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Ambrosia Custard and Rice Pudding Desserts

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8 Reviews

Brand: Ambrosia / Type: Custard

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    8 Reviews
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      30.12.2013 11:06
      Very helpful



      Great item to have all the time

      I don't mind cooking, but baking I enjoy. To be honest, I probably enjoy it because I love eating the end results! Either way, it's something I do regularly, and I tend to bake more sweet than savoury goods. Despite being very time starved, I try to bake often ( at least once a week ). The main reasons for this are because I'm a decent baker, I know exactly what's in it and I can pronounce the ingredients rather than having to take a dictionary out to translate E this and sucrose that, and I tend to have the ingredients in most of the time so the cost is relatively cheap. To accompany my baking we sometimes have custard with it. This particular one was bought for £1.00 in Asda, for a a 1kg box ( also comes in smaller tins ).

      Why did I buy it?

      Custard goes with so many sweet treats, such as cakes, puddings etc, and I've had this particular brand many times over the years. I know the quality, the taste. I'm sure there are some great cheaper alternatives out their, but I know when buying this we all will like the taste. I bought this size and packaging of the custard because it was cheaper than buying the standard tins.

      How is it packaged?

      As mentioned, the standard ready to eat packaging for this product is a tin. The one we have is in a medium sized cardboard rectangular shaped box. Same colouring and design as the tin, mostly blue and green with the depiction of blue skies, green grass and a cow in the field. Product name and brand clearly shown on the front. Basic nutritional information on the bottom right hand corner.

      On the back it tells you the what it is, ingredients, how to heat, serving suggestions, and mentions other products in the range.

      On the side it gives you full nutritional information and company contact details.


      Skimmed Milk, Buttermilk, Sugar, Modified Starch, Vegetable Oil, Whey, Natural Flavouring, Colours (Curcumin, Annatto), Total Milk content 73%

      Basic Nutritional information

      Each 160g portion provides

      Calories 160 8%
      Sugars 18.4g 20%
      Fat 4.6g 7%
      Saturates 2.6g 13%
      Salt 0.16g 3 %

      Definitely not a health snack, but fine in moderation!

      How to heat

      Either, place in a pan and gently heat through, not boil. Or place in a microwavable bowl and heat for 4 minutes at 800w.

      What do we eat this with?

      Most recently (all of these sweet treats were homemade )-

      apple crumble

      chocolate brownies

      vanilla sponge with stewed cinnamon apples

      jam sponge pudding

      cherry flapjacks

      How do we find it?

      I'm never too keen on the cardboard packaging, because I hate opening them firstly. I never follow the little guide on the top corner of where your supposed to open it, I just snip the end off with the scissors! I never manage to get all the custard out and there's always a small amount left in the actual packaging, which would be sorted if I ripped the box apart and scrape the last of it out, but I never do.

      The look of the custard is appealing. It's not too yellow in colour where you think it's very unnatural and glow in the dark, and it's not too pale where you feel it lacks flavour and ingredients. It has a lovely creamy colour to it.

      The consistency is perfect. It has a thickness to it which coats any food it covers well, and despite the fact it's a liquid, it gives any dish added body and substance. This makes it the perfect custard to add to dishes such as trifle (although I'm not a fan ) or to eat cold.

      The taste is smooth and lump free, very creamy and silky. It actually tastes like it has dairy in it. Sweet but not sickly, which means that if the dessert you have with it is quite sweet, this actually tones it down alittle. If the dessert is slightly on the sour or not so sweet side, this gives it a boost on the sugar front.

      No weird aftertaste or chalkiness to it, nor does it feel heavy not only in the mouth but on the stomach.

      As you can imagine, my kids love this stuff! My son regularly fights with his sister if he thinks she has more than him. Anytime they have this, they practically lick out their bowls!

      Suggestions in how to use besides using it with desserts?

      Some of these things I haven't tried but want to-

      Freeze as ice lollies.

      Add to ingredients to make ice cream.

