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Alpro Soya Yoghurts Raspberry & Vanilla+Calcium

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Brand: Alpro / Type: Yoghurts

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    8 Reviews
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      13.05.2010 16:47
      Very helpful



      They simply taste great.

      I'm one of those people who love yoghurts, and tend to have one for breakfast every morning so when I found out that I was lactose intolerant I was really worried that my yoghurt days were over. After trying Soya milk I was instantly put off and so I didn't try the yoghurts for months. I tried various other varieties but they weren't at all nice so as a last resort I tried these and I'm so glad I did!

      Alpro soya describe them simply as "A delicious dairy free alternative to yogurt made with a blend of soya beans and real fruit with calcium and vitamins. Naturally low in saturated fat." And they really don't need to say a lot more.

      You buy them in your standard 4x125g pots. The packaging on the pots themselves is very eye catching with a soft green and white background and eye catching bright pink raspberries on the front. All the nutritional information etc can be found on the equally eye catching cardboard sleeve. Clearly stating that these yogurts are low in saturated fat, dairy free, and contain calcium.

      Nutritional values per 100g/100ml
      Energy value 76Kcal / 320KJ
      protein 3.7g
      carbohydrate 10.4g
      of which
      sugars 9.2g
      lactose 0g
      fat 1.9g
      cholesterol 0mg
      fibre 1.2g
      sodium 0.04g
      calcium 120mg
      vitamin B2 0.21mg
      vitamin B12 0.38µg
      vitamin D2 0.75mg

      So not only are these yoghurts good for us lactose intolerants but they are a healthy alternative for anyone! With a longer shelf life than standard yoghurts they're much handier too.

      Now the important part.. taste!
      As I mentioned previously I am a big yoghurt fan and always have been and I can honestly say that these raspberry and vanilla yoghurts are much tastier than any other raspberry yoghurt I have had. It's not really sweet and you get that almost sharp taste that you would get if you were eating a fresh raspberry with the undertone of vanilla complimenting it beautifully. It's a thick and creamy yoghurt that is vibrant pink colour with some small raspberry bits running through it. Occasionally the yoghurt can kind of separate but a quick stir soon resolves this.

      I buy them from any supermarket that I visit and find that they are easily found. I tend to pay around £1.50 for the pack of 4 and very often find them on special offer.

      I would definitely recommend these yoghurts and not only to those with allergies or intolerance but they're also great for vegans and those on a low fat diet. In fact they're great for anyone and everyone and I would recommend them to you all!

      For those of you who have never tried them I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and because of all of this i'm going to give it 5/5 stars!


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      31.01.2010 21:40
      Very helpful



      Dairy free yoghurt. Not real cream, but not bad.

      Alpro soya yoghurt surprised me by being a tasty alternative to yoghurt for those of us who want to eat dairy but really shouldn't. In the interests of reviewing, I've been working my way through their different flavours. This one is for their raspberry and vanilla flavour, which was on special offer of four 125g tubs for £1 from my local supermarket.

      Since giving up dairy, desserts (especially when I eat out) have more or less become a thing of the past. The mere sight of a fruit salad when everyone else is tucking in to chocolate fudge cake makes me want to cry. Yoghurts, in my opinion, should be lush, rich and creamy and have cream added. So when I read the cheery label on the box declaiming 100% plant goodness with pictures of seriously gigantic raspberries and flowers, I failed to feel inspired. Sounds far too healthy for a dessert to me.

      But all for the good of the review, I told myself. Plus they have 15% of my calcium RDA in them, so they can't be that bad, can they? Amazingly enough, they were OK. They were on a par with various diet yoghurt brands I've had - close, but not the real thing, but OK enough to be worth having anyway.

      The pots look just like proper multipack yoghurt pots - quite a small portion, but you can always have more than one! I like to mix mine with a diced apple for elevenses to make it go a bit further, or add a handful of granola if I'm having it for breakfast.

      The texture of the yoghurt was a bit unappealing - it has a bit of a habit of curdling and separating. But so does real yoghurt, so don't let that put you off. Give it a bit of a stir and the yoghurt lumps mix in nicely. But the fruity bits stay as lumps, so don't pick this if you don't like bits in your yoghurt! The only part that I really wasn't too keen on was the pips from the raspberries, which get stuck in my teeth.

