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Chain department store.

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    3 Reviews
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      23.10.2013 21:53
      Very helpful



      a great all round store

      I love this store. I'm writing this review as I think there are some fab products in there and recommend you have a wonder in there if you come across a store, as it isn't obvious what they sell when you walk by.

      Tiger is a Danish brand with stores all over the world. I've been told that 'tiger' is Danish for 'ten', hence the name, it has nothing to do with the animal. Tiger has 21 stores in the UK, with plans to expand. The brand aims for low cost, quality innovative products.

      The stores sell a little bit of everything. This is why I recommended having a wonder in, as if you just look at the entrance, you might see toys and think it's a toy store, when it's so much more. The stores are bright and airy, although there isn't much room in them, so it can feel cramped when busy. They often change the layout of the store, so you may find products in different places all the time.

      Tiger has a website, it isn't a webshop, so you can't buy products online, but it gives you an idea as to what they sell. They frequently have new products coming in, which is located in the 'new for (month)' section. The rest of the website is split into sections:
      TIGER home - e.g. herbs and spices, scissors, placemats, storage
      TIGER essentials - e.g. batteries, glue, plates, candles, plasters
      TIGER stationary - e.g. notebooks, pens, pencils, folder
      TIGER kids - e.g. balls, puzzles, cars
      TIGER people - e.g. make up, diy tools

      Going back to the principals of quality, cost and innovation, Tiger gets top marks for all three:
      Cost - most products are £1-£3. The website says £30 is the top price, but I've not seen anything anywhere near that price. I bought a tin of plasters in Tiger for £2. A similar tin in Accessorize was £5.
      Quality - although Tiger markets itself as a cheap shop, it doesn't feel like it. I bought a plate to take to work, it was £2 and has a really pretty pattern on it, which hasn't faded. My colleagues are always asking where I got it from.
      Innovation - you can find some really useful products that are unique. I bought a little pen pot with magnets on the back, which can stick your fridge. I have a little magnetic notepad on my fridge, but nowhere to put a pen, so this was ideal.

      The ranges in Tiger changes, so you might go in there so you might not see what you want when you go in, but it's always worth having a browse, especially if you need a particular item, ad you might it in there at a really good price, without compromising on the quality.


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      12.04.2012 23:47
      Very helpful
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      An excellent small department store with something for everyone

      Tiger is a international branch of stores that sell a variety of quirky objects in a Ikea-esque setting. The products on offer are seemingly miscellaneous but can be categorised in the following way: home office, essentials, kids and people.

      Tiger Home: This includes spices, kitchenwear, candles, lamps, clocks, storage, and stainless steel objects such as spoons and sieves. Strangely enough, out of the home section, my favourite has got to be the candles, because although for the most part unscented, they really do showcase the store and make it colourful and modern looking. My local store has a wall of candles in a variety of shades and colours, and it genuinely is so appealing my boyfriend has to usher me out of the store, as I already own a ridiculous amount of candles! As well as this, home also includes a few frivolous items, and even joke items, such as a novelty horn which my boyfriend had great fun squeezing and frightening half the shop with! This is also where he and my best friend of mine purchased many of my birthday gifts as they were able to cheaply find small, valuable gifts that weren't to pricey and they knew I'd love.

      Tiger Office: This includes stationary, folders, headphones (strangely, as I dont necessarily think you would get away with wearing huge headphones in the office), calculators and other little bits and bobs that you usually tend to find in stores like WHSmiths. The beauty of Tiger is, however, everything is much cheaper, and in my opinion much sleeker and more modern looking. For example, I purchased a simplistic purple folder from my local shop recently and it only cost me a pound! Its great quality and excellent value for money, I will definitely be looking for my school stuff from here in future if possible.

      Tiger Essentials: This section is pretty self explanatory as it is pretty much just goods that you will need/dont mind having about the house. For example, things like batteries in a variety of types, extra remotes, and things such as tooth picks and birthday candles which you always need and never seem to have. That is a great moto for Tiger as a whole actually, it is a store that offers you the things you need but never thought you needed! That sounds as though they are being manipulative and conning you into buying frivolous, excessive things but that really isn't true; for the unorganised and dopey person like me, Tiger just seems to offer everything I need and at an affordable price too.

      Tiger Kids: Typical items for sale in the kids section includes things like joke moustaches, water balloons, whoopie cushions and even juggling balls! For my boyfriend, and I'm sure many young men, this area is particularly fun and somewhere you can spend a little bit of cash for a joke. This definitely isn't the area I tend to spend the most in, but if my boyfriend had his way it sure would be! It's a place to get typically 'kid' items in one place instead of shopping around local pound stores looking for something that might be moderately fun 1/100 times.

      Tiger people: 'People' loosely translates as adults in the Tiger store, and so items for sale here are things like small blushers, eyeshadows and even mascaras. I don't tend to wear makeup that often, and I'm sure there are some women who prefer well known brands to ensure top quality, but judging on the quality of the rest of their goods, I dont doubt Tiger excels here also.