      Use alittle bit like a fondue-warm custard and serve with pieces of fruit, biscuits, small pieces of cake etc.
      Mix with melted chocolate( white if you want it a lot more sweeter, milk if you want the chocolate aspect to it and the colour ) to make it into chocolate custard, and serve. Why not add different flavourings to it that you would when baking, but remember some flavourings are best to be used in food that doesn't require cooking or heating, so double check the packaging.

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would, but only when offer. It's probably the dearest custard out there compared to other brands or supermarkets own. I can't say it's the best because I haven't tried many other versions, but it has to be one of the best and never fails to disappoint. I've never tried to make my own custard and my never, because this is so yummy!

      Great staple product.


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      31.05.2011 17:17



      A great new product that's well worth a try!

      I was browsing the snack aisles in Sainsbury's recently and came across new Ambrosia Custard Coated Fruit Flakes, I was attracted by the distinctive blue and green packaging and then the (rather strange!) concept of fruit covered in custard?! Sounds really odd but at the £1.89 price I thought why not, and wow am I glad I did! They come in individual packets which are great for the kids' lunches but also for a snack to throw in your bag when you're rushing out (as I always seem to be!). And it's not only the kids who like them! Reading the packaging I saw that they are less than 100 calories a packet and as I'm currently on a diet I decided to buy more for myself as well!

      Slight problem is they are really moreish and a couple of times I've found one packet turns into two....but like I said at 100 calories each it doesn't feel too guilty! One of the things I hate most about days out is trying to prepare for every eventuality, especially when you've always got the kids nagging you for sweets, ice cream, chocolate and basically anything that's bad for them! At least with these Ambrosia snacks they satisfy sweet tooth's without being too loaded with sugar!

      All in all a great buy for both kids and adults! See them on the Ambrosia website at: http://www.ambrosia.co.uk/range/ambrosia-custard-coated-flakes/

      Guaranteed yum!!


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      11.04.2010 03:43
      Very helpful



      Ambrosia Custard - creamy, smooth, thick custard.

      The Ambrosia Creamery was founded in 1917 by Albert Morris and originally began making food for infants. As the years passed, their range expanded and their tinned puddings and custard are still very much in demand.

      I have always loved Ambrosia Custard and have been eating it since childhood. I have many happy memories of scraping the very last drops out of the tin and my youngest son loves to do this too. It really is the most gorgeous tasting custard and I have yet to find anything better!

      This custard comes packaged in either a tin or a thick cardboard carton. In fact, there is no lack of choice in the Ambrosia Custard department as you can also buy individual sized pots and flavoured varieties now, including strawberry, banana, toffee, milk chocolate and vanilla.
      I personally prefer sticking with the original and always buy the tins.

      On opening the tin, you find a thick, creamy, soft yellow, coloured custard. It has a sweet, creamy smell and is recognisable straight away as a quality custard. I only ever have it cold and especially love adding it to warm, sponge-based cakes, apple pies and toffee tarts. The cool, fresh, creamy custard, combines wonderfully with warm, soft, moist sponge. It also goes just as well with warm juicy apples and pastry or soft melted toffee (my mouth is now watering!) Ambrosia Custard is wonderfully smooth and I have never found as much as one lump in all the years I have eaten it.

      *Nutritional Value Per 140g Serving*

      Energy - 143 kcal
      Protein - 4.1g
      Carbohydrate - 22.4g
      of which sugars - 16.8g
      Fat - 4.1g
      of which saturates - 2.2g
      Fibre - 0.0g
      Sodium - 0.1g
      Salt Equivalent - 0.14g
      Calcium - 147mg

      This product contains milk. It is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians.

      Ambrosia Custard is available from Tesco in the following:

      Single 425g can - 75p (any 2 for £1 until 20th April)
      3 x 425g can - £1.99
      500g carton - 90p
      1 kg carton - £1.60
      150g pot - 45p (any 3 for £1 until 20th April)

      All the above are also available in a low fat variety and the 150g snack pots are available in a variety of different flavours too.

      Ambrosia Custard is the best tasting custard I have ever had. It is full of flavour and although sweet, it is not remotely sickly. I find that it's lovely on it's own but will also turn any cake, fruit pie or tart into a wonderful filling pudding, that even the pickiest pudding eater will enjoy!