      Taste-wise, I'd describe it as tasting a bit like mixed fruit cordial mixed with plain yoghurt, rather than either raspberry or vanilla. It's sweet, feels creamy and tastes a bit of pink. What is pink flavour, you ask? Well, you know how synthetic orange flavour tastes nothing like orange, but whatever it has been put into has also been dyed bright orange in colour, so you end up associating the colour with the flavour? Well, this is exactly like that, only it tastes like the colour pink. Pink flavour is supposed to taste like raspberries or strawberries, but to my mind never does. In this case, the actual colour of the yoghurt is closer to purple because it has been dyed, for reasons I don't entirely grasp.

      Nutritionally, each pot has 95 kcal, 11.7g sugar, 2.7g fat, 0.5g saturates, 0.16g salt. Plus the 15% RDA calcium and riboflavin and B12 fortification. The ingredients are water, raspberries, soya beans, several types of sugar, starch, tricalcium phosphate, carrot and elderberry concentrate as colouring(!), flavouring, pectin, agar, citric acid, salt, live cultures S. thermophilus and L Bulgaricus, plus B12 and riboflavin. It's free from lactose, dairy, nut, wheat and gluten and is suitable for vegans.

      Presumably it isn't good for people who want their food to be nicely dead before they eat it - I don't know about you, but I find it a bit creepy to think that I'm deliberately eating live yoghurt. Not creepy enough for me not to eat it, of course, I just picture the little microbes swimming around chatting to one another. Those TV adverts anthropomorphising bacteria and other microbes really do have a lot to answer for.

      In summary, this is an OK bordering on nice substitute for yoghurt for people who can't have dairy or are vegan for other reasons. It tastes a bit like diet yoghurt, but is very sweet. It's easy to tell the difference between this and the real thing, so don't expect miracles.

      Review may be cross posted elsewhere


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        13.01.2010 17:26
        Very helpful



        Lovely creamy flavour & great for the dairy intolerant

        As an asthmatic, I tend to find myself feeling somewhat 'clogged up' if I eat too many dairy products. I used to enjoy a yogurt but it just didn't agree with me. I was therefore delighted when I came across Alpro Soya's range of puddings.

        I have to admit that my all time favourite was the strawberry variety, but these seem to have disappeared now. The choice is now strawberry and fruits of the forest, which I am not keen on, so I have now started eating raspberry and vanilla.

        Alpro's raspberry and vanilla puddings are lovely and creamy. When you first open them, they do have to be stirred as they look runny on top and kind of 'separated'. When they are stirred though, they look smooth and creamy and absolutely delicious.

        Although the raspberry flavour is a bit sharper than the strawberry, I really like it. The only downside is all the raspberry pips that get stuck between your teeth. I don't suppose there is a lot that can be done about this but it is annoying.

        Alpro Soya puddings are low in saturated fat, contain 8 essential amino acids, omega 6 & 3 and have no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours.

        They are more expensive than the average yogurt at £1.50 for 4 x 125g pots. If it wasn't for the fact dairy doesn't agree with me, I would likely buy a nice creamy strawberry yogurt instead.

        If you are dairy intolerant, I would say that these are worth buying. I would be 100% delighted with them, if they would bring back the strawberry only variety, but I am still happy to buy the peach and the raspberry ones.


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          12.01.2010 00:08
          Very helpful



          Bit too much like a melted ice cream

          I have been a vegan for 17 years now and over the last 5 years it has become incredible easy to accommodate any sweet or savory cravings without making everything from scratch.

          Alpro are the leaders in dairy free produce, which inevitably also means the highest price tags. I have enjoyed all the flavours of yoghurt from Alpro so far but this one is a little sweet for my taste. It more like an ice cream with a yoghurt texture.
          It's smooth and creamy with raspberry pip bits. I have a brace at the moment so this is no an irritant.
          To counteract the sever sweetness I find that its good to pour over fresh or stewed fruit.

          I don't ever talk about packaging but when it comes to vegan food products there is a tendency to make it look like some made by the green man using recycled egg boxes. Alpro seem to make an effort to appeal to a slightly more aesthetically appreciative society and it's obviously worked.


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          18.08.2009 15:09
          Very helpful



          buy when on offer!

          I can take or leave eating yogurts; I much prefer to buy the drinkable variety as I'm more likely to consume one if it's in drink form.
          Having said that, on a recent food shopping expedition, hubby picked these up from the yogurt isle and popped them in the trolley as he is a huge yogurt lover.

          He proceeded to eat one when we got home (whilst I was left to put the shopping away may I hasten to add!), and they did look very nice indeed so I pinched one.

