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Asda 20 Mini Meringue Shells.

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Desserts

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    4 Reviews
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      19.11.2013 22:48
      Very helpful
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      Multiple Meringues

      Currently price at £1 for 20 mini meringue shells, these Asda treats meet my budget requirements. They frequently retail at £1.18 and its very similar sister is Asda Meringue nests which are £1.18 but again frequently drop down to £1, which is when I stock up.

      The box shown is purple but this product is currently in a similar box in a pinky red colour. They come in the box, in a plastic tray with a cellophane wrapper in order to keep fresh.

      My box states that these meringues contain no artificial colours or flavours. They are suitable for vegetarians.

      Ingredients are Sugar and Pasteurised Egg White.

      The Nutritional Values for each shell is
      Energy 63kJ 15kcal Protein 0.2g
      Carbohydrate 3.5g of which sugars 3.5g
      Fat Trace Fibre Trace Sodium Trace equivalent as salt Trace

      These meringues are manufactured by
      Asda Stores Limited
      LS11 5AD.
      Their website is asda.co.uk

      So what do I think;
      These meringues provide a real sugar hit for relatively few calories, so when trying to control calorific intake, its a nice treat. On slimming world they do a meringue using low cal sugar which would be much better however my cooking skills are very inadequate and therefore I really like these. If you want to jazz up, a bit of fruit, a blob of ice cream and a few crumpled up shells I think make a really nice desert. My husband doesn't like these as much as the nests, I would agree that the nests have a chewy element which these shells don't have and are quite dry. They do however melt in the mouth and I really like.

      I'm awarding a sugary 4 stars, as I agree with my husband and do slightly prefer the nests, but are overall a nice cheap product.

      What's white and fluffy and beats its chest?
      A meringue-utan!


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        23.04.2009 11:47
        Very helpful



        Great incentive to stick to your diet, wonderful with ice cream and fruit.

        I adore these meringue shells and they are incredibly versatile. Being on the weight watchers plan I can have 3 of these mini meringue shells for only half a point which makes them the ideal basis of a low point dessert.

        I couldnt quite believe they are so low in points value and had to check the side of the bos a number of times before accepting it - it just seemed too good to be true.

        The nice thing about these meringues is that they are lovely and crunchy on the outside and slightly gooey in the very middle like a perfect meringue should be. They feel like a real treat to be eating and I defy anybody to make the dessert I describe below and not enjoy it!

        Basically what I tend to do with these is chuck my alloted 3 in the bottom of a pudding bowl, slice up a load of strawberries (I only need to quarter about 5 to have enough and this makes them about the right size) and throw in on top and then add a single scoop of vanilla ice cream (I use Sainsbury's be good to yourself for extra low fat appeal).

        Smash this all up so the strawberry juice and the smashed up meringue mingle with the ice cream and you have an absolutely delicious and only 2.5 point dessert which looks a bit like a version of an Eton Mess. Every time I make this I sit there not quite believing that something quite so tasty and indulgent can be quite so low on fat.

        If, like me, you struggle to feel like you are not missing out when it comes to dieting then these are ideal because if used as described above it feels like a proper pudding but without blowing your diet for the day.

        Because of the shape of these they can also be used to sandwich ice cream in the middle or chocolate sauce or any number of other sweet things, they are fairly cheap too, the price seems to float between 99p and £1.20 in Asda depending on whether they are on rollback or not, but with 20 in a box and the fact that they do keep well if you put them in an airtight container, they are great value as a basic to keep in stock.

        Anything that helps me stick to my daily points allowance is a bonus and these are brilliant for doing just that.


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          24.03.2009 22:55
          Very helpful



          Now I too can have a dessert with the rest of my family even though I'm dieting!

          Since re-joining Weight Watchers last year I have had to make some general changes to my overall diet, my main thing was the fact that I love dessert but was finding a lot of Weight Watchers points were being used up simply on something sweet to end my meal. I remembered last time around my leader suggested ready made meringue nests as a sweet snack or a base to create your own desserts around, so a while ago while shopping in Asda I bought a box of 20 Mini Meringue Nests which work out at three nests 'costing' just 1/2 of a Weight Watchers point.