      I would recommended this custard to anyone and in my opinion, it's well worth 5 stars.


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      08.11.2009 17:50
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      see review, thanks for reading.

      I must confess to having a strange relationship with Rice Pudding, visually I cant stand the stuff as it reminds me too much of awful school puddings I had to endure years ago but when I tasted it again many years later I found that I actually quite liked it after all.

      Thats why for me, these little pots of Ambrosia Rice pudding are ideal, I can eat them straight from the tub and dont have to look at a bowlful of it. The variety I normally buy in is the Low Fat one which comes in a 150g blue and white plastic pot with a foil peel off lid.

      Nutrition information on the pot tells me that the whole tub will provide:

      137 kcals
      5.0g protein
      24.9g carbohydrates
      13.2g of which sugars
      2.0g fat
      1.1g of which saturates
      0.1g fibre
      0.1g sodium
      156mg calcium

      Peeling back the lid I am met with the unappealing (to me) sight of little grains of rice contained in a white creamy sauce. The taste however is really light, creamy and delicious, either served cold or zapped in the microwave for 50 seconds so it goes hot I really enjoy the flavour and scrape every last morsel up.

      Its not something I have every day I do admit, but when I do eat it I always enjoy it and find it to be a light desert and is ideal to take to work or school as part of a packed lunch.

      Ingredients reveal that the product contains: skimmed milk, full cream milk, whey, rice, sugar and you are informed that there are no artificial ingredients and that it is a good source of calcium.

      Dairy intolerant people will of course know that this product is unsuitable for them.

      Another good thing about these pots is their shelf life, the one I have in my fridge at the moment has a best before date of May 2010 so will last a long time between buying it and it going off.

      I would certainly recommend these pots if you like a quick fix of rice pudding every now and then and dont want the hassle of opening a big tin.

      Priced around 40p each they do occasionally appear on offer for 3 for a pound so worth stocking up on. They can be found in chilled desert aisle in your local supermarkets and also on the home baking aisle, depending on where you shop.

      4/5 from me, taste wise they are delicious, I just dont like looking at it!


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        30.10.2009 16:34
        Very helpful
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        The best custard you can buy

        I have just reviewed by favourite pudding which is Heinz Chocolate Sponge Pudding, but with every good pudding you need a good custard to put on top of it. The only custard I have ever bought and used is Ambrosia Devon Custard.

        In fact I can't ever see myself using anything different, maybe it is because I have childhood memories of that horrible lumpy custard you used to get at school or my mum attempting to make custard from powder. Either way I like custard to be straight out of a tin and to be the best brand there is available to buy.

        Ambrosia Custard (proudly made in Devon for over 90 years) comes in a 425g tin and costs 75p from Tesco, you can probably buy it from all supermarkets at around that cost. I think you can also buy it in cardboard cartoons too. The packaging is green and blue with a picture of a field.

        Ambrosia have been making custard since 1917 using fresh milk delivered from Devon creamery in Lifton to make unique, creamy tasting custard. It can be eaten hot, cold or straight from the cupboard. I can eat it cold but prefer to eat it hot with a nice pudding. You can even buy little pots of custard now for your children to take for packed lunch, I suppose it makes a change from a yoghurt.

        The custard is a good source of calcium which is good for healthy teeth and bones. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. There is 143 calories per 140g serving and 4.1g of fat. I'm sure eaten on its own it is a good source of calcium and simple, dairy goodness. However on top of chocolate pudding it is not so good.

        It you want to eat it warm then it is really easy to cook either in a saucepan or in the microwave.

        When it comes to custard I don't think you can beat Ambrosia Devon Custard. A smooth and creamy custard that tastes that nice you can even eat it when its cold. A perfect partner for chocolate pudding!


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          27.08.2009 14:46
          Very helpful



          Ambrosia is an ideal way forward if you are in a hurry.