          The price and packaging~
          These raspberry and vanilla soya yogurts come sold in a pack of 4 125g little pots and contain 98 calories(per pot). The pots are just average looking - nothing too flash - they have a foil pull off lid which is green in colour and has the words 'alpro soya' in white on a blue background. The side of the pot is a similar design to the cardboard sleeve the 4 pots come in and has a picture of pink, creamy yogurt with tasty looking raspberries in and amongst.
          I suppose the price will vary depending on where you shop but these cost £1.29 from Asda recently - not the cheapest of yogurts, but are they nice..?

          The taste~
          On removing the (easy to pull of) lid you are greeted with a lovely sweet smell - you can detect both the vanilla and raspberry. It certainly smells yummy..
          and it tastes it too!
          On sliding my spoon eagerly into the yogurt I noticed the consistency to be quite creamy, which to be honest is what I expected and indeed prefer. One thing I'm not keen on is runny yogurts that slip off the spoon before I even get to taste it, and this certainly isn't that kind.
          The yogurt was very tasty - you can definitely tell it is made from soya as it is far creamier. The vanilla and the raspberry compliment each other perfectly, and there is whole pieces of raspberry which is nice.

          Some people might instantly be put off if you say it's a soya yogurt, but if you don't normally eat soya food products I would urge people to give these yogurts a try at least as they are very delicious.

          A few bits of miscellaneous for you ~
          *The yogurts are low in saturated fat
          *Contains Live cultures
          *High in calcium
          *Contain all 8 essential amino acids; natural isoflavones and omega 6 and 3
          *No artificial preservatives, colourings or sweetners
          *Can be introduced as part of a balanced diet at 6 months of age
          *The yogurts are lactose free and produced in a nut free enviroment and are suitable for vegetarians/vegans

          They can be found in the chiller isle with all the other yogurts in your supermarket.
          *For more information visit www.alprosoya.co.uk

          I like these and will buy them again, however being on a tight (ish) budget the price is off putting!


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            02.10.2008 01:35
            Very helpful



            Brilliant, one of my favourite yogurts

            I like to try different things when I go shopping as variety is the spice of life, it makes it a lot more interesting so when I went to Tesco with my friend who is lactose intolerant and she picked up a packet of Alpro Soya Yoghurts Raspberry & Vanilla + Calcium I decided to give them a try and bought a packet myself. A packet of 4 125g yogurts cost me £1.43 which isn't a bad price really.

            Some of you might be wondering why she chose these yogurts because she is lactose intolerant, wouldn't any old yogurts be good enough? These are special because they are made from Soya rather than milk which is why she can eat them. What is lactose intolerance? Lactose Intolerance is basically when a person cannot digest the sugars in lactose. This is because their bodies don't create any lactase which breaks down the lactose. It is actually a very common problem and more people suffer from it than you probably realise it is thought that up to 15% of the U.K suffers. The symptoms can range from just getting a stomach ache or eczema after eating lactose right up to vomiting and getting diarrhoea.

            Not only are these a great product for people who can't eat milk or who want to cut it from their diets but they are also good for the rest of us. Fabulous news for me as I really do need to try and be a little healthier. The reasons why they are so healthy for you are that they're:

            Low in Saturated Fat
            They contain:
            Probiotic Bifidius
            Real Fruit
            8 Essential amino Acids
            Omega 6 & 3
            No artificial preservatives, colourings or sweeteners

            A lot of health experts are telling us to more Soya into our diets because it's so good for us and I guess that helped me decide to try these, plus I have tried a lot of other things from the Alpro Soya range and liked them all, I really think these are worth a try for if you want to be a little healthier because they're tasty too.

            The yogurts come in four little pots which are stuck together in the normal way and easy to snap off although I have once found that breaking two pots apart caused one to split right down the edge, this may have just been because I used too much force. Apart from that time I've found them simple to separate. The yogurts come with a piece of cardboard wrapped around the outside of them. The design on the cardboard is a pale blue and green with the dark blue Alpro Soya logo centralised at the top of the box. The rest of the front of the box is taken up by a picture of some of the yogurt with a spoon and then pictures of raspberries and a vanilla flower. It also states that this product contains Probiotic Bifidius, because it's on the front it really stands out as being healthy. On the back of the box are the ingredients, the nutritional information and a bit about why it's good for you (which I included above).

