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Ambrosia Layers Desserts

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Brand: Ambrosia / Type: Other Desserts

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    3 Reviews
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      25.09.2009 11:38
      Very helpful



      Not a bad offering

      A couple of days ago, I was dashing into Tesco's as I really fancied a piece of salmon for lunch. It was supposed to be a speedy dash and I really was intending only to buy one item. That never works for me though, I simply don't have the strength of character and something always catches my eye and ends up in my basket. That day I was making my way past the tinned puddings etc and I felt myself slowing down as I reached the custards.

      I love custard, absolutely adore the stuff, for me it is the ultimate comfort food and I love the rich creamy flavour. Ambrosia custard is my favourite, they have got it bang on with the flavour. It's thick and gloriously yellow and eating it feels fabulously indulgent. I spotted the Ambrosia Layers Desserts as on that particular day they were reduced right down to 45p for a pack of 2 pots. I believe a pack of 2 160g pots of these desserts normally costs about 94p.

      Ok so that day, I enjoyed my really healthy lunch of salmon fillet and some salad and just to finish it all off in a really unhealthy way I reached for my Ambrosia Layer Dessert. I had chosen the caramel variety as I love the flavour of caramel and I thought it would go really well with the custard. As I am such a custard fan, I love it either hot of cold and these desserts can be enjoyed either way. In this instance I chose to eat it chilled straight out the fridge.

      So I peeled back the lid and was greeted with the fab sight of some thick creamy yello ambrosia custard. I immediately gobbled up a couple of spoonfuls and it did taste fantastic, no sign of the the caramel yet. A couple more spoonfuls and I found the brown coloured caramel sauce, now this is where I becam a little disappointed. The flavour just didn't stand up enough for me, the caramel flavour just wasn't strong enough. There was a hint of caramel but to be honest if I had been eating it blindfold, I'm not sure my tastebuds would have detected it.

      So, to sum up, I did enjoy this dessert but I do think I would have enjoyed a pot of plain custard just as much.


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        22.09.2009 10:45
        Very helpful



        Handy little treat that can be kept in the cupboard without needing a fridge like most desserts do!

        While yet again shopping in Tesco's hunting out goodies for my son who at present seems to be bed ridden with his leg in plaster, I was looking for things that I could put on a tray for him at night ( sleeps all day awake at night, so no one about to fetch him snacks!) that didn't need to be kept in a fridge.

        Well I went in at first to look for some pots of Ambrosia custards and rice puddings, as I know that these keep well at room temp. So I grabbed 6 of those as they were on special 3 for £1 ( 3 of each!). Then I spotted these Ambrosia Layers, I hadn't seem these before but that was probably because I don't usually look down this section.

        Now these come in pairs wrapped in a cardboard sleeve which has pictures of the rhubarb and custard on the front in a lovely pink and creamy looking package. On opening the sleeve you will find 2 quite large pots, fatter than a yoghurt pot but shorter as well. This is quite an attractive looking pot, with the words Ambrosia Layers across the top and the words "custard dessert with rhubarb compote" written underneath.

        Now you will have to peel back a foil lid, which is very colourful with the usual Ambrosia farm scene making it feel all fresh and wholesome (there is something about fields and countryside that has a feel good factor to it!). Now with the lid taken off you will be met with lovely yellow thick creamy custard ( which I keep in the fridge as I love it chilled!) as good as usual, when delving down a bit further you will find hidden at the bottom a rich rhubarb sauce (or to you posh people out there Compote!!). The two together compliment each other really well and this is a nice change from the usual yoghurts ect..

        I expect if you were to put this in the microwave and heat it through you would probably get a much stronger taste, but as I had mine straight from the fridge so the taste suited me fine with it not being to in your face. As with a lot of things rhubard is one of those things you either love or hate, I can take it or leave it to be honest!!

        Now to microwave this pot you must remove the lid and heat for 50 seconds (650W) stirring halfway and at the end.

        Each of these 160g pots contain;

        ~~~Calories 154~~~
        ~~~Sugar 20.2~~~
        ~~~Fat 3.5g~~~
        ~~~Saturates 2.0g~~~
        ~~~Salt 0.3g~~~

        The sell by date is 12/2009 which isn't particulary long, but I do wonder if this is the reason why they are being sold at the moment in Tesco's for 50p per pack instead of the usual £1!

        They also do these in 5 other flavours being;

        ~~~Custard Dessert with Peach Compote~~~
        ~~~Rice Dessert with Strawberry Sauce~~~
        ~~~Rice Dessert with Raspberry and Blackberry Sauce~~~
        ~~~Custard Dessert with Chocolate Layer~~~
        ~~~Custard Dessert with Caramel Layer~~~

        These are also artificial colours and flavours free, with no preservatives in them.

        I'll give these a 4 star. ( Went down well with the patient !!)


