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Asda Bramley Apple Crumble

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Type: Other Desserts

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    6 Reviews
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      20.06.2011 14:19
      Very helpful
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      A great tasting apple crumble; excellent value for money

      I have always loved Apple Crumble. I like Apple pie too but just prefer the crumbly bits to a pie crust.. I have eaten many different brands of Apple Crumble and am sometimes disappointed so I usually end up buying the ones I am used to and have what I am looking for. What I really like in an Apple Crumble are plenty of the crumbles topping and I also like the apple to be in smaller pieces and not big chunky pieces.

      I was in Asda the other day and I fancied an Apple Crumble. I came across this one priced at only £1.00 for 400g of product. Its another one of Asda's 'Chosen by you' range and comes in a Green box with a Black stripe across the top. Within the Black part is a few small pictures in Green of a cake, a cup and saucer and a tea pot.

      Asda describe this Apple Crumble in the following way; ' Sweet Bramleys grown in the UK topped with crunchy, butter enriched crumble'

      Cooking and taste

      Leave the Apple crumble in its foil container then fork the crumble topping. Its important to do this because it will ensure the crumble gets nice and brown all over. What I do is fork it before I put it in the oven and then half way through cooking fork it again. I like my crumble very crunchy you see! It takes about 35 minutes to cook in the oven .

      This has a delicious taste. It is sweet with just the right amount of apple. The apple is in small pieces and the sauce of the apple is thick and not runny. Sometimes I have found that there is too much apple in crumbles and not enough crumble topping. For me I have always liked to get plenty of the crumble topping and this apple crumble is perfect for me in that way. There is enough crumble and I like the mixture and taste of the crunchy crumble with its softer under part. I always have my apple crumbles hot but with cold custard. This is just my preference. I would suggest this crumble can be eaten with hot custard, cream or ice cream.


      Bramley Apple (41%)
      Bramley Apples, Antioxidants (Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid)
      Firming Agent (Calcium chloride)
      Wheat flour
      Salted Butter (5.5%)
      Vegetable Oil
      Breadcrumbs (Wheat flour, Salt, Yeast)
      Modified maize starch

      This Apple crumble contains no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats

      Allergy Advice

      Contains gluten, milk and wheat

      Calories/ Nutrition
      Per 100g

      264 kcals
      2.2g Protein
      36.2g Carbohydrate of which sugars 23.4g; fat 11.3g of which saturates 5.7 g
      Fibre 4.1g
      Sodium 0.10g equivalent as salt; 0.3g

      You can buy this crumble in a larger size family box. I would suggest that in this one there is enough for 2 Adults, possibly 2 Adults and one child or 3 children. However, Asda recommend that there is enough for 4 servings. I guess it depends how much you eat! But personally I don't think its enough for 4 people.

      This is a lovely tasting Apple Crumble. Its perfect for me in the way I like my crumbles and very cheap. For these reasons I am awarding it 5 stars.


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        06.03.2011 22:51
        Very helpful



        Lovely apple crumble!

        When it comes to puddings I simply love them, particulary the hot kind! One of my firm favourites is apple pie and apple crumbles and I'd love to say that I'm a whizz at making them up from scratch myself but quite simply I'm not and when you can buy one costing just a pound and already made up in Asda I often think why bother anyway?! lol

        This came simply in a black plastic carton with a see-through plastic section over the top of it and in a dark green box and on the front of the box we are told that it is Asda 'Chosen By You' Bramley Apple Crumble 'Sweet bramleys grown in the UK topped with crunchy, butter enriched crumble and then there is a photograph of the crumble shown and we are told that it weighs 400g and is suitable for Vegetarians. On the other sides of the box other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart stated as well as cooking instructions given and contact details for Asda are listed.

        The Apple Crumble:

        All you do with this is cook it from frozen and in the oven for about 30-35 minutes and I found the one I bought to cook within that time and go golden on the top and give off a faint fruity and sweet aroma. My only gripe with this is that on the box we are told that it serves 4 people and whilst it isn't tiny I found it to only give a nice couple of portions but then maybe my boyfriend and I are greedy gutsys!