            The ingredients, which I include for people who suffer from allergies are:
            Water, Raspberries (11.1%), Hulled Soya Beans (7.8%), Sugar, Fructose-Glucose Syrup, Tapioca Syrup, Modified Maize Starch, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Colouring (Carrot and Elderberry Concentrate), Flavouring, Stabilisers: Pectin and Agar, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Selected Cultures: Bifidobacterium, S. Thermophilus and L. Bulgaricus, Vitamins: Riboflavin and B12

            So as you can see there is a healthy amount of raspberries which is great for a yogurt as a lot of other versions just contain raspberry flavour, this has 11.1% real raspberries! Plus there are no particularly nasty ingredients in these yogurts so you don't need to worry about polluting your body. The Soya beans and the fruit are both organic and therefore chemical free plus these yogurts are; Free from Lactose, Free From Nuts, Organic, Suitable for Vegans and Suitable for Vegetarians!!!! You can see for sure they are good for you in the nutritional values per 100g:

            Energy kJ/kcal 328/78
            Protein 3.9 g
            Carbohydrates 10.2 g
            Sugars 9.3 g
            Lactose nil
            Fat 2.2 g
            Saturates 0.4 g
            Mono-unsaturates 0.5 g
            Polyunsaturates 1.3 g
            Linoleic Acid (OMEGA-6) 1.17 g
            Alpha-Linolenic Acid (OMEGA-3) 0.14 g
            Cholesterol nil
            Fibre 1.2 g
            Sodium 0.05 g (equivalent as salt) 0.128 g
            Calcium 120 mg
            Riboflavin 0.24 mg
            B12 0.15 µg*

            As you can see they really are healthy but now for the big question, the most important, for me anyway, how do they taste? Well as soon as you've peeled back the foil lid you get a faint hint of raspberry and vanilla which is very pleasant. The smell isn't overhelming, just enough for you to want to try it.

            The taste of the yogurt is even better than the smell, you can really taste the raspberries and unlike if they were merely a flavouring it tastes as though you're eating real fresh fruit. There is also a milder taste of vanilla which is nice, it is there to just compliment the raspberry and not to overpower it. Some people may not like this yogurt because of it's texture, although the yogurt itself is smooth it's full of little bits of raspberry. As you can probably work out this means that people who don't like bits should avoid it. However I like them and really enjoy having actual pieces of raspberry there to eat. Plus as an advantage for those of you who are not keen on the Soya taste you often get with these products, I have good news. The raspberry and vanilla totally wipes out the Soya taste so you have nothing at all to worry about. I think that these yogurts taste amazing and are a real treat for those who like raspberries.

            Now some more good news, these yogurts normally have quite a good expiry date of a few weeks on them so you don't have to eat the straight away, you'll want to though after one mouthful. If you can resist eating them all at once then you need to keep them refrigerated to keep them fresh.

            If you don't like raspberry then don't worry this range also includes yogurts in the following flavours;
            Peach & Pear
            Strawberry & Banana
            Peach & Mango
            Red Cherry

            I've tried all of them but the plain one and absolutely loved them plus Alpro Soya also do a range of different Soya milk's even one which is strawberry flavoured so there's plenty to choose from.

            Overall I think that these yogurts are fantastic, they have a great taste, are very healthy, have loads of raspberries in them and they aren't too expensive. I give them 10 out of 10 and recommend them to anybody and everybody. Enjoy!


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              27.09.2006 11:45
              Very helpful



              Nice, healthy alternative to dairy yoghurt

              The benefits of eating soy are often talked about, whether it be its' potential to lower bad cholesterol, various antioxidant cancer fighting properties, or aid in fighting bone disease. I have tried it in many forms over the years with mixed enjoyment. At present there is a block of tofu in my fridge that may not see the light of day and a nearly expired container of soy milk in the larder. I know it's good for me, it's just so....yeuch.

              I recently purchased a pack of Alpro Yofu yoghurt in raspberry/vanilla flavour. Four 125g pots cost £0.96 from Tesco, so a pretty competitive price compared with standard brand yoghurts. This kind has to be refrigerated, although I have seen other soy desserts which do not. The colourful cardboard packaging has plentiful nutritional information. From the top of the package we learn that the Alpro Soya is low fat, lactose (dairy) free, and contains whole, non-gmo (genetically modified) soy beans. Mmm, er, yummy…
              Further information on the packet informs that the product is:

              "a delicious yogurt-style dessert made with a blend of soya beans, real raspberries, vanilla flavour, and added calcium."

