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Prem-I-Air EF888 Mini Dehumidifier

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Brand: Prem-I_Aire

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2012 17:22
      Very helpful



      A neat little de humidifier that does the job pretty quietly

      Prem-I-Air EF888 Portable Mini Dehumidifier

      We have a cellar in our house which although it is only a few steps below ground level, does get pretty damp. We have our chest freezer and a fridge/freezer down there as there isn't room in the kitchen for them. These two appliances of course create some dampness as well. It is specially noticeable in winter and it has been quite obvious this summer too with all this rain that we have been enjoying.

      It became very obvious that we had to do something about this when moss began to grew inside on the window edges and the wall began going black on the wall at the front of the house. I did some investigation and found this little dehumidifier on Amazon or ebay, it is a while back now. I notice that on a site specialising in dehumidifiers that it sells for £49, I am sure I paid about £30 for ours.

      This is quite a small unit and it stands about a foot and a half tall and is about eight inches deep and
      so it doesn't take up a lot of room which is useful as the cellar isn't huge. It is a cream colour so if you wanted to use it in rooms where it would be more on show then it wouldn't stand out as being too ugly. In fact it is a neat little unit with the water catching drawer neatly tucked in the bottom half of the unit.
      It isn't a noisy unit when going though this doesn't really affect us as it is in the cellar but if you had it in a room that you were using more this would be more important. We have ours on a timer so that it comes on during our off-peak electricity time at night. If it becomes very damp then we put an extra few hours on the timer otherwise we find that a couple of hours each night keeps the dampness at bay.

      There are few things that you do need to be aware of when setting it up to go. Firstly both the air inlet and outlet need to be free from obstruction so the unit can't be pushed back against a wall or furniture.
      Don't put the unit to work near any flammable stuff like petrol or paint so it isn't really suitable for a garage or shed for example.

      Avoid putting this near any open fires or hot surfaces as the unit is only made of plastic. Don't position it where it could fall into a bath or any other container of water as it is an electric appliance and will short out or cause a shock.

      Don't operate the unit outside!! Yes it does say that. With the cord be aware of the fact it could be a trip hazard and also don't pit the cord under a carpet or rug either.

      Don't clean the unit with any cleaning detergents, sprays or chemicals as they will damage the unit. I wipe mine with a damp cloth when needed.

      Pretty obvious really but if any cord or electric bit of the unit is damaged then don't use it and don't use it if the unit has been dropped either in case it is damaged.

      I believe we had a one year warranty with the unit when we bought it which we never had to use and we have now had this for well over five years and it is still going strong. Hopefully that isn't the kiss of death for it!

      The unit can collect up to 60ml of water per day at 30°C and I find I need to empty ours about once a week unless it is very damp like when we have been away for a month in winter then it fills up every couple of days for a while.

      The little tank holds up to 2 litres of dampness and if it fills and you don't empty it then the unit automatically switches off for safety; having said that we NEVER leave it on while we are away just in case something happens.

      The unit does use a compressor instead it uses " thermo-electric Peltier module" which is apparently why it is so quiet while running. It officially creates a noise level of less than 40 decibels for those who want precise noise levels.

      As it is a pretty small unit the manufacturers suggest it is suitable for use in wardrobes, cupboards, larders, nurseries or other small spaces and as I said we have ours in our small cellar which is about ten foot by eight foot so not huge.

      For those more knowledgeable about power usage i will add these specs which mean little to me though so if you are like me feel free to skip these:
      Power (W)72 ; Supply voltage (V~) 230 ; Frequency (Hz) 50
      The unit weighs a tiny 2.7 kg so it is very easy to lift and move from room to room if you need to. If we have a very dry summer we do take it out and store it in the garage out of the way but this year we have not done this because it has been so wet.

      We have been very happy with the way this has helped remove excess damp from the cellar and we have certainly had to deal less often with water dripping down the sides of the freezer and fridge/freezer. We no longer have moss growing inside the little window and I only have to bleach the walls about four times a year now instead of almost monthly before.

      It has never let us down and I have never been disturbed by the motor running as it is pretty quiet even when you are down in the cellar with it running. It is so easy to empty the little tank as you just pull it out from the front remove the little black plug/stopper and tip out the water before pushing it back into the unit.

      I have also brought it into a bedroom and had it running with clothes on a dryer when we have struggled to get things dry and it has stopped the windows fogging up and sped up the drying process a bit.
      I am not sure how efficient it would be in a very large room but for the purpose we use this unit for I highly recommend it.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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