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Almondy Snickers

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Type: Other Desserts

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    4 Reviews
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      03.07.2009 21:30
      Very helpful



      There's no nickers in it !!

      There is an odd reason for my buying this cake, so here it is. With all this hot weather, we had been discussing fan's at work and I said I was looking for one and someone had said that Morrison's were selling the tall ones for under £15. I don't normally go to Morrison's as Asda is closer to me but there is one in Town, so off I went. After trawling every inch of the store they were sold out of the fans, but I had noticed these cakes in the freezer at the end of the aisle with £1 off making it £1.99. I thought this cold cake will help keep me cool, seeing as i could not get the fan!! (That is TOTALLY the best excuse for buying this gorgeous looking cake).

      ***The Packaging***

      It is a square, thicker than average cardboard box. The box opens from the side, it has a small tab and slit (like a cereal box) so the box can be kept closed after opening. Inside the box, the cake is on a circular cardboard plate. The picture on the box is what drew me closer as you can see in the picture above, it just looks amazing. The fact that it also has Snickers in it, is even better.

      ***The Product***

      Considering that the cake just stands around an inch tall, it has many layers. Let me start at the bottom. It is described on the box as being an almond biscuit base, but to me it was a cross between biscuit and sponge. It definitely was not crisp, but it was a bit stiffer than sponge. The next layer is nougat cream, then another layer of almond biscuit/sponge. Next, a layer of that smooth snickers caramel. A very generous sprinkling of crunchy peanuts, and finally, topped with a good layer of creamy milk chocolate.
      The box suggests that this cake serves 6-8 and can be cut frozen. It takes 10 minutes to defrost one slice but 30 minutes for the whole cake.

      ***The Taste***

      It is a very sweet dessert and so I recommend cutting it into the 8 slices, which I did. I think that all the layers compliment each other, the biscuit/sponge is much less sweet and so they blend well together. You also get a good mix of all the textures, this also differs if eating at room temperature or from the fridge. If eating at room temperature it get's a bit gooey, so I preferred it from the fridge.

      ***Serving suggestions***

      The box suggests serving with fruit, berries or ice-cream, I quite fancied trying it with pouring cream, but I'm glad I didn't have any, it would probably have been too sickly.

      ***The Facts***

      This cake is gluten-free so is suitable for coeliacs, it is free from artificial colourings and preservatives.

      Each 1/8 slice contains:
      257 kcals
      14.2g sugars
      15.9g fat
      4.8g saturates.

      I recommend this treat if you are a big fan of snickers and all things sweet, it is very nice. It is a nice change to all those regimented sponge cakes out there. The Almondy brand also does other cakes, one very similar to this one but with dime bar on it, or rasberry or lemon cheesecakes.

      for more info visit www.almondy.co.uk


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        21.05.2009 14:04
        1 Comment



        Not a good product. Save your money and buy something else.

        This dessert looks nice on the packaging, and it is backed up by the well known brand of Snickers. I saw this in the freezer cabinet of my local supermarket and it was on special offer so I thought it was well worth a try. I bought it for my boyfriend and I to share as we both really like the Snickers chocolate bar. This was no chocolate bar! We both disliked this product. There is a rather odd gelatinous layer in the middle and it all tastes quite synthetic and cheap. The texture is not at all like a nice sturdy Snickers bar. This was such a disappointment that in the end we had to throw it away as it was taking up space in the freezer! I would not buy this again as there are many more desserts to buy in this price range that are much nicer!


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          28.03.2009 12:00
          Very helpful



          Try it!

          My mum has just had a hip replacement operation and as she is the driver out of both my parents we took my dad shopping to Morrisons last week. I didn't really want much (yet my shopping bill still came to £24!) but stocked up on a few items. I wandered over to the frozen dessert section and straight away this took my eye- the fact it had a £1 off was even more tempting! I bought one and decided that we would try it that night after tea....Mmm!!

          The taste~
          Well, the tarta consists of an almond biscuit base and is layered with butter cream then on top is the icing on the cake (so to speak!)- pieces of peanuts smothered in milk chocolate.
          Now I was a bit excited about trying this and cut myself quite a large piece (to test it for the rest of the family you understand). The first few mouthfuls were heavenly but after a few spoonfuls I found it quite sickly as it is very rich.

