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Alpro Soya Yoghurts OY Smooth Strawberry & Banana

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    4 Reviews
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      15.05.2012 15:31
      Very helpful



      Delicious and really smooth!

      I recently decided I'd like to cut back on eating dairy products and try and head towards a vegan lifestyle. One of the things I've stopped eating is milk-based yogurts and I have started eating soya products instead. I saw these Alpro soya yogurts in my local Morrison and though they looked really tasty. The packaging was eye catching as it shows bright pictures of fruit. I also liked that the word 'Smooth' is emblazoned on the packaging so you know exactly what you are getting.

      To update the information on Dooyoo, this product is now sold in an assorted pack. In a pack of four you get two of these Strawberry and Banana yogurts and two Peach and Pear. The pack comes in a cadboard wrap packet which has all the product information printed on it. The top of the sleeve has an easy calorific guide which tells you that there is 96 calories per pot. There is also a helpful logo which says "100% plant goodness" so there is no confusion about the ingredients source.

      Alpro Soya are one of my favourite brands. I'm a vegetarian and I often drink their delicious soya milk. The brand always print claims on their packaging about the environmental impact of soya products compared with animal based dairy products. Soya protein products apparantly use "5 times less land and 10 times less water".

      There is lots of information printed on the sleeve regarding the nutritional values of these yogurts. There is 2.0g of fat per 100g of Strawberry and Banana and 1.9g in the Peach-Pear variety. The yogurts are a blend of yogurt cultures and soya with real fruit added. The fruit is basically blended to a pulp as the yogurts are so smooth. If you read the ingredients you'll also see the percentage of fruit in each yogurt variety. So it's 7.6% strawberries and 3.4% bananas for the Strawberry-Banana variety and 7.6% peach and 3.6 pear for the other yogurt variety.

      Alpro Soya say these yogurts also have added calcium and vitamins B2, B12, C and D. The B12 is particularly important for vegetarians/vegans. These yogurts are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and they are also free from any artifical sweeteners and colours.

      I've noticed that whenever I've eaten these yogurts before they tend to be slightly watery around the top when I peel back the lid of the 125g pot. You might want to stir the yogurt like I do before eating to ensure an even texture throughout the pot.

      I was really surprised at just how smooth these yogurts actually are. I am not to keen on eating yogurts with 'bits' in but these have no bits at all! They are rather like a children's yogurt or perhaps a very soft fromage frais. The creaminess of these yogurts is astonishing and it's almost hard to believe there is no cows milk or cream in the blend. I really love the silky texture.

      The flavour of the Strawberry Banana yogurts is the nicest to me and I love the sweet subtle strawberry flavour and the gooey banana. The yogurt is pale pink and has no strawberry seeds or anything like that you might expect to find. The Peach and Pear yogurt is a luminous yellow colour and has more of a tart fruity flavour - more of an adult taste I would say.

      I am really pleased with this purchase. This was the first time I'd had the 'Smooth' variety and they are now my major preference over the other Alpro Soya yogurt products which have chunkier fruit pieces in them. I would definitely recommend these to anybody, not just veggies or vegans either. I also think children would love the soft consistency and gentle flavours in these.



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      20.10.2009 12:00
      Very helpful



      I highly recommend these wonderful yogurts.

      These yogurts now come in a four pack with the peach and pear flavour (you get two of each) plus the packaging and name have changed too, they're now called 'Alpro Soya Yogurt Smooth' instead of 'Oy'.
      They're not really marketed as a children's yogurt anymore but my receipt still said 'Alpro Junior Yofu' (I'm not sure what the 'Yofu' bit means!).

      They cost £1.59 for four 125g yogurts and I bought mine in Sainsbury's although many supermarkets stock them these days as well as some health food shops.

      They currently come with Alpro Treat codes which you can redeem online for various things from cereal bowls to yoga mats! (You have to save up but if you buy other Alpro products like soya milk then they'll soon add up).

      These yogurts are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, people with nut allergies (produced in a nut-free environment), people with lactose intolerance and are made with non-GM soya beans.

      They contain live cultures that aid digestion and 15% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of calcium.

      I shook the pot well before opening (as the packaging suggests) and the lid easily peeled off to reveal that none of the yogurt had stuck to it, so no lid-licking for me!

      It has a typical yogurty smell and is a very pale pink colour. It looks very smooth too, I couldn't see any bits at all.

      The top had a very thick consistency even though I shook it well but I find this happens with most yogurts, although this thick bit is usually stuck to the lid.

      The rest is lovely and smooth without being either too thick but it does seem a little thin for my tastes. It's sweet and doesn't have that sourness of some soya yogurts. It has a nice flavour that's mildly strawberry but not overpowering and I couldn't really taste any banana flavouring at all.

      These yogurts taste fabulous on their own, over cereal or in smoothies I highly recommend them!

      Water, fruits (11%) [strawberry (7.7%) and banana (3.4%)] hulled soya beans (7.8%), sugar, fructose-glucose syrup, tapioca starch, modified maize starch, tri-calcium phosphate, fruit and plant concentrate, vitamins C, riboflavin and B12, flavouring, stabiliser: pectin and agar, seat salt, acidity regulator: citric acid, live cultures: S. thermophilus and L. bulgarious.

      Nutritional Information:
      (per 100g)
      Energy 341kj/81kcal
      Protein 3.9g
      Carbohydrates 10.7g
      of which sugars 10.0g
      of which lactose nil
      Fat 2.2g
      Fibre 0.8g
      Sodium 0.05g
      Calcium 120mg (15% RDA)
      Vitamin C 5.5mg (9% RDA)
      Riboflavin 0.24mg (15% RDA)
      B12 0.15µg (15% RDA)


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        17.07.2009 17:20
        Very helpful



        A good alternative to dairy.