              It is also low in the dreaded saturated fat (87 kcals and 2.2.g fat per 100g), and free from artificial preservatives and colourings. The logo Whole Soya Beans informs us that they "source their beans directly from farmers to ensure that we have complete control and can guarantee that they are of the highest quality." I feel so healthy just reading the package - that's half the battle, right?

              Ok, so I have a slight confession here: I bought this stuff with little intention of ever eating it myself. My mother was coming for a visit, and she has, despite otherwise glowing health, developed high cholesterol. So I decided to (try and) force her to eat plentiful heart healthy foods while she was here. This resulted in many arguments over the fish and chips shop up the road. Stubborn wren. So one night I made a fruit salad for dessert, and we all decided to have yoghurt with it: Me: "Oh I've got this yummy soy yoghurt, you should try that" Mother: (wrinkles nose) "NO." Grrrr, they are still trying to get back at you for all that diaper changing, won't listen to what's good for them, grump hmph...

              So, to prove I am right and she is wrong, I decide to suffer to make my point. However horrible it may taste, I will smile gamely in my healthy righteousness. As I am dolloping the yoghurts, I taste the low fat one first. Sweet, a bit too sweet ("Mmmm this is SWEET" says my Mother). Then I taste the soy "yoghurt", which is surprisingly fruity and yummy compared with the diet yoghurt. It is full of fruity bits, and it really does taste of raspberries. There is nothing fake tasting about it, something I realise I had become used to with most artificially sweetened low-fat yoghurts. I even make the husband have a taste, he who hates anything he is told is healthy and has the metabolism of a whippet (grr!), and even he is surprised at how good it is. Mother reluctantly has a taste but is, as I've mentioned, stubborn as a mule and wouldn't admit it was good even if it tasted like Haagen-Daz. (she :"Mine's better" me: harumph)
              After a few mouthfuls, I do detect a very slight chalky aftertaste, similar to that you get with soy milk. It is not a strong taste, more of a sort of chalky feeling on the tongue. However, this is largely masked by the fruit flavour, and certainly preferable to the tangy, chemical taste of aspartame in my book. I happily finish my soy "yoghurt", contented further by the fact I am doing myself no end of good (if most studies are to be believed).

              Ok I am trying it again just now, and am reminded that this "yoghurt" is very creamy and thicker than many others, and really does taste of freshly picked raspberries. The vanilla flavour is there too, and while it does add sweetness, I think it dulls the fruitiness too much and would like to try a fruit only one in the future. It is not nearly as sweet as most yoghurts, but the crunch of real raspberries with seeds more than makes up for this. I did try it with fruit added originally, and that might be the ideal way to eat this as it does mask the mild soy taste.

              Overall, I am very pleasantly surprised by how much I like this soy "yoghurt". It is by far the most enjoyable soy product I have tried, and I would definitely purchase this again. I am keen to try it in different flavours. The fact that soy is so often put forth as a wonder food has caused me to have a love-hate relationship with it, but in this product I have finally found a way to have an occasional moment of smug, healthy wholesome-ness. Now, what to do with that moldy tofu…

              List of ingredients:
              Water, Raspberries (10.8%), Hulled soya beans (7.6%), Sugar, Fructose-glucose syrup, Rice Syrup, Modified maize starch, Colour: Fruit and Plant extracts, Raspberry and Vanilla flavouring, Tri-Calcium phosphate, Stabilisers: Pectin & Agar, Sea Salt, Acidity regulator: Citric Acid, Selected Cultures: S.thermophilus ans L. bulgaricus.


              According to Alpro's website they have numerous flavours, however they only seem to carry two at my local Tesco. I would think health food stores might have more of these varieties:

              Strawberry +calcium
              Peach +calcium
              Raspberry and vanilla +calcium
              Organic red cherry
              Organic Peach & Mango
              Forest Fruits+calcium
              Organic Plain
              OY Smooth Peach & Pear
              OY Smooth Strawberry and Banana


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                04.02.2006 19:08
                Very helpful



                Delicous alternative to dairy yogurts. Perfect for everyone.

                Alpro Soya is the European market leader in soya products, and produces a large range of soya-based, dairy free alternatives to milk products. The range of products includes milk, yogurts, desserts and ice cream. I discovered the Alpro range a few months ago when I became vegan. I have been vegetarian for years, and found it quite difficult to find yogurts and desserts without gelatine, so I wish I’d found these sooner.