        Appearance wise what you get when cooked is a golden biscuit topping which is nicely but not overly sweetned and crunchy without breaking teeth and under that plenty of chunks of bramley apples which are sweet and a little tart in places in a light green apple sauce which is again sweetened and naturally so but not in an over the top way.

        This quite simply is a yummy apple crumble plain and simply. It is what it is which makes a nice change just apples and crumble and no hidden extras inside of it. It is juicy, naturally sweet and great with custard or cream and both me and my boyfriend give this a massive thumbs up for being not only fabulous value but great tasting too and talk about easy to cook and easy to serve!

        Nutritional Information Per 100g Ovenbaked (The Important Bits):

        Energy: 264kcal
        Fat: 11.3g
        of which saturates: 5.7g

        Only available in Asda costing £1.00 a crumble.


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          28.02.2010 20:08
          Very helpful



          NO one will know the difference between this and your home made knd

          After just sitting down to my normal sunday roast dinner, I am now awaiting my Bramley apple crummble. Every Sunday its the same, the meat of my roast may change but the pudding never does.

          The packaging is slightly different from the one pictured above. There is a picture of the finished apple crumble of the box which is green. the Writing is white and green positioned in a black box just to the and above the picture. This states the Brand which is Asda and the name of the product and the fact that it serves 4 people. Im not to sure about this as me and my partner seem to be able to finish it off between the 2 of us. It also states that it has no artificial colurs, flavours or hydrogebated fat.

          It weights 400g, has 255kcal and 11.3gof fat per 100g. The ingredients and nutrition values, storage (from 1 week to best before date depending on temperature) are writen on the side of the box. Also the cooking instructions are on the side which state to oven cook from frozen. You should cook for 30 -35 minutes or until the crumble has gone a golden brown colour. There is also a part on the packaging recommending how to dispose of the packagin.

          Over all, i use this product every week and for only a £1.00 it is great value. believe me no one would know that it is so cheap and from asda.


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          24.12.2009 19:00
          Very helpful



          What could be simpler ?

          Apple crumble and custard, apple crumble and cream or apple crumble and ice cream - take your pick. I would choose to enjoy a bowlful of hot apple crumble that is smothered in rich, creamy custard.
          We both enjoy hot puddings and the Asda Bramley apple crumble is one of our regular buys.
          Apple crumble is easy enough to make but when you are short of time or the inclination then the Asda crumble is a good stand by.

          There is nothing fancy about the crumble at all, Asda have produced a good hearty fruit crumble that is large enough for three helpings for the princely sum of just under 90p, add a few pence for the topping and you have a tasty and economical dessert.
          The Asda Bramley apple crumble is frozen and that makes good sense. If you want a quick and easy pudding for the weekend then you can buy the fruit crumble and store it in the freezer until you are ready to use it.
          The light cardboard box is plain and simple and most importantly it can be recycled.
          Inside of the apple green cardboard box lays a shallow tinfoil dish that is filled with Bramley apple crumble which looks insipid in it's raw state but comes to life once it has been cooked.

          Asda have put the cooking times on the back of the packet and the crumble has to be oven cooked - no microwaving this dessert !
          Pre-heat the oven to Gas mark 5 (190c) and then get the crumble ready for the oven by taking off the cardboard lid that sits over the top of it. Once the lid has been removed I have to say that the crumble topping looks a little bit dejected but once you have `forked` the top of the crumble up again it is ready to go into the hot oven.
          The Asda Bramley apple crumble has a fine crumbly topping that has had some butter added to the mixture so that certainly goes a long way towards making the crumble topping taste rich.

          Once the Asda fruit crumble has been in the hot oven for about 30 minutes you will see the topping has turned a lovely golden colour. But what I am about to reveal to you is one of my favourite things about this or any other fruit crumble, the thick apple juice rises to the surface as the crumble topping cooks and the fruity syrup gathers at the edges of the dessert and form a chewy toffee crust. From my point of view this is the best part of the crumble, if only Asda could produce a fruit crumble that was all crust !