          Upon opening the box I realised they're not actually nests as such but a thick conical shape, this means I can't fill them with fruit as I'd planned but they are still delicious served in a bowl with fruit or ice cream. They are around 1 1/2 inches from side to side and the centres are pulled up into the conical shape which makes them appear bigger than they actually are. The bottom of each nest is flat which makes them ideal for sandwiching together with some chocolate spread or butter cream for the children, personally my favourite way to eat them is straight from the box as they have such a lovely sweet and delicate flavour that they satisfy my sugar craving instantly.

          The nests have a wonderful consistency, they're very brittle while still in the box but melt in my mouth when I've bitten into one. My granddaughters' like them with ice cream but I find this melts the meringue and makes them go a little too soggy for my liking, however I have recently discovered that you can crumble them up on top of a scoop of ice cream as a garnish and this helps them keep their crunch better.

          I think these are excellent, I really do. For anyone who is dieting and missing their desserts then I cannot rate these highly enough, just last week I would have eaten a monstrous portion of sticky toffee pudding if I hadn't had these in the cupboard to munch on while everyone else ate their cholesterol inducing pudding!

          Here's a nice idea for these meringue nests. Take three and crumble them into a bowl, you want largish chunks of meringue and not dust though. Add a handful of fresh raspberries and a spoon of natural yogurt, mix it all together and eat. Simple, healthy and extremely tasty. You can do so much with meringue though and although it's incredibly easy to make yourself I do prefer these as I can be 100% confident on how many points I am eating with each one, plus they keep well enough for me to dip in and out of the box over a few days.

          This is an Asda own brand product and costs somewhere around the £1 mark, probably a few pence less. Sorry, I've lost my receipt so cannot give you an exact price but I know it was something like this! Each nest contains 15 calories and a trace of fat and as I said earlier three nests contain 1/2 a Weight Watchers point. To put this in perspective I am allowed 20 points a day with an average cake or dessert containing anything between 4 and 9 points, so there are some certainly good calorie savings to be made by switching to these rather than eating the same calorie laden desserts as the rest of the family.


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            24.02.2009 22:20
            Very helpful
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            See review.

            My children seemed to have inherited there sweet teeth from me, my husband being able to take or leave sweets.

            On a recent shopping trip round Asda I was actively looking for something that bit extra for my children to have with there ice cream, yes I know ice cream should be enough in itself but they do have to be exceptionally well behaved for the extra bits, this being a day they were!

            On a trip down the jellies and custards aisle, I cam across a rather delicious looking selection of meringues and meringues nests, something I haven't eaten myself for years, let alone buy them!

            The product I will now review is - "Asda, 20 mini meringue shells"

            The box for these is quite large, the reason for this being that due to the brittleness of the shells, they have to be packaged in a large and deep plastic tray then packed again within the outer box, this in theory should keep the shells in whole pieces.
            The box is lilac in colour and holds all the relevant information, this being brand name, product name and description and finally a very attractive picture of the shells and one of the recommended ways of eating them. (Sandwiched together with jam and cream, I am yet to try this method, but looks good!)

            When you open the box and slide out the deep plastic tray you will, hopefully, be faced with 20 miniature meringue shells, and not a pile of sugar dust!
            The meringues are around 1-1 ½", they are not so much shells as peaks, looking very much like a larger version of an iced gem.
            The meringues are bright white in colour and have a very subtle sweet aroma to them.

            My kids normally eat these with a simple scoop of ice cream, this saves my ice cream as three of these meringues fill a dessert bowl.

            The taste again is very sweet, with the texture being light and crunchy, with the outer layer of the meringue seemingly melting into nothingness after a couple of seconds. The inner section is slightly more chewy adding a bit more substance to the event, if the entire thing was crumbly you may feel that you imagined eating it!

            These are the perfect compliment to ice cream, but would be just as nice with cream and fruit, be warned though anything that has a high water content in it will some dissolve the meringues into nothing, so these should be eaten as soon as served,

            The nutritional information is as follows -
            Per shell,
            15 kcal
            0.2g protein
            3.6g carbohydrate
            3.5g of which sugars
            Trace fat
            Trace of which saturates

            These contain soya and eggs, and may also contain seeds or/ and nuts.

            These are obviously high in sugar, due to way they are made, but the fat content is next to nothing, this means that depending on what diet you may be following this would be the perfect treat item.

            These as I mentioned earlier are an Asda own branded item, so are available only from one of their stores. The cost of a box is around the 90p mark, which in my opinion is exceptional value.

            There are few different variations available, all of which retail for around the same price.

            For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

            Thanks for reading x


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