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Ambrosia Banana Custard

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Brand: Ambrosia / Type: Puddings

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    5 Reviews
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      06.07.2012 19:05
      Very helpful
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      Tasty milky treat! A well deserving 4/5 stars, one lost for the sugar content

      I love custard! I'm a huge kid when it comes to custard and I'm very happy to eat it on its own, poured over a pudding, hot or cold! When I was younger I remember having these all of the time as a dessert so when I saw them in Tesco's and remembered how I used to love them so much I had to pop a few pots into my trolley! This particular custard pot is made by the ambrosia food company which is famous for its naturally low-fat products made in the heart of Devonshire. The ambrosia creamery started off in 1930 producing tinned rice pudding and since then has continued to provide us with the creamy tasting ambrosia desserts we have grown to love!

      ~ Product and availability ~
      Ambrosia custard pots are available in most major supermarkets such as Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrison's. You can buy these little individual pots in a range of flavours including Banana (the one im reviewing), chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, original and toffee for around 45p. You can nearly always find them on offer at any 6 pots for £2.00 which is a saving of around 70p. Ambrosia also sell other varieties of desserts including tins of regular custard and rice pudding, flavoured rice pudding snack pots, jelly puds, crumble puds, fruit flakes and sponge puddings.

      ~ Packaging ~
      Ambrosia custard pots come in a plastic 150g tub. The pots design has been updated since Dooyoo posted this product and is now a fieldy farm scene with the grass being the colour of the flavour of custard, so yellow for banana, pink for strawberry, brown for chocolate and so on...this makes the custards flavour easy to identify. Printed on the coloured grass is the flavour of the custard in case you hadn't guessed it already. Poking out of the grass there is a wooden sign with Ambrosia clearly printed in bold blue writing and in smaller font underneath it says full of dairy goodness. The background of the pot is blue to represent the sky - all of this is based on a plain white basic tub. Around the sides and back of the pot you are told the nutritional information, contact details, heating instructions and storage instructions. The pot is topped off with a foil lid with a repeat of the design around the plastic pot itself. I actually think the pot is very nice looking; quite sweet and very child-friendly which I think are the main targeted audience for this product.
      ~ Inside the pot & taste ~
      Peeling back the foil lid you are greeted with a lovely non-artificial looking custard. You can tell its banana by the pale creamy colour but it's by no means a 'fake' looking colour which is quite appealing. The smell is also very natural and not too-overpowering, just a hint of sweet, ripe banana. The taste of this product is very smooth and creamy - just how custard should be! You can definitely taste the banana but it's not too strong that it overtakes the taste of the custard itself. It's very delicately flavoured in my opinion which is nice; some people may find the taste isn't strong enough though. I like eating this both hot and cold depending on how I feel, if it's cold outside I like a nice warming pot of steaming custard if it's hot outside I prefer a nice refreshing, cool custard. I do think this particular flavour tastes better hot though. The consistency of this custard is just right, it's not too thick that it's stodgy and it's not thin that it runs away when you try and eat it. If it's been sitting a while it might need a stir though to get it to the right thickness again as it can settle - but doesn't everything when It's been sitting for a long time? I tend to keep mine in the fridge and then just heat it up if I want to, but they can be kept anywhere as long as it's cool and dry. I think this is definitely the best brand of custard out there; it balances the sweetness and the creaminess just right for me. The size is also great for popping in lunchboxes or in the back of your cupboard!
      ~ Other information ~
      There are 153 calories in a pot of ambrosia banana custard, 4g of fat and 19g of sugar. I have to admit the sugar content is pretty high which explains the sweetness of the custard, but the fat content makes up for this I guess and for a dessert the calories aren't that high.
      Ambrosia banana custard is a source of calcium providing 20 % of your RDA, it contains no preservatives, no artificial colours, it contains 100 % natural flavours and is classed as a low fat food.
      It contains 73 % milk content which is quite good, the rest of the ingredients are mainly sugar and flavourings but strangely there is no mention of banana....?
      Ambrosia banana custard is not suitable for anybody with a dairy allergy; there is no mention of it being suitable for vegetarians so you may want to look into that.
      ~ Overall verdict ~
      I would certainly recommend ambrosia banana custard to anybody who is a fan of the original and I would urge anybody to try it that hasn't yet. I think it's very convenient in its little pot and makes a very tasty, creamy treat. It's also very versatile in the fact that it comes in many flavours so you could have it with a sponge pudding, jelly or fruit to make a change. This would also appeal to anybody watching their fat intake, after all it's not every day you can call a low fat dessert creamy, but with this one you can! I think most children would also enjoy this, but perhaps not on a regular basis because of the sugar content.