          The fruit crumble is only shallow in the first place but there is an even quantity of fruit and crumble. The layer of crumble manages to stay fairly firm and when you break into the Bramley apples underneath the crumble then you will see that there are plenty of good sized slices of fruit - this Asda fruit crumble is not all fruit purée.
          The hot fruit crumble tastes quite sweet so if you choose to serve it with custard then make sure that you don't sweeten the custard too much.
          The crumble seems to manage to stay firm even as it sits under the layer of hot custard and the whole experience is a positive one.

          Asda state that the Bramley apple crumble contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and it is a suitable pudding for vegetarians to enjoy.
          However the fruit crumble does contain milk, gluten and wheat.
          100g of the cooked fruit crumble contains 255 calories and that is equal to one quarter of the pudding as a whole. I personally feel that the portions would be far too small of the fruit crumble was cut into four - unless of course you were feeding children.

          I am a hot pudding fan anyway and I relish the frozen suet Roly Polys, the Jam and Syrup sponges, bring them all on the stodgier the better as far as I am concerned!
          Yes, this Asda Bramley apple crumble could be called `a cop out` but at the same time it is a good and well priced time saver that can be enjoyed by all the family.


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            23.03.2009 18:42
            Very helpful



            Asda have certainly scored highly with this pudding. It's great!

            Review of Asda Bramley Apple Crumble

            This is not a product that I would normally buy myself bordering on the side of being calorie conscious, however my mother recently bought this crumble to serve as a dessert when we were visiting. In the interests of review readers I felt it deserved a review as it was surprisingly good!

            ==The product==

            A traditionally styled apple crumble, presented in a foil dish ready for oven cooking at home from frozen. The product strap line reads
            "A sweet Bramley apple filling with a crunchy butter enriched crumble topping" I couldn't put it better myself!

            ==Packaging, cooking instructions, taste, texture and pricing==

            The crumble is found in the frozen dessert section of Asda. It is presented in a cardboard outer wrapper bearing a picture of a delicious looking apple crumble in a glass dish. The packaging is recyclable and carries the Asda trade name in green on the front with cooking instructions, product weight, ingredients and nutritional values on the rear.
            The crumble is meant to be cooked from frozen, the package recommends 30-35 minutes at 190/375 degrees for electric cookers or gas mark 5. The crumble should be removed from the outer wrappings, the crumble topping lightly forked and the foil container then placed on a metal baking sheet and placed in the centre of a pre-heated oven.

            We had our crumble straight from the oven, with custard. It looked very tempting and the apple-y aroma was certainly mouth watering. The crumble was light and of just the right consistency, not too crisp and not too soggy as is sometimes the case with crumble type desserts. In my opinion there is nothing worse than the fruit and crumble all mixed together in a soggy mass! The Asda crumble had got the texture just right. The crumble was a melt in the mouth dream, sweet, yet not cloying and the density in comparison to fruit was just as you would hope to achieve with a home made crumble. The apple pieces were firm and quite tart, well cooked, yet not overly soft. The crumble was well packed with apple and the quality was extremely good.

            The size was big enough for three adults, although I have to admit that my partner and I would have probably just cut it in half and devoured the lot, left to our own devices! My mother had apologised in advance for serving a 'shop bought' pudding, her apologies were unwarranted as this apple crumble was totally delicious!

            The price my mother paid was in the region of 89p for the 400g crumble, which for a dessert for three people is not unreasonable. In fact I feel that had she paid double, it would have still been good value.

            ==Ingredients and nutritional information==

            I won't bore readers with a long ingredient list as it is rather unnecessary for such a self explanatory product, but for those interested the basic ingredients are below!
            The Asda Bramley apple Crumble contains 41% Bramley apples, treated with antioxidants of Ascorbic acid & citric acid. Wheat flour, butter, milk, vegetable oil. Water, yeast and starch.

            Nutritional values per 100g serving.
            Energy 255 calories
            Protein 2.2g
            Carbohydrate 36.2g
            Fat 11.3g
            Fibre 4.3g
            Sodium 0.10g

            Allergy sufferers should be aware that this product contains gluten, milk and wheat, and may contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.
            It is suitable for vegetarians and the product contains no colours, flavourings or hydrogenated fats.