                The yogurts come in packs of four and each pot is 125g. The pots each have a small sticker on the side showing the flavour, and all of the product information can be found on the cardboard wrapping that encases the four pots. The information is very well presented and easy to read. Nutritional properties as well as the ingredients are clearly stated, and information about the suitability of the products for people on specific diets can also be found (details can be found further down on the page). On the side panel of the packaging there is a box with some key facts, which I believe, are Alpro’s main target points: these yogurts are low in saturated fat, dairy free, and contain calcium. Alpro yogurts are also free from artificial preservatives and colourings. Soya yogurts seem to have a much longer shelf life than dairy yogurts: the pack that I bought this morning has a best-before date for 3 weeks time.

                Taste and consistency

                The raspberry and vanilla flavour is definitely my favourite. The taste is very natural, and much nicer than any other raspberry (dairy) yogurts I’ve had in the past. The flavour isn’t sickly sweet, but has the slight tang that you get from eating fresh raspberries. I could taste a slight vanilla flavour, but it was very subtle. The yogurts are quite creamy and relatively thick. I always like to stir soya yogurts as sometimes they can separate, but don’t let this put you off – a quick stir is all that is needed. The yogurts have a natural pink colour with some raspberry bits, which give the yogurt a natural texture, and I didn’t notice too many raspberry pips. The ingredient list actually states that the yogurts contain 10.8% raspberries, which I think is very impressive, considering most other yogurts contain just “flavouring”. When eating a raspberry and vanilla Alpro yogurt, I really can’t taste the difference between dairy and soya yogurts. I have noticed that some of the other flavours leave a slight soya after-taste (which I don’t actually mind anymore), but I did not experience this with this particular flavour. If you were thinking of changing over to soya produce, then I would say that this is the best flavour of yogurt to start with - one mouthful, and you will be hooked.

                Nutritional Properties

                There are only 87 calories per 100g, which I think is amazing, considering most “low fat” healthy yogurts contain about 130-150 calories, and these taste just as delicious as non low fat yogurts. In terms of fat content, 2.2g is composed of fat, and there is only 0.4g of saturated fat, and there is no cholesterol. It states that a 125g pot of yogurt provides 19% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium, which isn’t bad. If these yogurts are combined with a balanced diet of soya milk (with added calcium) and calcium-rich foods like broccoli, nuts and seeds, then a dairy-free/vegan diet can be very healthy.


                These yogurts are lactose-free and are suitable for people who are lactose / dairy intolerant. They are also perfect for vegans and vegetarians, since they contain added calcium. Alpro soya yogurts are absolutely ideal for people on low fat diets, either for people with high cholesterol (these yogurts contain no cholesterol) or for people who are trying to eat more healthily. The packaging also states that these yogurts can be introduced as part of a balanced diet from six months of age, which I think is very good to know.

                GMO Free

                Alpro soya uses a traceability system to ensure that their products and ingredients avoid contamination with genetically modified ingredients. For me, the fact that there are no GMOs is definitely a benefit, and I think that many people would probably buy Alpro products for this reason alone.

                Price and Availability

                I bought a pack of four Alpro Soya raspberry and vanilla yogurts from Holland & Barrett for £1.29. I must admit that I haven’t seen this particular flavour in any other shops. Tesco do sell some Alpro yogurts, but the flavours seem to be slightly more limited. The price, I think, is fairly consistent where ever they are bought. I think that more and more shops will start stocking the Alpro range as an increasing number of people are cutting out dairy from their diet. The price, for me, is quite reasonable. It works out to be 32p per pot, and I know these aren’t the cheapest yogurts available, but considering they are so healthy and delicious, I think this price is forgivable.


                I would definitely recommend these yogurts, and would say that they are ideal for everyone, whether you are lactose-intolerant, vegetarian, vegan, on a low fat diet, looking for something healthy, or just want to try something new and exciting. These are for everybody. They get all five stars from me.


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              • Product Details

                Ingredients: Water, Raspberries (10.8%), Hulled Soya Beans (7.6%), Sugar, Fructose-Glucose Syrup, Rice Syrup, Modified Maize Starch, Tri-calcium Phosphate, Colour: Fruit and Plant Extracts, Stabilisers: Pectin, Agar, Acidity, Regulator: Citric Acid, Raspberry and Vanilla Flavouring, Sea Salt, Selected Cultures: S.thermophilus, L.bulgaricus. Gluten free, Wheat free, Dairy free, Egg free, Nut and nut derivities free, Artificial colours free.

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