        I don't know about soya being healthier for you like some people claim, but I have no choice but to eat soya milk or eat nothing. I'm allergic to dairy, always have been. When I was young there was almost nothing for us allergy ridden folk, the had soya yoghurts, but they tasted really bad. Really horrid, meaning I simply never had yoghurt. Then some years back I saw these - Alpro Soya yoghurt.

        ~What is it?~
        It is a dairy alternative to yoghurt, instead of being made from cows milk it is made from hulled soya beans and it comes in a variety of flavours,
        -strawberry and banana (harder to find),
        -peach and mango
        -Organic peach and blueberry
        -raspberry and vanilla (but sadly not just vanilla alone, although I've heard they have brought one out) and some pudding varieties such as chocolate and custard.

        It normally costs about 1.20 for a pack of four, which isn't too bad, not as cheap as really cheap yoghurts, and not as expensive as the pricey ones. You can't buy them in more than a pack of four though. They come in 125g pots, which is a nice size.

        As a rule, I don't much like the taste of soya, I didn't mind it as a child, but when I grew up I realized that milk shouldn't be a weird yellow brown like soya milk, nor should it taste sickly sweet. I have tried most soya yoghurts and been disgusted more often than not, but Alpro is the best.

        It smells strongly (and very appetizingly) of whichever fruit you chose, rather than of soya, which is a bonus. It is thick, not watery, and fairly creamy. The only thing I dislike is the aftertaste, it's that dry soya flavour on the back of the tongue that makes you want to drink lots of water. As a bonus it doesn't seem to go off, nor does Soya milk really, it takes a fair few weeks, then it goes lumpy. But these yoghurts last well, I just ate one that's 2 weeks out of date!

        Personally I prefer normal yoghurt - like Muller, but it makes me ill, so mostly I'll choose Alpro.The only thing I would suggest is - never buy anything 'chocolate' flavoured from the Alpro team, because it doesn't taste like chocolate, indeed the strange taste is almost reminiscent of Bovril! Same goes for the custard, it just doesn't taste nice at all, very much an overpowering taste of soya, but the cream is quite nice, or Soya Dream as they call it, the best cream out there.

        ~In Conclusion~
        If you are allergic to dairy, then it's your best choice (unless you make your own?) or if you are a vegan I suppose, but if you are doing it because of a misguided sense of the health benefits associated with soya, I really wouldn't think it worth it. But that's just my opinion, because I want REAL yoghurt.


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        17.03.2008 09:33
        Very helpful



        A great tasting yoghurt!

        When I was shopping in Tesco at the weekend I decided to get some yoghurt and began to look at the huge array of products in all shapes, sizes and flavours. My eye was caught by the special offers - of course!

        The Alpro Soya Yoghurts were priced at £1.31 for a pack of four or £2 for two packs. As I know that soya is good for helping to reduce cholesterol I decided to try a couple of packs.

        The one pack contained two each of Red Cherry and Peach and Mango and the other contained two each of Peach and Pear and Strawberry and Banana. There were other flavours available but these were the ones that appealed to me the most.


        The four plastic yoghurt pots are all attached together at the top ready to be snapped apart for use. These are then all wrapped round in a cardboard sleeve, so plenty to be recycled then! The cardboard sleeve has Alpro Soya in bright blue together with pictures of the fruit contained in the enclosed yoghurt and a note of what flavour combinations they are. We are also told that this product is low in saturated fat and contains Probiotic Bifidus which allegedly helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

        Incidentally is anyone else suspicious of these sorts of things that are supposed to be so good for us? I get the impression that someone invents the names and then the advertisers set about trying to convince us that our lives will be so much better if we buy products that contain the things they have dreamed up. Maybe I am just getting cynical in my old age!

        Nutritional Information

        The pots themselves each contain 125g of yoghurt.

        The first thing that I would say here is that as usual the nutritional information is given in the form of amount per 100g which can be a bit misleading when the pots themselves are 125g.

        Calories 81 (so that would be about 100 calories per pot)
        Protein 3.9g
        Carbohydrates 10.7g
        Of which sugars 10g
        Of which lactose nil
        Fat 2.2g
        Of which saturates 0.4g
        Of which mono-unsaturates 0.5g
        Of which polyunsaturates 1.3g
        Fibre 0.8g
        Salt 0.128g
        Calcium 120mg

        Other Information

        This product is produced in a nut free environment as so would not cause any problems for people with nut allergies. It is lactose free and so suitable for those with a dairy intolerance and also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The soya beans used to make the product are not genetically modified. They are also suitable for children from the age of 6 months.

        For more information visit www.alprosoya.com

        The Taste Test

        I peeled back the lid (licked it, naturally) and looked at the yoghurt. It is a dull, pinky colour. There are no bright, fresh colours which would imply artificial colourings. These pots of yoghurt contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colouring.

        The smell is very much like any other yoghurt and I could smell the strawberry more so than the banana.

        The yoghurt itself is very smooth and contains small pieces of strawberry.

        The taste is similar to standard yoghurt although it isn't as creamy - obviously because it doesn't contain milk.

        I could taste the strawberries, but the banana was more of a background flavour if you can understand what I mean. Looking again at the cardboard wrapper the strawberries make up 7.7% of the yoghurt and the banana makes up 3.4%.

        I was quite happy eating this yoghurt on its own and I really enjoyed it but I would think that it would be equally enjoyable eaten with cereal or fresh fruit.

        In Conclusion

        I am impressed with the taste of Alpro Soya and would certainly buy this product again and if it does help to reduce my cholesterol so much the better.

        By the way I will just say that the claim to reduce cholesterol is not made anywhere on this product it is just that I happen to know soya is helpful in this area of health.


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