          Ambrosia - Food of the Gods, I think that Premier Foods of Lincolnshire who produce the Ambrosia products chose wisely when they named their ready made custards and milk puddings.
          Unless I strike lucky and find the Ambrosia low fat Devon custard on offer in one of the discount stores I will look to pay about 75p a can which is the normal RRP for this product.

          If I am in the mood then I make my own custard from scratch but there is the odd occasion when I just would far rather open a tin and not have to bother to scrub out the messy saucepan afterwards.
          Custard has always been a favourite in our household, we love it on tarts, steamed sponges and it makes a good pudding if you just slice some bananas straight into it.
          If you are going to buy ready made custard then in general it is no good reaching out for the cheapest can on the shelf. I have made that mistake and it is one that I do not care to repeat, cheap tinned custard tastes and looks so artificial and it can have a bitter after-taste if the product contains too many artificial sweeteners.

          Ambrosia custard can be bought in tins, larger cartons and pots. I normally buy a tin because we only need to use a small amount at any one time. If I use a half of the tin then the other half can be put into a bowl and covered over with a layer of cling film and it will keep for the next day or so.
          I buy the low fat version but in actual fat there is little difference in the overall calorie count per 100g. ( low fat 93 calories per 100g and normal 102 calories per 100g )
          The fat content is slightly lower though, normal custard 2.9g of fat per 100g and low fat is 1.8g per 100g.
          If I am going to ladle a good spoonful onto the top of a chunk of steamed sponge then maybe it just makes me feel a little bit better knowing that at least the custard is low fat .

          In my opinion there is little difference in the overall taste, Ambrosia have used skimmed milk and buttermilk to make the low fat custard and they have used ordinary sugar to sweeten it.
          The Ambrosia low fat custard does not look pale and anaemic and it is still thick and creamy.
          The custard does contain some colouring to help achieve that authentic appearance.

          The can has a ring pull so that makes life far easier and you need to make sure that once you have opened the can that you give it a good scrape around the sides to release the custard that is clinging to the sides.
          You can microwave the custard but I always seem to end up heating it in a small saucepan, as long as the Ambrosia custard is stirred well as it heats the pan is easy to clean afterwards.
          You do not need to bring the custard to the boil, just heat it through gently, I feel that the flavour is impaired if the custard is boiled..

          Ambrosia custard pours well and if you want to put it into a jug it will pour easily enough from a jug. The custard is creamy and has a good smooth texture which has a slight tang of vanilla unlike some cheap brands that do tend to taste `grainy`.
          It is sweet but not overly sweet and it is a great temptation to dip your spoon into the saucepan and have a few tasters !

          Ambrosia have a good reputation, one which they have worked hard for. Their custards and tinned milk puddings reign supreme.
          The Ambrosia range of products seem to be growing daily and they now produce ready made caramel and chocolate pots and cartons of ready made strawberry, banana and chocolate custard. As yet I have not tried any of these but I am sure that they too will find a way into my larder at some point.


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            16.06.2009 11:36
            Very helpful




            Ambrosia custard is one of the strangest deserts I've ever encountered. But it's a good sort of strange. The idea of tucking into a little pot of custard on its own is a bit weird to some ("aren't you putting it ON anything?" my brother disdainfully remarked yesterday evening) but to me, and Im sure to anyone else who is a fan of the product, it's the only way to go.

            Ambrosia custard pots come in a variety of flavours, and are relatively low in fat and calories, while still providing you wtih a lovely thick, flavour filled snack. The trouble with allot of low-fat varieties of regular products is they tend to be watery, over-sweet or tasteless. Not so with Ambrosia, their low fat custard pot is delicious and creamy, and whatever flavour you choose (I recommend bannana, original low fat, and especially the RIDICULOUSLY chocolatey chocolate flavour) they never dissapoint on texture or taste.

            A few of the mainstream stores are doing these little pots at three for a pound right now, which is a great way to introduce yourself to the range as you can mix and match any of the different flavours for that bargain price!


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            18.01.2008 17:01
            Very helpful



            A tasty desert for those with a sweet tooth.