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        31.10.2010 11:42
        Very helpful



        Heaven knows how creamy they make it


        Recently I have tried to substitute eating chocolate and biscuits for more healthy snacks. I am trying to eat more fruit but I must admit I find it a bit bland and unsatisfying. So now I am trying various alternatives and with that in mind this week I purchased Ambrosia Banana flavoured custard.


        At my local Tesco supermarket I found that a 150g pot cost 41p. Although I bought three as there was a special off as I could get these three for £1. Ambrosia does a comprehensive range of custards and has become associated with this and a range of rice puddings. In the Ambrosia flavoured custard pots you can also purchase: Devon Custard, Low fat Custard, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.

        ==The Product:==

        These pots are what I would describe as small and compact. They come in a very attractive pot and this one being banana is yellow in colour. The design of the pot is simple but affective with the Ambrosia logo. While on the side you have all the nutritional information, a list of ingredients and customer care details if you are not happy with the product.

        I found this product in the chilled section and it can be stored either hot or cold. I selected cold straight from the fridge, but had a wanted it hot, you just have to take the peel the lid of and put the pot in the microwave for 50 seconds.

        Nutritional information:
        Per 150g pot
        Calories: 153
        Protein: 4.4g
        Carbohydrates: 24.2g
        Of which sugars: 18.6g
        Fat: 4.4g
        Of which saturates: 2.4g
        Sodium: Trace
        Calcium: 158mg


        I found it very easy to peel back the lid and I was immediately greeted by a tempting banana smell. The pot was filled to about 1 cm from the top and rather than the yellow colour I had expected it was a very pale yellow with a texture not dissimilar to yoghurt.

        I have always loved anything associated with bananas so I was really looking forward to tasting this one. The taste was a creamy banana flavour, it was quite rich but not as bananary as I expected. A little sweeter than I would have liked but the creaminess was very enjoyable. It was if not enough bananas had been put in or too many other ingredients had been added to the mix.

        Certainly the taste was appealing and I found I did like the taste, although I thought it should be called Ambrosia creamy custard with a hint of banana. Surprisingly I found a pot was more than enough and because of the thick creamy texture of the custard my hunger was satisfied for several hours.

        ==My opinion of the product:==

        Overall I was disappointed with the product primarily because I thought the taste of it was artificial. I had expected a strong banana flavour but instead I got a creamy rich and sweet flavour that only vaguely reminded me of bananas. It was not an unpleasant taste just not as strong and distinct as I would have liked. As a result I will probably not purchase this particular product again.

        On the positive side this product contains no artificial colours or flavours and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. This product is a good source of calcium as in one pot it contains 19% of the recommended daily intake for an adult. What also impressed me was the shelf life of this product, I am used to having to eat chilled products such as yoghurts within a few weeks of purchasing but I found I had 10 months on this one.

        Part of the appeal of this product is it is versatile, not only can it be eaten hot or cold but also it can be eaten as a pudding or a snack in between meals or as part of your lunch box.

        This product is suitable for vegetarians and although the pot advises this is a low fat product I would dispute that as 153 calories for this seems quite high to me especially when you consider each pot contains 18.6g of sugar. And whilst I acknowledge this product did have a quality feel and rich taste about it it simply wasn't for me.


        For me this product was a disappointment I think that in part was because of my high expectations on an Ambrosia product and my love of bananas. For me the banana flavour was not as strong or pronounced as I would have liked, it was more a sweet, rich and creamy flavour with a hint of banana. I will not be buying this again I think it is quite expensive for its size and the taste just does not cut it for me, but I must admit I will be looking to try the others in the range.

        Thanks for reading my review.

        © CPTDANIELS October 2010.


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          22.10.2010 11:18
          Very helpful



          lovely in every way

          Ambrosia Banana Flavour Custard is so nice it's hard to put into words sweet from the banana, creamy from the custard and has a great texture and sense of fun of eating banana custard.

          Ambrosia custard comes in 150g pots, with a foil lid and we buy them for our two little boys (26 and 11 months), they are the perfect dessert for two boys. They keep in the store cupboard rather than the fridge and are about the right size for a little stomach to cope with as a lunchtime pudding.