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        12.08.2009 14:53
        Very helpful



        I shall stick with the caramel flavour in future

        PRICE: £1 for a pack of 2 pots (each pot is 160g) at my local Iceland


        Calories: Caramel = 183 : Chocolate = 188
        Kj: Caramel = 770 : Chocolate = 793
        Protein: Caramel = 4.0g : Chocolate = 4.5g
        Carbohydrate: Caramel = 31.3g : Chocolate = 32.4g
        (of which sugars): Caramel = 23.1g : Chocolate = 23.7g
        Fat: Caramel = 4.6g : Chocolate = 4.5g
        (of which saturates): Caramel = 2.6g : Chocolate = 2.5g
        Fibre: Caramel = 0.1g : Chocolate = 0.4g
        Sodium: Caramel = 0.2g : Chocolate = 0.1g
        Calcium: Caramel = 147mg : Chocolate = 157mg
        Salt: Caramel = 0.2g : Chocolate = 0.2g


        CARAMEL FLAVOUR: Skimmed milk, buttermilk, sugar, water, modified starch, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, butter powder, whey, flavouring, carrageenan, xanthan gum, curcumin, annatto, caramel


        As for the caramel flavour, with the addition of whey, cocoa powder, Belgian milk chocolate

        DIETARY/ALLERGY ADVICE (for both flavours):

        Contains milk and soya
        Less than 3% fat
        No artificial colours or flavours
        No preservatives


        Largely being rubbish at cooking/making all things sweet, yet always liking to have a dessert after my main meal despite my mostly savoury tooth, I spotted Ambrosia Layers Desserts almost hidden away on a shelf in my local Iceland. These desserts aren't frozen - I found them placed close to the tinned fruits, tinned milks etc. section.

        Though there are other flavours of Ambrosia Layers Desserts, the only ones available at my local Iceland were the chocolate and caramel varieties. I was unable to decide which I wanted, so I bought one of each, and am reviewing both here.

        Before sampling, I placed the 2 packs of dessert in the fridge to chill, and on the first day I had one of each flavour cold, and the next day, I had one of each flavour hot. The instructions on the packets say these desserts can be enjoyed hot or cold, and recommend that to eat cold they be chilled in the fridge first, and to be eaten hot, to remove the packaging and the lid, and microwave inside the pot on full power for 50 seconds, stirring halfway through the time.

        Each variety of these desserts come in cream coloured microwavable pots, sealed with a tabbed silver foil lid, then placed inside a cardboard sleeve. The design of the packs is similar for both flavours, with the Ambrosia logo on the front. The caramel flavour shows a spoon containing part of the dessert with some rolls of caramel, and the chocolate flavour shows the same, but instead with chunks of chocolate next to the spoon. The back and sides of the pack show nutritional information, ingredients, dietary/allergy advice, storage/chilling/heating instructions, Premier Foods' (who make this product for Ambrosia) contact details, and a claim that all of the packaging is recyclable.


        The custard inside the pot is a dull pale brown colour. There is a fairly thick layer of caramel sauce on the bottom, but to see this, the dessert must be stirred first or the top custard layer eaten to reveal what's underneath.

        On sampling the chilled pot, I found the custard and caramel layers to be thick, creamy, refreshing and delicious. The whole thing wasn't too sweet, and the caramel had a lovely rich, yet light toffee taste. There were no lumps or hard bits at all, and eating the dessert cooled me right down, as it was rather a hot day. When I got to the end, I found myself wishing I could have the other one, but stuck to my resolve of saving it so I could sample it microwaved.

        Later, I placed the second pot of the caramel flavoured dessert into the microwave, and whizzed according to the manufacturer's instructions. The consistency and appearance (apart from a little bubbling on the surface) was exactly the same as when served chilled - but I personally found that it had lost some of the depth of the caramel flavour during the microwaving process. It was still very nice to eat, but I preferred it cold and chilled.

        Hot or cold, there was absolutely no under or after taste, which I appreciated.


        The custard is a more yellowy/creamy colour than that of the caramel flavour, and also needs stirring to see the equally thick layer of chocolate sauce which nestles at the bottom.

        The overall consistency of this flavour of the dessert was the same as the caramel one - smooth, creamy and with no lumps or grainy bits, but as I ate, I did notice a synthetic under taste, despite the product claiming to have no artificial colours or flavours. Like the caramel variety, this also wasn't too sweet and despite the under taste, was still very refreshing, but I felt that the chocolate flavour could perhaps have been richer and stronger. I could detect a cocoa taste, but was unable to recognise anything approaching the Belgian chocolate which is listed in the ingredients.

        Later when I ate the pot of chocolate dessert which I again microwaved, I found that this variety seemed to be slightly improved by heating. The process appeared to bring the flavour of the chocolate out, and the under taste was reduced.


        Both flavours of this dessert are very nice, but I felt a little pricey at £1 for 2 pots, as the serving inside of each pot is fairly small.

        My own preference was for the caramel flavour, and in future if I buy these again - and it's quite likely I will - I shall bypass the chocolate flavour, as I didn't feel it was as good, mostly because of the under taste.

        Whenever I eat them again, I shall opt for chilling rather than microwaving, as I found the caramel, which in future will be the one I choose to buy and eat, tasted nicer cold.

        Not a bad dessert - the caramel one is lovely, and another advantage is they are very convenient in that all you have to do, is lift off the foil lid and begin eating - no messing with saucepans, custard powder, flavourings etc.

        I will award an overall four stars, and say that had the chocolate flavour been more satisfactory, it would have been a full house.

        Thanks for reading!


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