            Since falling pregnant with my 3rd little one late last year my appetite has increased ten fold and I'm constantly looking for a snack or something to nibble on to ease my hunger pains. Already having 2 demanding toddlers means that, until they're in bed at least, I don't have time to make myself up fancy snacks or large meals. I've always had a sweet tooth so deserts are always a favourite of mine and in my search for a new and exciting variety of desert snacks to stock up my fridge I discovered Ambrosia Rhubarb & Custard.

            Ambrosia Rhubarb & Custard-
            Most of us are familiar with Ambrosia for their range of tinned custard, rice puddings and other deserts and the Rhubarb & Custard are one of the new kids on the block in their range. Coming in packs of two 160g pots you get a lovely serving of Ambrosias classic custard mixed with real rhubarb.

            The desert is unfortunately only currently available in the regular range and not in the sugar free. It is however less then 3% fat and contains no artificial colours or preservatives, making it one of the healthier deserts of this style on the market. Each serving contains 157 calories (98 per 100g) which is less then Mullers new rhubarb and rice dessert which is 113 calories per 100g. It is also suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free, it contains real fruit (although not nearly enough to count towards your 5 a day) and is a good source of calcium with 151mg/ 18% of your recommended daily allowance.

            The following link will take you to a full list of ingredients and nutritional values-
            http://ecodirect.ie/catalog/product_info.php? products_id=265&osCsid=8008405df3957f8c917b36062807922b (minus the space after the ?)

            My opinion-
            This is a great grab snack for me, I love custard and I love rhubarb so it's a fabulous, convenient way of me being able to enjoy 2 of the foods I love, all I have to do is grab a pot from the fridge (or cupboard, either storage way is fine) peel back the lid and it's ready to go. Now I'm sure there's a large proportion of people out there who's stomachs are turning at the thought of cold custard well don't panic because this desert can be eaten cold or hot, the pot is fully microwaveable and all it takes is 30-50 seconds in the micro' and your warm custard desert is ready.

            The custard holds no surprises really, it's classic Ambrosia, rich, thick and creamy, not the subtle and gentle creaminess like you'll get from Birds custard, and it is delicious hot or cold. Ambrosia custard always seems more silky and luxurious then cheaper custard brands and I always feel the full sugar variety provides a creamier taste, which is where this desert benefits in terms of not being available in sugar free (although I'm sure dentists will disagree with me) it's also perfectly suitable for an expectant mummy like me who's been advised to avoid sugar free, sweetener filled products.

            The rhubarb provides a sharp contrast to the custard yet the 2 ingredients compliment each other perfectly. This is not some rhubarb flavoured blob of goop we're talking about here, the desert contains real rhubarb, which maintains it's crisp, fresh flavour while avoiding being too bitter or tart. The only complaint I have in regards to the rhubarb is that I prefer a bit more bite to my rhubarb and found that the fruit in this desert was a little too soft and stringy, a fact made even worse by heating and stirring.

            It's not the best appetite buster out there but it does fill a small gap and can ease my starving tum' until I've a spare 5 minutes to grab something a bit more substantial. The pots are definitely individual servings, you could always be generous and let that friend or loved one have your 2nd pot but there's certainly not enough to share from one 160g serving. They're perfect lunch box snacks, whether that be for an adult off to work or a child with a sweet tooth.

            Price & Availability-
            The deserts are available in most supermarkets, I get mine from Asda, and are usually kept in the aisle with the tinned custards, rice pudding and fruit. I purchased mine at the cost 98p for the 2 pots, which I think is a very reasonable price, similar desert pots I buy such as Muller corners (50p for 1) and Onken Mousse (59p for 1) are pricier and even though you may get a slightly larger serving with these deserts it's always nice to have something a little different. Having said that though I'm sure buying rhubarb and tinned custard separately (or growing/making your own) would work out cheaper.

            The range also comes in Peaches & Custard, Custard pot with apple sauce and the similar but slightly differently designed Custard layers with strawberry (all 98p for 2 160g pots)

            This is a great tasting desert, perfect for a little indulgence or eating on the run. Versatile as well as delicious the deserts are a great low fat, high calcium treat, and affordable too.

            Go to WWW.Premierfoods.co.uk for the full Ambrosia range.


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