            ==Asda information==

            Asda is a well known supermarket which is part of the American Wal-Mart group, they have stores the length and breadth of the UK. Asda in line with many other supermarkets nowadays offer a money back guarantee on their products. Their logo 'Try me, Love me' appears on the rear of the crumble packaging along with instruction n how to contact them if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.
            Asda can be contacted by phone on 0845 300 1111
            by post at
            Asda Stores Ltd
            LS11 5AD
            or online at

            ==My thoughts and conclusion==

            A high calorie pudding which is worth everyone of the calories! Tasty, generous pieces of fruit and a really good crumble topping all come together to make a lovely dessert. My only criticism would be that I'd like more of it!
            Thank you for reading.
            © brittle1906 March 2009


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              29.09.2008 18:53
              Very helpful



              A nice pudding that is high quality and low price.

              As you may have gathered I have a bit of a sweet tooth, my particular favourite being anything that is chocolate, my husband on the other hand is a bit of a traditionalist preferring puddings that are hot, full of fruit and smothered in custard. I have to say that his favourite is sticky toffee pudding but as a change I bought him the pudding I will now review.

              The pudding in question is " Asda bramley apple crumble".

              The pudding is from the freezer section and comes in a green box with a picture of the dessert in it's cooked form spooned generously into a glass dish and with a dollop of custard on the side.

              The box states that this is "a sweet bramley apple filling with a crunchy butter enriched crumble topping".

              There is all the usual information to be had on the box, nutritional information, method of cooking and the fact that this dessert contains no colours or flavourings and has no hydrogenated fat. The dessert is suitable for vegetarians, well I should hope so, there's nothing worse than tucking into a nice bit of crumble to find someone has hidden a pork chop within!

              When you remove the frozen crumble from the box you will see it comes in a oval tin foil dish, I would say it is big enough to feed two in la la land but only one in piggy land ie my house!
              The dish is nice and deep, around an inch deep, and even in its frozen state the crumble looks nice and buttery.

              The cooking instructions are easy peasy, first gently fork the crumble then place the frozen (no need to defrost) pudding into a pre heated oven (190 degrees / 375 degrees f / gas mark 5, for around 35 minutes. If the dessert is allowed to defrost the cooking time should be reduced accordingly.

              After this time you will see the crumble topping has change to a golden brown colour, you will also see, though the box doesn't tell you this fact, that the apple below will have started to ooze, I think this makes it look more rustic and appetising.

              Ok, so the pudding is cooked, please for heavens sake don't jump right in and take a mouthful, this dessert is like the puddings you get from McDonalds, they will literally remove all the skin from the inside of your mouth if you eat straight away, I tend to leave mine on the side for 5 minutes whilst I heat up the custard.

              I was actually quite good when eating this, I managed (with the help of a very big tin of custard) to eek it out enough to make two reasonable sized portions.
              The taste is lovely, the buttery and crunchy crumble compliments the tart apple beautifully, though the crumble is my favourite part, I could eat a bowl of that on its own!

              Beneath the crumble is a nice thick compote of bramley apple, there is a good amount of sauce which is thick and almost jammy with a sweet taste. To counteract the sweetness of the sauce and the crumble are the apple pieces themselves, these are more than pieces, these can technically be called chunks they are so big!
              These chunks retain there bite without being crunchy and are nice and tart tasting.

              The nutritional information I will give you is for ½ of the crumble -

              511 kcal
              4.4g protein
              72.4g carbohydrates
              46.8g of which sugars
              22.6g fat
              11.4g of saturates
              8.2g fibre

              Ok come on, what were you expecting, this is and always has been a high sugar dessert, so of course it goes without saying that should be enjoyed occasionally as part of a healthy and varied diet.

              As I mentioned earlier, this is an Asda's own brand product, so can obviously only be bought from there. I paid around the £1.00 mark for the pudding, this being the case I wasn't overly optimistic with it being a quality product, I am glad to say I was very wrong.

              This dessert is delicious, fruity, sweet and tart at the same time topped beautifully with a crumbly and golden crown , perfect!

              For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

              Thanks for reading x


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            • Product Details

              A sweet Bramley apple filling topped with a golden crunchy crumble.

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