      The staff are usually twenty-something-year-olds and are nice enough. I wouldn't say you get outstanding customer care, but in a store with so many varied items, I dont really think their assistence is required that much. Instead, it is much easier, and much more interesting to stroll about the shop yourself, looking out for something that catches your eye. For this reason, and my general preferences also, I'm glad that the staff are a little kept back, but I think some people may find this frustrating if they have their mind set on purchasing a very specific item that is difficult for them to find amongst all of the other products for sale.

      Stores are available in the following countries:
      Denmark, Finland,Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Span, Sweden and obviously England. The TigerStores sites caters to each of these countries and you are able to select which country you're in to gain access to the website with the appropriate details and language.

      If you are unfamiliar with Tiger the website is probably the best place to start. It is strictly an information site and as such, you are unable to purchase any products through it. Instead it showcases a number of items for sale in their stores, and offers you the chance to sign up to their newsletter. The newsletter simply tells you about all the latest products on offer, which is information that can be found on the website, and so I unsubscribed once I realised this for the sake of my bulging inbox, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be useful for someone else. The website also boasts a store locator which is useful for those of you who are entirely unaware of Tiger until now, or at least don't know where your local store is, as it offers you the chance to get in on this excellent store and all it has to offer.

      As mentioned before, the store is very modern, and very light and area. With so much for sale, it would be very easy for the store to be chlaustrophobic, but because of clever lighting, and pale, modern colour schemes, often matched with simplistic oak shelving, the store remains very open and airy. It is very welcoming, and even their window displays manage to drag me in without fail.

      This is definitely a store I would recommend, as it is somewhere everyone is bound to find something they like. The prices are very reasonable, especially compared with their better known store counterparts. For example, a simple plastic bowl could cost as much as £5.99 in BHS home section, yet it is barely £2 in Tiger. The layout and choice of offers is excellent and inviting, and I guarentee you will shop there more than once, despite its somewhat novelty-eque feeling the first time you enter.


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        25.06.2009 15:30
        Very helpful



        A unique shop and very good value. Watch out Poundland!

        There is a Tiger who has set up home in the centre of Chelmsford! The strange thing is it is a rival for Poundland! You might be wondering if I am having an off day writing this, but the shop is called Tiger and it is situated in the main shopping area close to the market.

        It has actually been there for 9 months, but I have only just discovered it because I walked past it many times, believing it to be a fly by night shop, just like so many we have in the town now. Situated close to Vision Express I noticed it when I went to collect my contact lenses and so I decided to venture in.

        Tiger is actually a Danish company. I was told this by the very helpful assistant when I was paying at the till, and I further verified this when I returned home and visited the website which you can find at www.tigerstores.co.uk.

        The shop started life in Copenhagen 10 years ago, and due to its outstanding success now has stores in Iceland, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden, and now most recently in The UK in 5 stores. These are in Basingstoke, Chelmsford, North Finchley, Ealing and Hammersmith.

        Each year they distribute over a million copies of their catalogue to every household in Denmark!

        Now to imagine their stores is to see the clean simplicity and quality of IKEA with the price and product style of Poundland. The goods are priced at £1, £2, £3, £5, and £10.

        Walking into the Chelmsford store is amazing. There is so much in there, but without the crowds and queues of Poundland it makes it easy to look at things, whatever time of day you visit. Having said that the shop is busy and there are no shortages of customers.

        The shop oozes quality and it not selling anything which looks cheap or tatty. There are departments from children's toys to shampoos, from computer accessories to make up, and from crisps made in Sweden to every thing you could wish for to do a great BBQ. It has a stock which changes from week to week, but the look of the items is high standard for sure.

        I was really amazed at what was in there and the prices which seemed really cheap for the quality. It was also incredibly well organised, with items in baskets and everything neat, tidy and orderly allowing choosing things to be simple and easy.

        I would recommend you have a look at the website because although it is not mail order it gives a great idea of the kind of stock which is available in the stores.

        I have bought some tools for the BBQ which my husband was amazed about, because the price was brilliant for the quality which is first class. We tried the Swedish crisps and thoroughly enjoyed them. I tried the eye shadow for £1, two shades of green which looked lovely, didn't crease, lasted all day, and was just as good as my normal brand. They have a brilliant collection of stylish black and white contemporary kitchen items, and I bought some of these which are again high quality.

        They do some excellent inexpensive storage items such as basket weave boxes, and endless items to tidy up desks and offices.
        The range of candles is immense and this is probably what attracted me to the store in the beginning as they had part of their range in the window. Best of all they stock an up to date range of reading glasses for £3 which are excellent, and I bought several pairs in different colours.

        Certainly the prices are excellent value; the selection is extensive and a little bit different, which I really like. They had bars of daffodil and plum soaps which really smell so pretty.

        To get the most out of this store I think a weekly visit may be in order so you can take advantage of whatever is available. You need an open mind as just like Poundland you know the type of items you will find, but not the exact ones. The exciting thing about this shop is it is such a novelty to walk round, where everything is new and unfamiliar. It makes for an interesting journey from the door to the checkout as you traverse aisles of new discoveries as you go.

        I hope it grows to be a company with branches all over the UK because as yet it is confined to London, and a small radius outside. They are looking to expand into more towns near to London so hopefully they may succeed as time goes by. Certainly with the economy as it is we are all looking for a bargain, and it's so much more interesting to buy a Danish one. Cheap they may be, but they are unique too, so whatever you buy in there may become a talking point!


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