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Pyramid Rechargeable Dehumidifier

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Brand: Pyramid

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2009 22:35
      Very helpful



      Safe and mess free alternative to keeping your house dry and damp free

      In a previous rented house that I lived in a few years ago I was a bit of a hoarder and kept anything and everything, each room was filled with all my needed possessions and I had things crammed down beside my wardrobe and all the corners of my rooms were filled. I was always a clean person and my home did look clean just a little lived in. The landlord wanted to sell the house so we had to start packing our things up, this was when we noticed a few things that had been stored for quite some time and had not been used had become mouldy! I was disgusted and couldn't believe it. A lot of things had been destroyed from mould and they had to be binned, and even things that could have been cleaned I really couldn't keep them after finding them covered in mould. A lot of things were kept from my child hood as I never liked to get rid of anything. When we moved the furniture there was also mould on the walls which we would of never known was there, I was disgusted and upset that I had lost some of my things that I had kept from my childhood.

      Since then I have never collected clutter again and only keep the things we use and need. I have also learnt not to put furniture too close to walls, as air needs to circulate. Most appliances in the household produce water and steam so damp can easily occur. I started using a dehumidifier in the next house I lived in and have used one since to keep the levels of humidity right and to prevent mould. The house that I am currently living is the smallest house we have lived in with 2 small bedroom upstairs there isn't much space for extra things. I have a dehumidifier in the corner of my bedroom, but only use it during the day as it makes a humming noise so I switch it off at night time I wouldn't be able to sleep with it on. I also don't like that it collects dust in the vents and the water tank needs to be emptied from time to time.

      Since having my baby boy the clutter has started to accumulate, as babies need a lot of equipment and it doesn't get used for long which means it is in good condition so I store it until I have enough to give away. I tend to buy a lot of my son's clothes in the sales and buy bigger sizes which mean we always have a lot of clothes in storage. So I'm back to having things stored under the bed, I wanted to put something in my sons room to keep it damp free and to stop the clothes from going musty as they do when they are left for a long time without being used. Also my son loves to play in water and spills his drinks leaving me with lots of wet washing and with 2 children I can't always keep up with that endless washing pile.

      I didn't want to put a dehumidifier in my son's room as he is rather inquisitive and likes to play with anything that isn't a toy. Plus we are tight on space so I didn't want something big. I have used moisture traps in the past but these are messy and always need to be refilled with crystals. So after having a look online for something to help eliminate damp and to keep the levels of humidity right, I came across the rechargeable dehumidifiers. I have never seen or heard of these and didn't know what they would be like, and Amazons descriptions are fairly brief. They were priced up at £18.99 for a twin pack so I thought I would give them a try.

      When they arrived they came in a transparent plastic package which had a piece of card inside surrounding the dehumidifiers giving instructions on how to use them. Two dehumidifiers and two hanging hooks and a rechargeable cable are supplied. The white units are small about 15cm across and 10cm in height; there is a clear window that shows the blue crystals/beads that are contained inside the unit. There is a colour key chart on the front of the unit which forms a quick reference in regards to the colour change that will incur with the small beads inside the unit. To begin with you need to charge the units over night only one can be charged at a time as there is only one cable supplied. When the unit is charging it becomes fairly hot so it is best to have this charging in a safe place and away from children. Once the unit is charged the beads are blue in colour and over time as they collect moisture the beads will slowly change in colour from blue to pink to a very light translucent colour and you can see the condensation on the window.

      I think these are great, they can be used anywhere and can be moved around. They are small and discrete; they can be placed in a drawer or in the bottom of a cupboard or hung on the hooks. They can also be used on a window sill or anywhere that is prone to dampness. They are best used in small spaces and they are ideal to use in a holiday home or camper van where damp is always an issue. They are safe; make no noise when in use only when they are charging they make a faint crackling noise. They are easy to use and can be re-used without having any messy refill job or emptying.

      I use these in drawers where clothes are stored that are not being used - great for when you want to store clothes as the weather changes. I also use them in the corners of the room where there are boxes of toys. They are also great to put under the window to collect the condensation. They keep my sons clothes from becoming musty. They are safe and cannot be opened although I wouldn't let me son play with them but if he did pick one up it wouldn't cause any concern. They last a couple of weeks through the damp cold winter months before they need to be charged up again.

      I am really pleased with these they are the ideal solution for keeping stored items dry and in good condition. These are best used in a small space to keep damp at bay they wouldn't be very effective if you have a damp problem as they only absorb a small amount of water. I will definitely be buying another pack of these as they are excellent value for money. I can't think of any negatives with these apart from the fact that only one can be charged at a time.

      I recommend these for small spaces and areas in your home where you have things stored.


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    • Product Details

      When fully absorbed indicator window turns pink and weight increases / 2 x Rechargeable units simply plug in overnight to regenerate

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