          As they are packaged there isn't the messy saucepans and overuse of milk, powder etc and as they are at room temperature you don't have to wait for them to cool down for the little ones to enjoy the product.

          That's the reason for buying them; they come in at around 168 calories calories per pot and around 5g of fat. They do have calcium if you feel the need to find a justification for giving them to your children. They normally cost about 40p a pot but are often available at 3 for a £1.

          The taste

          Custard for many is a memory of childhood tea times and in my household, banana custard used to be produced when the banana's were getting a bit past their best and where chopped into custard. This combination will always remind me of my grandma and her large crystal bowl and silver serving spoon. This ambrosia version is a good impression of those days and has the lovely taste of banana and custard with a decent thick consistency.

          Ambrosia banana custard is simply gorgeous it's thick, perhaps gloopy is not an unpleasant term for a custard and has a decent balance in terms of sweetness and creaminess.
          The downsides
          Well there is a lot of calories for a little pot and well anything the children don't consume tends to get eaten by the adults. Those are minor faults all of which are to do with the eater and not the product.


          These are great little pots of custard perfect for growing children yes they are a bit simple and making custard is a much better way of cooking but as a pick up pot full of custard which can be used as a dessert after tea, I guess as they get older the custard will be poured over fruit or ice cream but for now they feed a pair of little boys stomachs.


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            12.05.2010 23:21
            Very helpful



            A lovely handy sweet banana custard

            How come I ever forgot about ambrosia banana custard? I have no idea yet when in Sainsbury's today I spotted it and remembered all the times I used to sit every Sunday night with a pot of this in front of the heater watching telly. I absolutely loved it and my mam always made sure we had some of these on standby in the fridge yet somehow I forgot about this custard completely till I seen it.

            Ambrosia banana custard comes in a small pot rather than a tin like other custards. The pot is white and yellow in colour and contains 150g. A single pot of this custard costs around 45p.

            The thing that makes this custard different to standard is that it is indeed banana flavoured and the banana smell is delicious and reminds me of banana angel delight. Each pot of banana custard contains:

            Calories: 153

            Fat: 4.4g

            Saturates: 2.4

            I love how these little pots are so handy and they can be used in lunch boxes for kids too which makes something different as a sweet treat. These pots can be eaten hot or cold however with the banana variety the cold option is definitely the tastiest as I think the taste changes when hot. If you do wish to eat the custard hot then the pot can just be put straight in the microwave.

            Banana custard has the same consistuency as usual custard and I think it tastes exactly like banana angel delight which I also love. The custard is very sweet and one pot is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

            Some useful facts:

            Contains no artificial colours or preservative

            No artificial sweeteners

            Low in fat

            A good source of calcium

            Gluten free

            Overall this custard is very handy and extremely tasty and I would definitely recommend to all ages who like usual custard.


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              01.02.2010 22:52
              Very helpful



              Not For Me!!!

              I had a pot of this today after I brought it for my 2 year old sister and she turned her nose up at it, I'm not somebody who usually eats cold custard from a pot but I wasn't going to waste it because it hadn't been touched!

              Ambrosia custard is always yummy but I'm not sure about this one because even though I like banana custard this one tastes a bit forced to me and I'm just not mad keen on the over all flavour of it.

              The custard is rich and creamy, it's very thick with the usual gorgeous Ambrosia taste but the banana taste that has been added to it makes it a bit too sweet for me. It's weird to describe because it's proper synthetic but the banana flavour is still taken over by the taste of the custard. Some mouth fulls I had tasted like plain custard and in others I could deffo taste the banana, it's not that it's mixed bad but for some weird reason my taste buds could only pick the banana out every so often.

              You can have this custard hot or cold, I had mine cold out of the pot.... because I don't carry a microwave round with me! lol It's mega creamy and I was impressed by that, it's the flavour that I wasn't mad about really because I think they could have done loads better with the banana. A better tasting one is the Banana Custard yogurt that Muller sell, you can taste the banana big time in that and I think the custard taste being weaker is deffo better for the over all flavour.

              This one from Ambrosia is quite high in fat, this 150g pot has got 4.4g fat in it and that's high for something that is gone in a few spoon fulls! I paid 37p for it and that's not bad value I suppose if you like stuff like this, I can't give it a madly low rating because it's not a disgusting product but it doesn't suit my tastes and I can see why my sister didn't want to eat it.

              Not recommended.... but ok if you fancy a sweet treat and aren't bothered if it tastes too much of banana or not.


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