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Unibond Humidity Absorber Device

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Brand: Unibond

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2013 23:00
      Very helpful



      Good product that helps but not a cure

      A couple of years into living in my current house, I noticed that some of the windows, especially in my front bedroom were looking a tad steamed up and were covered in water at the bottom. This then turned into a long dark patch running from one end of the wall to the other just above the window on the celling. This turned out to be mould. And despite it being treated several times, it kept coming back. I bought this product from Amazon for just over £8.00 hoping this would be of some help.

      Why did I buy this?

      I did abit of research online and there were quite afew reviews mentioning how people had noticed some improvements in regards to condensation and damp in some rooms of their homes. I didn't want to buy an electric dehumidifier as I had heard it could be very drying and could actually take too much moisture out of the air, as you do need some! I had bought the disposable ones that cost around a £1.00 , but wanted something abit bigger and hopeful abit stronger.

      What is condensation?

      This is where warm air comes into contact with cooler air or a cold surface. Air contains water vapour, and when the two lots of air meet they are unable to retain the same amount of moisture ( warm air holds more ) so it has to be released. This can show itself in areas where you can actual see physical water droplets on it e.g windows, walls etc. And because these areas are damp and are holding a lot of moisture this can lead to the formation of mould-which can cause health problems e.g having an effect on the respiratory system.

      What can cause it?

      We will add moisture into the air regardless, just breathing adds moisture to the air. But things like lack of ventilation, drying clothes in our homes, having doors open while cooking or showering can add to such a problem.

      What does this product do?

      It literally is designed to absorb humidity in the air, as its title suggests. It can help combat condensation on windows and walls, mould and mildew, damp rooms and allergens in the air.
      The product comes with two power tab tablets (once used you have to purchase these separately). These tabs contain active layers that absorb excess humidity and helps to combat bad odours. The excess humidity is turned into a solution which is collected in the bottom area of the device. When the tab is dissolved, normally after 6-8 weeks, you pour away this solution and pop in another tab and repeat.

      What does this product look like?

      The unit itself is made of some form of plastic. It is 9 inches high, 7 inches wide and 3 inches deep. It comes in two sections-the top is white in colour with what appears to be a series of air vent type slits running on both sides. At the top you have a 'lid', with two small flaps that you pull up to remove on the side. Once removed you pop in one of the tablets that comes supplied and it sits in its own cradle ready for use.

      On one side you have a small hole that is covered by a clear flap which when pulled down, allows the hole to be uncovered and this is where you allow the water to come out of the device by pouring it away.

      How to use

      Remove cover/lid using the two clips at the sides. Open the tab ( they come in their own sachets ). Avoid touching this tab. Place it into the device and once its sitting in the cradle, place the lid back on. Once the tablet has dissolved, open the spout section ( as mentioned above ) and pour solution into the toilet.

      Where can it be used?

      Good for larger rooms up to 20m2-living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, rooms with poor circulation such as attics and garages.


      Don't allow the tablets or the waste solution to come into contact with easily damaged surfaces. If in contact with skin, wash straight away and thoroughly. Treat this as you would any form of chemical when handling, such as bleach.

      How do I find it?

      It's a hard one to say because Ive been doing numerous things at the same time as using this product which combined have helped e.g making sure all windows are open ( not hard when the weather is as warm as this! ), turning the temperature on my boiler down ( this I noticed immediately made a huge difference ). Any clothes that are placed inside to dry ( I don't have the best outdoor area for this ) are dried immediately and quickly, so moist clothes aren't hanging around for long periods of time.

      You can tell it works because you can see the tablet getting smaller and smaller, and the solution getting fuller and fuller in its tank ( its bright blue ). I would say the time period given in regards to when to change is spot on-around 6 weeks for me, and within that time period, along with the above methods Ive used, I saw a lot less if not any condensation on my windows ( this was before warm weather kicked in so spring time ). Right now nothing at all but winter really will be the best time to test this out!

      Its important to mention this is a help but not a cure. It can reduce the problems associated with condensation, but not necessarily take it away. But if used with other tips, like I have, you can see this being a good addition to help this problem along.

      It doesn't run on any electricity or batteries, so not only makes no noise but doesn't add to any fuel bill.

      Any downsides?

      Its not very attractive to look at and quite bulky when placed on my windowsill, but its light weight ( more so when there isn't any liquid in it ) and portable.

      I got the unit itself very cheaply at the time, and the price varies but can be bought for around the £15.00-£20.00 on an everyday basis if shopping around. But the tabs themselves are very expensive. Buying a pack of two ( and I have two units at home so one for each ) is around the £8.00 mark, so as you can imagine can add up because this has to be a repeat purchase if your using this unit. Other than that, no real complaints.

      Would I buy again? Yes-but the price would have to be right. There are different versions and sizes of this product, so would need to compare price, size of area for it to be used and cost and availability of tabs before purchasing.

      Another note to add-if mould is present it does need to be treated because this device wont make it just disappear, hopefully it will assist in it not coming back if all appropriate steps have been taken.


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