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Alpro Soya Yoghurts OY Smooth Peach & Pear

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Type: Yoghurts

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    3 Reviews
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      29.09.2011 21:52
      Very helpful



      It's great to eat yogurt again! Thank you Alpro Soya!

      Alpro Soya do a whole range of differenct products whih are made from soya, this means they are dairy free, great for those of us who are on a diet or like me are lactose intolerant as well as vegitarians an vegans! I've tried other alpro Soya products such as milk but none have really impressed me that much...until I tried these yogurts! They defitly ARE not as good as an actual yougurt but for someone like me who has to avoid them at all costs to avoid cramping stomachs and other IBS symptoms they are great!

      The yogurts come in a pack of four with two Strawberry and Banana and two Peach and Pear. They used to be called "oy" on the packaging but now are just "Alpro soya yogurt smooth". It would be great if the packaging was more distinct than normal yogurts, they follow the traditional yogurt packaging which is not aimed at children which consists of pictures of the fruit in quite subtle colours, a more distinct wrapping would help my sister remember not to touch my yoghurts!!!! It clearly displays the Alpro Soya yogurt which makes them easy to spot on supermarket shelves but when they are sitting individually in the fridge and not in the external wrap around the logo is not so easy to see, hence my sisters confusion!

      The yougurts are decent priced at £1.59 for 4 in Morrisons who sometimes do buy one get one free offers on them as well. The tubs contain 125g which is a sort of normal amount for yogurt tubs, they are not quite as cheap as basic supermarket own brand yogurts but they are reasonable and it is a decent price to pay to be able to eat and enjoy yogurt again! They are widely available and I have found most supermarkets sell them at the £1.59 mark but it's worth looking around for offers or buying multiples if offers are on! I buy a lot of alpro soya products and have been saving up the Treat codes that come with them, I've redeemed some online so far and got a nice wee branded cereal bowl!

      The taste is very similar to normal yogurts with the same flavour and the only thing that made it slightly different was the taste was not as strong. The texture is smooth and creamy just like a normal yogurt and this allows me to satisfy any cravings I have for yogurt! It's great to be able to have yogurts as snacks again and although the taste is slightly compromised it is not enough for me not to love them! Strangely enough these yogurts actually smell really nice, better than normal yogurts which don't usually have a smell it's actually quite fruity!

      For those who are lactose intolerant and have IBS these yogurts contain an active probiotic culture which is meant to be good for the lining of the gut, obviously when you cannot take lactose things like actimel are out the question so these are a great tasting alternative. In my view they are even better than actimel for getting a dose of probiotic as it actually has a similar texture and taste to probiotic rather than the watery weak consistency of other products!

      Yum Yum Yum!!!!


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      20.10.2009 02:03
      Very helpful



      I highly recommend these wonderful yogurts.

      These yogurts now come in a four pack with the strawberry and banana flavour (you get two of each) plus the packaging and name have changed too, they're now called 'Alpro Soya Yogurt Smooth' instead of 'Oy'.
      They're not really marketed as a children's yogurt anymore but my receipt still said 'Alpro Junior Yofu' (I'm not sure what the 'Yofu' bit means!).

      They cost £1.59 for four 125g yogurts and I bought mine in Sainsbury's although many supermarkets stock them these days as well as some health food shops.

      They currently come with Alpro Treat codes which you can redeem online for various things from cereal bowls to yoga mats! (You have to save up but if you buy other Alpro products like soya milk then they'll soon add up).

      These yogurts are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, people with nut allergies (produced in a nut-free environment), people with lactose intolerance and are made with non-GM soya beans.

      They contain live cultures that aid digestion and 15% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of calcium.

      The pot says to shake well before eating so I did exactly that and when I removed the lid, which peeled off easily, there was no yogurt stuck to it, instead the surface of the yogurt was completely smooth! As soon as I put my spoon in, the little air pocket popped and it then looked like a normal yogurt.

      It has a tropical fruit type smell and it's a pale peachy-yellow colour. The yogurt doesn't have any bits in although there were a couple of tiny dark flecks in it but I guess that's to be expected from a fruit yogurt. It looks like there are some small lumps in the yogurt but you don't feel these in your mouth at all while eating it.

      The top had a very thick consistency but that's the usual bit that's you lick off the lid (well, I do anyway!).

      The rest is lovely and smooth without being either too thick or watery. It has a wonderful fruity flavour, it definitely tastes like peach and pear to me. I found it quite refreshing and also quite mouth-watering too.

      These yogurts taste fabulous on their own, over cereal or in smoothies I highly recommend them!

      Water, fruits (11%) [peach (6.8%) and pear (4.3%)] hulled soya beans (7.8%), sugar, fructose-glucose syrup, tapioca starch, modified maize starch, tri-calcium phosphate, fruit and plant concentrate, vitamins C, riboflavin and B12, flavouring, stabiliser: pectin and agar, seat salt, acidity regulator: citric acid, live cultures: S. thermophilus and L. bulgarious.

      Nutritional Information:
      (per 100g)
      Energy 340kj/81kcal
      Protein 3.9g
      Carbohydrates 10.5g
      of which sugars 10.0g
      of which lactose nil
      Fat 2.2g
      Fibre 0.8g
      Sodium 0.05g
      Calcium 120mg (15% RDA)
      Vitamin C 5.5mg (9% RDA)
      Riboflavin 0.24mg (15% RDA)
      B12 0.15µg (15% RDA)


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      31.05.2006 19:58



      Surprisingly pleasent yogurt

      This is an excellent low fat,low calorie yogurt. Not as thick as I was expecting for a Soya based food, but very pleasently surprised by the sweet taste. The one I had also had added calcium. Apro have gotten over the earlier problems of that "Chalky" sensation that was reported in previous reviews.

      Each pack, according to another review, contains 82 calories, which is ideal for those following a low calorie diet.

      There were no bits in the yogurt (Though the tastes were definitely present. Some might call this a smoothie, though (In my opinion) it was a little too thick for that. The packs come as a pack of four. Each individual pack is white featuring basic (Shelf life) details on the foil lid. It would have been nice for the nutritional information to appear on each tub, rather than the pack wrapping, which is often disposed when one is used.

      This yogurt would be ideal for those who are lactose intolerant and possibly those who are type 1 diabetic. There are low levels of sugars in the yogurts but I know some eat these without ill effect.


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    • Product Details

      Ingredients: Water, Fruits(11%): Peach (9%), Pear (2%), Hulled Soya Beans (7.6%), Sugar, Fructose-Glucose Syrup, Rice Syrup, Modified Maize Starch, Colouring Fruit and Plant Extracts, Tri-calcium Phosphate, Stabilisers: Pectin, Agar, Flavouring, Sea Salt, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Selected cultures: S.thermophilus, L.bulgaricus, Vitamin: Riboflavin. Gluten free, Wheat free, Dairy free, Egg free, Nut and nut derivities free, Artificial colours free, Maize.

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