          The packaging~
          The tarta comes in a flat, square shaped box with 'Almondy' wrote in swirly brown letters at the top and underneath is a picture of a slice of the said tarta and a few berries on a plate (to make it look more appealing).

          What it contains~
          Ingredients are= sugar, egg white, cream, egg yolk, butter(7.5%), almonds(7%),apricot kernels, vegetable fat, buttermilk powder, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, milk fat, whey powder, sweetened condensed skimmed milk, salt, syrup, brown sugar, emulsifier(soya lecithin), glazing agents(maltodextrin, gum arabic), carrot extract, and flavouring. Also it says on the box that it may contain traces of nuts, though as it's a nut based dessert I think people with allergies may already be aware of that!

          This is a 400g gluten free frozen dessert, and serves 6 to 8 people. The good thing about this dessert is it can be sliced quite easily whilst frozen and actually defrosts in 10 minutes.

          This is a very nice and rich dessert and is worth trying if you have a sweet tooth!
          I bought this when it was on offer at Morrisons costing £1.95 though the normal price will be £2.95 there, other shops may vary.


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            25.03.2008 13:41
            Very helpful



            A frozen nutty dessert suitable for coeliacs

            Are you nutty? I love nuts and when I noticed a new box in the frozen desserts section of Tesco this week I decided to treat myself to an Almondy.

            You would be forgiven for thinking, like I did that this was an almond dessert, but although it looks like almonds in the chocolate on the picture it is actually peanuts, as this one contains Snickers, but there are almonds in the base.
            The box is very attractive with the name "Almondy" in large letters and a lovely picture of a slice of the authentic Swedish almond tårta- this one with Snickers. Is says Defrost in only 10 minutes, serves 6 - 8, and most importantly is Gluten free.

            I say most importantly because if you or a family member suffer with celiac disease then this is wonderful news for you! A great dessert, which incidentally, it is possible to cut a slice when frozen, with a hot sharp knife and return the rest to the freezer, so although it serves 6 -8 people it is still suitable for a single person.

            All the tårta are baked in Gothenberg, Sweden and are gluten free, but do contain nuts and dairy products, so not suitable for everyone unfortunately. The product needs defrosting before eating, it takes 10 minutes for 1 slice - as it says on the box, but 30 minutes for the whole tårta. It can also be defrosted in the microwave oven for 25-30 seconds for 1 slice or 90 seconds for the whole tårta.

            There are two layers of almond biscuit base sandwiched with a butter nougat cream and topped with caramel and peanuts, which is the Snicker part and then smothered in milk chocolate.

            What does it taste like?

            Well the Snickers is predominant and it tastes of peanuts and chocolate, but if you like Snickers you will love this. There is a mixture of textures, the base is quite soft and the filling creamy, the nuts obviously are crunchy and the caramel smooth and gooey. Can you tell I loved it!

            How did I serve it?

            I decided to be naughty and poured double cream on top! But they suggest serving with fruit or ice cream and on their website there are some ideas, just how to make this look like a dessert served in a 1st class restaurant.


            I admit being surprised that egg whites was the first ingredient, then sugar so I presume this was the base, made like a meringue but then ground almonds and apricot kernels are added to this I have made something similar but mine was crispier. The ingredient list is not a frightening one and there are no E numbers in sight. . Peanuts are in 3rd place, so you do get a real crunch. Other things like condensed milk, egg yolk, cocoa mass and butter, all fairly ordinary items.

            If you're on a diet don't read!

            If you cut it into 8 portions, (which I think is too small!) then this is 257kcal, add fruit, cream etc and it's really high on calories. There is 6.2gr protein so that is good news for vegetarians, who need protein from other sources than meat. Fat I'm afraid is rather high at 15.9gr, but there is some fibre although not a lot and sodium is 87mg.


            It will keep in a 3 star freezer until the Best before date - on my box that is February 2009! Otherwise it's 3 months in a2 star freezer, I month in a 1 star and a week in a refrigerator.


            Selling price is £2.95 but there is a £1 off at Tesco's at the moment.

            Almondy make several different desserts, if you want to know more visit

            ***Also on Ciao and my name there is jo145***


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