is worth noting though that in the event of the machine NOT being emptied when the water tank becomes full then a cut out facility comes into force and the machine switches off and the machine stops taking water. Because of the need for the dehumidifier to be emptied often as it would have to work hard in the room it was intended for, and probably need to be emptied once or twice per day, I felt a water reservoir which could be opened and closed smoothly and easily really was a must.

        We tried opening, removing and replacing several tanks in the machines on display and they varied quite a lot. Some were awkward and not smooth to pull out and we felt water would be spilled while trying to empty. When trying the Blyss 12 litre model (there was also a 16 litre, a 10 litre and a smaller compact model (Ideal for cloakrooms) of this make on display) we both considered it felt easy to remove and replace its reservoir and seemed the model to best suit the needs of the room it was intended for.
        The blyss model WDH-312EC is intended for domestic use and is suitable for use in an area of 14-20 m2.


        When arriving home with our purchase my husband took it out of its box. Also in the box were an instruction booklet and a small plastic bag containing five castors. These are to be fitted to the underside of the unit for easier movement. This is the only assembly needed.
        My husband read the instructions and saw that the dehumidifier should be left standing in its intended location for four hours until being switched on and used. Therefore he placed it in a corner in the dampest part of the bedroom where it was needed and once the advised time had elapsed, it was switched on.


        One of our concerns was whether a dehumidifier would be too noisy to keep in a bedroom. Well, it wasn't silent but not that noisy either, although what is acceptable to some isn't to others. I personally can't stand the sound of a ticking clock and can't sleep even with certain electric alarm clocks yet the noise of a fan doesn't bother me much, in fact it can help to muffle the sound of my husband's loud snoring. I suppose whether a noise is troublesome or not is somewhat subjective and depends on the type of noise. I would best describe this as being similar in volume and type of sound to an electric cooling fan operating on a low to medium setting. We felt that it wouldn't be too noisy to have in the room while watching television, computer gaming or listening to music but might be too noisy at night when wanting to sleep.

        My son finds the noise level perfectly acceptable during the day but too noisy to sleep well with it on at night. He can get to sleep with the volume but finds it disrupts sleep at times and therefore when he has to be up early for work he prefers not to have it on overnight. However, he does say that in the studio flat in which he lived whilst being at university there were two similar machines in there which he claims were much louder and took some getting used to, although eventually, he did.
        But he has found that if the dehumidifier is switched on just before retiring and then again switched on in the morning during the day it seems to do its job and keeps the room dry.
        The amount of time that it is in operation in my home is in accordance to the weather. From around about mid-September it is used when the dampness becomes apparent on the walls and then when the weather becomes cold enough for the central heating to be used then it has to be on for most of the day, if someone is at home.


        The water storage tank needs to be emptied at least once a day. We find that during a not too cold autumn, once a day is adequate but when the heating is on and it's cold outside the house, then more often is necessary as more water is taken into it. Occasionally this job is overlooked for a while but there are no spills as the machine simply cuts off until emptied.
        The reservoir/tank holds 2.8 litres of water. It is housed on the side of the unit and pulls out smoothly like a drawer. It glides back in easily too. In my opinion it is of a good design as it can be emptied without water being spilled everywhere.

        A hose can be fitted allowing it to stay on without being emptied. Owing to where ours is placed this would be a little tricky but, if used in a utility room, kitchen or bathroom where a hose could be rigged to run outside of the room and into a drain then this could be a very handy extra feature.


        The appearance is good, I feel, being white in colour and smooth in design with curved edges. It looks solid enough.

        The control panel is located at the top of the unit.


        This dehumidifier can be moved around the home but it is on the heavy side. It is not so heavy that it can't be carried but some would find it difficult. However, for moving around on one level of the home it is fairly easy as it is fitted with castors. Providing no carrying up or down stairs is necessary, and as long as there is a clear path for movement, involving no lifting or carrying, then the weight won't be a problem.
        There is a small handle at the back of the unit.


        Since using this, the room is much dryer. I was sceptical as to its efficacy before buying, as the small machine we had had prior to this had to be emptied so many time and still the room remained wet; it just couldn't cope and so it really wasn't worthwhile. Because of this I didn't know if any dehumidifier would be worth the bother and the expense. But, going to the extra expense of buying a larger model has been worthwhile. The walls start to get a little wet when the central heating is on and the room is occupied, but then the machine seems to work harder and draws the excess moisture in.


        A booklet comes with this model which explains all technical detail and instructions for operation. I'm not one to pore over instructions but as I want to get good results from this purchase I read these and also made sure that my son did too.
        I believe the instructions are very easy to understand. I also like the fact that there are clear diagrams included.
        Start-up instructions are included as well as more in depth technical specifications and advice on care and maintenance. Maintenance is straightforward and the booklet covers tips for keeping vents clear with a vacuum nozzle from time to time and on cleaning the filter.


        Blyss dehumidifiers are available from B&Q either in store or on line (www.diy.com)

        Currently this 12 litre sized model is reduced and sells for £119.00. ( The usual price is £139.98) A DeLonghi model of the same capacity costs £169.98 in B&Q. I have heard that this model (DeLonghi) is noisy and so I'm pleased that I paid less for my purchase.


        Controls include the on/off switch which can also be used to set the machine to standby mode.
        It has a control for setting the percentage required for humidity control. The humidity level can be chosen from 40%, 50%, and 60% or continuous. Currently we use it at 40% but, as the weather becomes colder this will be upped. Once the percentage that it's been set at is reached, such a 40%, it will switch off. If the room is still damp then a higher setting is needed.
        The control panel shows when the water reservoir is full by a small light coming on.
        Here is also a defrost button/light which comes on if the room goes below freezing as this could harm the unit.

        OTHER USES

        It's fitted with castors which are really handy as it is on the heavy side. Ours mainly stays in the bedroom it was intended for but it has been used in another room once when we wanted the bathroom to be dry in order to decorate. We also used it in the hallway when my son was away from home and thus it wasn't needed in his room. I am thinking of buying another unit for the hallway.

        This is also supposed to shorten the drying time of clothes hanging inside the home so I feel would be handy to have in a utility room where perhaps a clothes horse/dryer is in use.

        I think many conservatories could benefit from a dehumidifier.


        The Blyss 12 litre model can be configured so that it has the facility to continuously drain by fitting a hose (not included in the pack) by going to the back of the unit, lifting the drain cover and fitting the hose to this and finding a suitable place for the hose to drain. If the machine were used at ground level then this would be a big advantage to never have to empty the reservoir. Instructions are given.


        Now that the dehumidifier has been in use for some time and we have had varied weather I can say that it does seem to be a successful purchase. The walls are dry and have never had time to become wet enough for the carpet to become damp. If left switched off and condensation starts to build up then the machine can be switched on to operate at full capacity and the problem is quickly resolved.

        Of course, a great advantage to less damp is that the walls don't need wiping before mould has a chance to grow.

        TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (from booklet)

        Model: WDH-312EC
        POWER SUPPLY: 220-240V~50Hz
        RATED POWER: 195W
        CLASS I
        REFRIGERANT: R-134a

        FEATURES (from www.diy.com)

        Height (mm): 510
        Width (mm): 360
        Depth (mm): 215
        Remote Control: No
        Thermostat: No
        VOC level: Minimal
        Warranty/guarantee details: 1 year
        Watts: 195


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        Capacity: 12 litre

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